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Entry 07/27/2008 10:04:33 PM – Mentat 425

     The good news is that the incidents with the two tweens (twenty-somethings) that I work with through three of the four days of my work schedule had successfully calmed down and the two of them act more businesslike.  While they will still act immature through the night — it’s by no means as bad as it was the couple of weeks beforehand with the racial slurs and epithets that had been brandished so wantonly through the office.  Of course I’ve also noticed that the Second Shift Manager is now working later into the night and one of the second shifters that was known for being a wanderer has stopped wandering as much as he used to when he between calls.  While I can’t say that this is a victory along the lines of squelching unprofessional attitudes, I will say that it’s a step in the right direction for these nasty-ass Rhode Island attitudes that I find so bloody repugnant. 
     Another thing that I’ve found out is that the management here definitely work on the theory of "no news is good news" or better still, "no coaching means that you’re doing your job right."  Not the sort of thing that I like, given that I would like to know whether or not I’m doing my job right, particularly given that this is the first 90 days of the new job.  In fact, as I understand it, I’m due for my first 30 day assessment.  We’ll see whether or not they’re going to be doing it for my next scheduled work week (ending on 1st August).  At least the paranoia that I’ve been having the last couple of weeks, wondering whether I had been doing my job properly or not has finally passed, as everyone’s told me the policy they do regarding coaching and/or meetings on job performance.

     Consequently, I’m finally sleeping the full 6 to 7 hours through the day, which is definitely a mood elevator for me.  And fortunately for me, the dreams that I’ve been having are slowly disappearing.  Although this morning’s with the huge wasp that I thought was dying a slow death that suddenly came to life and had a stinger the size of a dirk, and was coming after me because I was the nearest human, was enough to wake me from a sound sleep and send me off for a loo break.  God, those sort of dreams are as bad as the ones that involve going into school naked and having some sort of pop quiz or exam going on. 

     Now that I’m back to working, it means that I’m back to spending money. Which means that I’m off to Amazon and spending money for DVDs.  This week I spent it on the first season of Babylon 5, and a 3-disc collection of Monster Movies.  Heh, you know me, and monster movies.  Well that and martial arts films.  But I’ve been missing Babylon 5 something awful, and seeing it’s not being run anywhere in the world, I think it’s high time to start buying the 5 seasons for myself.  Especially considering any and all of the sci-fi shows that I’ve checked now and again on television are stale, and worth watching.  I’ve also set up a couple of wish lists on Amazon for the movies and television series/shows that I want to purchase.  I might put them public just for giggles. 

     Things between D and I are still pretty much at a status quo, although I haven’t really pushed the issue of trying to perform a repeat of getting together either on this coast or his again.  Of course, it’s kind of hard to given that I’m only in the first 30 days of my 90 day probation.  I’m still trying to get him to understand the concept of trust, which he’s even more hedgy about trusting than I was shortly after my breakup with Rick.  This week, he went through what could only be described as the same kind of food poisoning that I went through a couple of weeks ago.  Unlike me however, he braved through it without going to a clinic, doctor or hospital because he’s hates doctors more than anyone that I know.  Heh, he says it’s hate, I still think he’s afraid of it, and he’s just translating the fear of them to hate.  You know…  Men, Pride and Testosterone…  That sort of thing. 

     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  three days off, and I’ve got more than a few things to do with my time off.  Until the next time.
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