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Entry 07/13/2008 02:45:18 AM – Mentat 422

     Quite a bit’s happened since the last time I’ve written.  I’ve gone through two weeks of training, through to 2 days of side-by-side/keying in orders to going live.  I’ve transitioned from days, to evenings for a week, to Nightbreed in one night.  I’ve biked home from work through the back roads of Smithfield and North Smithfield, to get home.  Heh, quite a bit of biking too — 8 miles from door to door, according to the the odometer and putting in almost 60 miles in the last week (which in terms of things around here — that would mean I’ve made a trip to Boston and started my way back). 
     I’ve had the routine stressful dreams of things going horribly wrong on the job, and getting suspended or fired…  Heh, those have been my favorite as they’re reminiscent of the going to school naked and having to take a a pop quiz I was totally unprepared for.  I’ve had my sleep interrupted by craziness at the house…  From rugs being put in, furniture being moved around, dropped, scraped, and so on, to sudden rushes in and out of the house for forgotten things to make the redecorating my aunt’s been doing for her house run smoothly.
     Yeah, that’s just a taste of my last week. 

     The job is precisely what I expected for outside support…  The usual mixture of competent and incompetent people, trying to troubleshoot (or blame) the problems they are having, on the lack of support, features, or issues that come along.  You get the kind of people that are happy to get whatever help they can get, or ignore what you’ve suggested and prefer to tell you that you’re in the wrong, that you don’t know what you’re talking about, and demand you pretty much snap your fingers to make their problems disappear.  Heh, the only problem that I’m currently going through is not answering the phone with a different company name. 

     Then there was the issue with the temperatures…  God, by Wednesday, I thought I was back in Atlanta in the summer, that’s how hot it was.  It was so hot, that the almost mile walk from the Dunkin Donuts to the office, all of the ice in my iced coffee had melted, and the iced coffee was lukewarm by the time I took a swig of it.  Because of it, I worked out getting a travel thermos (of sorts) from the local Target, which I didn’t screw tight enough the next day and got my bike bag smelling of coffee.  So then I decided on spending a little money and getting a larger pack.  That definitely worked out, as I tried it out with the Dunkin near the house yesterday and the Dunkin up the street from work today.  Definitely a life-saver, let me tell you.  Although now that the weather’s returned to what’s expected for New England in the summer (60s during the evening, 80s only during the mid-afternoon), I don’t have to worry too much about my ice in my iced coffee melting.  But it’s good to have considering that I can take the hill down to the job site without having to walk with my bike in one hand, and the iced coffee in the other. 

     Things are pretty much back to where they were before my trip to Seattle last month; although there are still a few things that need to be straightened out, and addressed along the way.  Namely what he wants out of the relationship, that way the two of us can discuss and compromise based on his wants and my own.  God, the amount of preconceived notions that he has is pretty surprising.  It’s still very promising, although I still need to be patient as he works through everything that he’s got going in his head. 

     I think this is going to be a short entry.  I’m pretty tired as I didn’t quite make the transition completely, and my brain at the moment is feeling just a shade like mush because of it.  Until the next time.

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