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Entry 08/17/2008 02:37:38 AM – Mentat 428

     Another quiet night here at the Desk.  Good thing too, considering the weather’s pretty all right at the moment, humidity’s down to a dull roar, and most people aren’t calling in with problems like they usually do for the first two days of my shift.  You can count on it picking up tomorrow morning though — particularly given it’s Monday morning and everyone and their mothers are heading into work, and finding things not working the way they’re supposed to.  Fortunately for me I’m clearing out at that point, and only have to deal with the tail end of things.  *grinning*  Good thing too, given that the last couple of times I’ve ended up working into some of the morning, it’s Rhode Islanders, and they can be the most demanding of all the business customers. 
     Of course, the hijinx in the office reached a pinnacle this evening when Adam happened to have thrown an empty paper cup in Manny’s direction, which had hit him in the side of the head.  Manny of course, got extremely pissed of which launched more than 3 hours of peaceful tranquility both from him and from Adam, who’s currently immersed in a game that he’s playing between calls.  God, I hate saying this, but that sort of thing needs to be done more often, considering that between 4 and end of shift Manny is non-bloody-stop when it comes to humming or singing the same snippet of a song over and over again until I’ve reached my limit and wanting to throttle the life out of him.  *breathes a sigh of relief* Bad of me I know, but I definitely enjoyed the peace and quiet this evening.  It’s certainly made the last two nights of this work week extremely stress-free. 
     On a side note, the rumors flying around the office this evening is that Curtis — the man that started working here as a contractor the same time I had been hired full-time — might not be working here any longer.  According to the story, he and Dan (a rather obnoxious 20-something that works evenings that I won’t ever talk about) got into some sort of argument this evening (or the other evening, I’m not entirely sure), that was so loud, they asked him to leave.  Whether he can come back or not remains to be seen — but people that were here when he was asked to leave are sure that it’s permanent.  Sort of creepy from my perspective given that’s the sort of thing that I would’ve done.  Well, other than leaving under my own volition, calling the agency and not coming back.  We’ll see how that goes…
     Work goes well for me.  I’ve been here for almost two months now and I haven’t received one coaching for anything I’ve done wrong.  Of course, on the flip side I haven’t received any of the one-on-one’s that are required for the position, which for a while had me really nervous.  As I’ve probably mentioned in one of my previous journal entries — they run on the belief that "no news is good news, and no coachings mean you’re doing your job correctly."  Personally, I think that only makes people even more paranoid about whether or not they’re doing their jobs properly, and makes people even more defensive or nervous (or both) when they are called in for a one-on-one or a coaching when they did something wrong.
     And the best part of all this?  Heh, I finally got through the required ethics courses that I was supposed to within 60 days of hiring.  Woot!  Funny story there.  The 101 course that I took a couple of weeks ago was a long, drawn out, dull, and dry presentation involving work ethics and the business, which I felt as though I wanted the hour and a half time I had used to get through that course back.  Thinking the 102 course was going to be just as long and arduous, I came into work early to cut through it.  Turns out the 102 course was nothing more than a couple of questions, a point to the URL for Company ethics, and that was it.  Got through it in a grand total of 15 minutes.  Funny thing is, I still feel like my ethics are stricter than the companies, as the major point of contention that I have is that the company says that it allows for small gifts to be accepted in appreciation, and yet I have a stricter policy (learned from my time dealing with the military and government contracts) of not accepting any at all. 
     At least that’s all behind me. 

     As I said in the last entry, I had a discussion with D regarding several of my issues and hesitations that I’ve had regarding the direction of our relationship and that, that discussion went incredibly well.  Thursday (this week), he had finally finished his stint at his aunt and uncle’s in Idaho and headed back to Seattle.  Since getting home he’s been out and about trying to find himself a job, and get himself on his feet.  Damned proud of that, given that he had been floundering just as bad as I had been earlier this year.  Like me, he’s gotten really tired of being at everyone else’s beck and call – be it family, and crises, and catastrophes and what not.  We’ll see how that goes for him, as I’ve got a better feeling he’ll be finding a job there faster than I would here given that when I was out in his neck of the woods and things looked in better shape economically than it does here in the Biggest Little. 
     I’m also looking forward to chatting with him Skype-to-Skype this weekend; particularly given that I’ll be able to speak to him significantly earlier than I could when I was going Skype-to-Phone.  Heh, one it’s free, and two he’s usually home at a respectable time from whatever he’s doing which means we’ll be able to chat when we’re ready, not when it’s free.  Heh, did I mention that it’ll be free again?  *grins* 

     Ugh, and also this week I get to deal with meeting up with the Doctor that I was recommended to visit after my incident at the ER more than a couple of weeks ago: the gastroenterologist/specialist.  That’s this Wednesday early enough in the morning for me to meet with, while at the same time late enough that once I’m done, I can walk home and head to bed shortly after.  My aunt’s been giving me grief because she doesn’t believe that I’ve probably passed the stones that I had which gave me pain last month, in spite of the fact that I’ve had positively no pain since.  At worst, if I still do have them, then they’re asymptomatic.  If I don’t have them, all the better.  More on that after Wednesday.
     At the same time, I’ve received the bills from the ER visit which I owe a pretty penny for.  Then I got the bills from the radiologists that I’m going to fight tooth and nail on.  Seems that they’re tacking on the costs of the X-Ray and the Sonogram that they had performed, in spite of the fact that neither Doctor was present during the examinations, and there had only been technicians there during those exams.  If they think that I’m going to pay for their "handling" of the film for this, when it was performed by hospital staff and hospital owned equipment; they’re sadly mistaken.  What pisses me off most about this is the fact that I attempted to approach this through my insurance as fraud, and they tell me that it’s not.  Excuse me?  What precisely is fraud if it’s not trying to bill something that wasn’t performed?  Anything else, and that would be malpractice, of which I would be filing with a lawyer instead. 
     I swear, I just don’t get it sometimes.  But I will, if it’s the last thing I do. 

     Oh, and I’ve been more than a little hooked watching Season 1 and 2 of Babylon 5.  Heh, god, I didn’t realize how much I missed the show until I actually started sitting down and watching a block of episodes back-to-back.  It’s pretty amazing that even though I’m watching it on my monitor, and the fact that it was developed for television, the quality of the story-telling and the quality of the special effects still hold up pretty well.  About the only thing that I have to say that doesn’t, are the explosions for the space-fighting scenes, and some of the stock footage used for various glamour-shots of the station, but the rest?  *grins*  It was certainly ahead of its time.  I think after finishing up on collecting all five seasons, my next undertaking for shows is going to be The Prisoner.  I might even grab a couple of sound clips from it, to wreck havoc on Yahoo Chat for the likes of a couple of the denizens there.  *smirking*  We’ll see though. 

     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  Covered all the details that I have on my mind at the moment, and given the time it is, it’s almost time to pull out the earplugs before the cleaning crew cut through here to vacuum.  Seriously, why is it that cleaning companies use all sorts of new cleaners and cleaning products, but the vacuums that they use seem to have seen better days in the 50s and 60s?  I just don’t get that either. 

     Until the next time.

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