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Entry 07/15/2008 07:36:41 PM – Mentat 423

     This entry starts on Sunday night, the Friday of my current work schedule.  I was unsure whether I wanted to go to work early, and stop by the local Stop & Shop along the way to pick up brunch, or go in later and simply fly into work.  I wasn’t exactly in the mood for cereal or eggs, so brunch won out.  On my way out, my aunt offered dinner, saying that she just cooked it, and I could pack it up for work.  It was still warm, and considering that I was leaving in about 20 minutes, didn’t have time to drop it into the fridge to cool off properly.  But I thought I could drop it off in the fridge at work, as it would be some hours before I sat down and eat, and it’s only 50 minutes from door (at home) to door at work; which I thought wouldn’t be a problem.  That was including the time stopping in Stop & Shop to pick up something to eat and Dunkin to get my "morning" iced coffee. 
     So my day goes off without too much of a hitch; as it’s just Manny and I on coverage for most of the night.  Went through most of the night without a hitch, had dinner, continued with the crazy of Manny playing crank calls from YouTube during our off time, and then around 4:30 AM, things go south from there.  The indigestion hits hard, and then gets worse as it goes along.  Then there were times when I thought that I was going to throw up toward the end of the shift.  I was pretty sure that I was suffering from some sort of food poisoning, but I wasn’t sure what the combination was.  And then I thought it was probably dinner, because it was still warm even when I got to work and put it in the fridge. 
     I didn’t make it all the way home.  In fact, I got as far as Lincoln Mall (or rather the Dunkin Donuts across the street from it), before I asked my aunt to come pick me up because I couldn’t put up with another ½ hour on the bus and the final ride home.  I also asked her to bring along the Gaviscon as the Tums didn’t work for me, and thought something stronger was in order.
     A couple of hours and showers later (to bring down my stress levels), I realized that it was a form of food poisoning, and one that I had suffered on my 35th birthday when Dan, Julia and I went to Einstein’s and Julia and I had the mashed potatoes with chives and sour cream.  It’s a form of bacterial gastro enteritis that lasts about 24 hours, and then passes.  About 10 hours into it, I couldn’t take it anymore, and asked my aunt to bring me to the ER to handle it. 
     Heh, I wasn’t sure whether I had insurance coverage, but then I thought that they took a payment already from my first check, which meant that I had coverage, and without the card, trudged into the triage reception to go through the process of seeing a doctor or PA to get diagnosed and what have you. 
     Four hours later, I had a an ultrasound, x-ray, IV put in, blood taken, and pain killer and medications to help with the nausea later, I find out that I had some sort of food poisoning (thanks to the elevated white blood cells) as well as several small gall stones that I’m going to need removed.  I was also given a prescription of antibiotics (Cirpofloxacin) to help with the food poisoning. 
     For a while, I didn’t think that I was going to pull through, I was beyond the 24-hours of the gastro enteritis, and between the continued indigestion and the hiccups that came the two times prior to me having some bouillon broth to calm the hiccups.  But sometime in the middle of the night, where I had slept through most of my "day", they had passed by the morning, and for the moment, I’m taking it a little slow before I start the light foods. 
     Of course, I’m annoyed at the moment, because the clear liquid diet that I’m currently on, because the harshest that I can have for my morning drink is "weak tea".  Dammit, I want my iced coffee!  *whines and smirks*  But I should take it slow, until I’m sure that it’s passed.  Tomorrow, I have to go to see the Doctor that I had been referred to, to have the gall stones removed. 
     My aunt’s gloating through all this, because as we had been sitting in the ER, and they had found that I had some tenderness and pain on the right side of my chest (and underneath my rib cage), the PA said that it’s probably gall stones, of which my aunt agreed, and proceeded to tell me the story of her gall bladder attack, and was sure it was what I had. 
     I tried denying it, sticking to the gastro enteritis, but she was right after I was sitting in Ultrasound and the technician said to me, "Yep, you have gall stones." 
     So my aunt’s gloating that she’s right, and afterwards called my mother to gloat about it, and went on talking about being the family doctor because she was right. 

     Oh, and when I got home from all this, and I got a few hours sleep, I find on the door, two envelopes from Aetna.  Turns out, my medical cards came in that day…  Heh, Irony has a sense of humor sometimes. 

     *sighing* What a way to spend my three days off, huh? 

     I told D and he naturally was more than a little bit overwhelmed by it; not sleeping well through the night while I suffered through the indigestion, the hiccups, and the fever that comes from food poisoning.  I realized just how bad it was for him, when I got up at 7 this morning, and found a page from him at 3 in the morning (his time), checking up on me ensuring that I was okay.  Heh, Of course I was…  I told him when he woke up that if I were going to be heading back to the hospital because of a relapse (or worse), I would most definitely be bringing the phone with me and telling him what’s going on.   If only to abate the "hurry up and wait" that I went through the last time I was in the ER.
     Right now, as I’m sitting here watching some mindless television and working on this entry, he’s recovering from the lack of sleep by taking a nap, and I’m running a low temperature at the moment (99.1).  Had to go out this evening to pick up a thermometer, given that my aunt threw away the old ones that she used to own…  She said that she hasn’t run a temp since she was a girl; and most of the issues that my uncle has are usually worse, and only runs a temp when it’s already too bad.
     In the meantime, I need to drink plenty of water and juices, ’til the fever passes.  Heh, what’s amusing is that on the way out to CVS, I say to my aunt, "I can tell I’m running a fever, because my eyes are warm." 
     She looked at me as though I had two heads. 
     But it’s true.  Whenever my eyes feel warm (to my eyelids), I’ve always known I’ve been running a temperature. 
     Heh, I’ll gloat about this later to her. 

     I’ll tell more tomorrow after I meet with this Dr. Michael Luke, right now, I’m going to brave it out and wait ’til lunchtime (sometime between midnight and 2 AM) to see if I can eat some light foods (dry toast and a cup of rice)  I’m hungry, and I’m tired of liquid meals.  Until then…

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