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Entry 08/26/2008 05:18:00 AM – Mentat 429

     Where should I begin with this entry?  I went to the gastroenterologist’s last Wednesday for the quick consultation that I had scheduled a couple of weeks before. According to him it wasn’t necessarily food poisoning that I had suffered, but instead that I had been passing a gallstone.  Because I hadn’t gone through any pain since, he believes it can be anywhere from 2 to 5 years (if at all) before I would need any sort of gall surgery (Laparoscopy) or the other procedure — I can’t remember what it’s called exactly — but it deals with an exploratory of the bile duct.  I decided not to tell my aunt that it wasn’t food poisoning, although given the information that I had given to her about passing the gallstone, she immediately deduced (from her own experience) that it was probably because of the butter in the potatoes.  Although I think she was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t going to need surgery immediately on it.  Heh, like I need to be shelling out another $1,000 or so to pay for that sort of surgery.  Thank you no.  Besides, knowing me and the history of most parts of my family, I probably won’t need they surgery until I’m a geriatric.  Unlike my aunt who had gone through it some years ago when she was much younger. 
     So I’ll just wait and see how that’s going to go.  Although I’m more than a little concerned that during my stay at the ER, that I had a much higher than normal WBC: 20,000 according to the blood tests that had been performed.  The doctor thought that it was significantly higher than normal, but I didn’t correct him that it’s only slightly higher than what I’m known for: 10 – 15,000 is where mine usually is.  I know that the reason why it’s usually higher than normal has to do with the fact that I’ve been allergic to my cat for some time now, and that’s how my body reacts to the close proximity of my cat.  Still though, I’m going to have to have it looked into to make sure it’s not anything else. 

     There’s a correction to the last entry.  Seems that Curtis wasn’t released from the contract because of some fight, as that was someone else’s creation — but instead because he simply wasn’t cut out for the role.  Too bad too…  He’s got the technical understanding of computers, he just had way too much Linux experience to survive in a Windows Helpdesk environment.  Strange though he couldn’t get a job in one of the many Linux shops that I had sent my resume to.  *shrugs* maybe he’ll be able to if he looks again.
     Then I come back to work, and things change something awful.  First off, the ticketing system that I’m using, all the tags/categories change by removing the most common ones that we’ve been using since I’ve gone live had been removed.  Then again changed and had more removed, and some added that I have no idea whether they’re something used for this Helpdesk or not.  Then the worst part was that when I came in yesterday, every light on the floor was on.  And by every light, I mean a total of 128 long-tube fluorescent lights.  God, it was so unearthly bright in here, I wore my sunglasses until such time as the leads had called it a day and we of the night-shift could turn them down to something more tolerable.  I admit that I threw a bit of a hissy about it — because when people saw me with my sunglasses on and began talking to me, I said several times, "I’m sorry, can you speak up — it’s much too bright in here." 
     At least coming in by the weekend, only 50% were on.  The rumors had it that a couple of the people here were complaining about the lights being shut off, or was retribution to the "pay-back" for one person that continually put themselves to the bottom of the call queue in the morning because that person doesn’t want to take any calls.  The reality of it though is that the sales team that sits toward the back of the floor (where I currently sit) don’t get enough light to work with during the morning, and the lighting was increased for them to be able to see what they’re working on, on their desk. 
     Other than that correction and the apparent politics spilling over from first shift, things go pretty well for me.  There have been a couple of moments when things get more than a little bit crazy, but most of the time it calms down again.

     Things are beginning to cool down here in the Biggest Little.  Labor day is coming up, and that means that the trade winds will be changing for the weekend, before they begin to warm up one more time before autumn strikes.  I’ve been fortunate this year in that my hormones haven’t been banging the hell out of me because of the weather; but D on the other hand hasn’t been quite so lucky.  Heh, I’m going to have to start making arrangements for another attempting at a meet and greet sometime in a couple of months.  Was checking the price of flights in November and they’re about the same as they were when I went at the beginning of June.  Of course, this means that he and I are going to have to start talking about this…  Hopefully this time he won’t freak out as badly as he did in May.  *crossing fingers*  Let’s hope this goes better the second time around.

     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  Until the next time.

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