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Entry 08/29/2008 11:12:34 PM – Mentat 430

     Wow.  September…  And Labor Day…  I would like to think that the year has been flying, given that I’m at the doorstep to Autumn, but the fact of the matter is — it hasn’t from my perspective.  Between the extended vacation with Robert Half, then collecting Unemployment and having to look for at least three jobs a week, often getting callbacks that didn’t pan out in the least, and then finally going back to nights.  Funny thing about all the submissions that I’ve put in from April through June is that I’m still getting rejections or considerations for the position.  Today when I woke up, I found a note card from one of the jobs that I had put in for a position back in May, that they’re considering for me for the position.  What makes it confusing is the fact that I recall only putting one resume in for the location, and I had received a card from them a couple of months ago that said that they considered someone else for the position and that they were going to hold my resume for a year.  Strange…  So strange…   And I’m still getting rejections from Lifespan that I had put in position in May.  That’s even more amusing. 
     This week’s been an interesting week.  During my days off, I dealt with this racist, ignorant, redneck (extremely heavy on the ignorant) on gay.com that started out somewhat all right, that rapidly turned psycho nutcase toward the end of the conversation; throwing constant barbs not at me, but at anything that he thought he could find as a weakness.  Then when he couldn’t possibly find a weakness to attack, he then tried playing the pity card and say that he was the survivor of childhood sexual abuse.  Even if it were true, given the amount of crap that he had been spewing beforehand, it made the confession completely ingenuous.
     The last couple of days, I had considered posting the log of it either at my geocities site for review, or making it into a PDF and posting it at the various blog sites that support file download. Still haven’t decided on whether or not to do it, but given that D had completely snapped me out of the funk I had been feeling dealing with that level of ignorance, I might just keep it for posterity and nothing more. 
     When I came into work, after going through the obscene amount of e-mail that I routinely do, came across an e-mail from HR stating that my courtesy service for Internet/Phone/Cable has been put through and that if there are any changes to be done, to call the 866 number listed in the e-mail.  Now, news at work is that in order for the courtesy service to be established, I need to have the account in my name, which it’s not — as it’s two of the floors of the house and it’s in my uncle’s name.  So I forward the e-mail home and call the toll-free number.  Turns out that they had changed the name on the account to mine automatically.  Thought that my uncle was going to have control issues about it, but when he found out that he had access to all the movie channels, and the total cost of all three services, he approved of the change.  Hell, three minutes after he found out he had access to all of the movie channels, three minutes after that I come back in the room and he’s already perusing the movie channels for something to watch. 
     Finally, I find out that for Labor Day, I don’t have to work.  In fact, according to the schedule that hit last week, I have the night off.  Whoo!  Strange, given that I’m so used to not having the time off for any of the holidays as I’ve been at the bottom of the food chain for so long.  The only kicker about it is the fact that the way that off-time/holiday/sick time works is that I collect x-number of hours per month to be used for any of those, be it planned, unplanned, PTO, and Holidays.  Unlike the rest of the employees here that work 8 hours, the night shift works ten, so we tend to use up the time more quickly. 
     Today when I came in, it was confirmed that I don’t have to work Sunday night, as the time I start technically is Monday.  I’m sure this also means that I’m going to be bored out of my mind come Wednesday Night.
     D’s been busy with his grandparents in town for the week.  Tonight, with him being practically MIA since the three pages that I got from him when I woke up this morning (evening).  God, he was such a godsend that night when I dealt with that redneck at gay.com.  He said to me the sweetest thing that broke me out of the funk that I was feeling.  *grinning*  Don’t remember exactly what it was that he said, but it was enough to take me by complete surprise and caused me to blush for about 5 minutes. 
     I think after the 90 days probation I’m going to try to make plans again for another foray to the west coast.  This time, hopefully he won’t freak out like he did the last time I made it out to the west coast. 
     My dreams however, have finally returned to being completely and utterly off the wall.  Take the dream that I had two nights ago.  I had a bed (instead of a futon), except that instead of it being in a house it was out on Eddie Dowling Highway (146-A) near to the overpass to 146 in Slatersville.  I had woken up from that bed, and I realized that I had to walk 2 miles to the house.  Walking back to the house it began raining or sleeting, I’m not sure whether it was one or the other or both, but by the time I got back to the house, I was soaking wet.  I had my cat with me and she was soaking wet, and wasn’t allowed into the house at first until she was dried off a little bit.  I got her dried off a little bit and the house that I was at had two big dogs, of which she was completely traumatized from being near to these two huge dogs, and hissing any time either of the dogs so much as moved. 
     I headed downstairs to the basement that had been converted to a sort of rumpus room, and found my futon was there.  However, it was rickety and shaky from the amount of use it had received by the kids that lived in this house had been jumping on it constantly.  I checked to see whether I could fix the futon, but gave up when I realized that there was no hope.
     Then last night’s dream involved my unconscious rendition of "The Patriot" when Mel Gibson’s part being done at first by my ex, Darin, and then later some someone with an Australian Accent.  General Cornwallis was played at first by my mother’s husband, but later into the dream by Tom Wilkinson. Now comes the weird…  The British Forces were comprised of Dark Elves, and the Colonial Forces were comprised of faeries and lesbians.  I was in it someplace, but my role in it was pretty minor, being the husband or lover or something to Martin (Gibson’s role).  I was some sort of wizard or warlock in my own dream however I didn’t really use any magic during it. 
     The fighting reached a sort of climax with the British forces cornering Martin and the remainder of the Colonials in a sort of ancient building that was part of a ledge over a deep precipice.  Martin had created several booby-traps that prevented the British forces from storming it, of which the siege to this area suddenly had stopped, and Martin was able to head back to the town to discuss changes in strategy with another general that was staying in the area. 
     I woke up from that dream shaking my head and glad it was over.
     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  Off to appear to be doing some work.  Until the next time.
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