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Entry 09/04/2008 11:57:59 PM – Mentat 431

     I got the Linux Cookbook in during my 4 days off, and I’ve already been tearing through it as quickly as possible.  While I skipped through two chapters (as they covered Red Hat and RPM installation management), the two chapters that I’ve read were pretty damned redundant.  One has to deal with man pages which are the instructions on the commands available within Linux.  The other deals with the .deb installation procedures and checking to see what packages are set correctly and which dependencies need to be checked and/or repaired.  Funny thing about that one is that when I learned the command, I came to quickly discover that Synaptic automatically gives you the very same information at the bottom of the window every time it opens and gives you the options to which package you want to install.  Because it’s going to take me some time to cut through the book, I’m going to take a break from Usenet until I entirely cut through the book.  I’m sure that they’re going to think me as a troll because of it, but at the same time, I want to prove that they most assuredly have a "Rite of Passage" mentality that dictates that once you’ve "read the manuals" or able to "get through the code successfully" have a right to post to the group. 
     Please!  That proves nothing, and doesn’t give anyone the unequivocal right to post anywhere there’re Linux folk looking for help and didn’t read through the man/info pages and didn’t read about the OS prior to loading it up.  Nor does it mean that they’re truly knowledgeable once one’s read through any of that information either.  Hell, as I’ve said a couple of times (on the Usenet Group) that too many of the folk there make things entirely too difficult for their own good, as though they show off their intelligence and experience based on the complexity of the answer, rather than by the simplicity of them.  The problem though is that a good majority of what I catch them doing is repeating verbatim the sales pitch on Linux; from the "join the team of developers" to "x number of programs available" for the O/S.  It’s like watching parrots squawk precisely what it is that they learned as chicks.  While there have been a couple of tidbits worth reading through, on the whole though, it’s a whole lot of sheepish bleats without anything of substance being posted within the group because they have at least two posters in there that flame bait the lot of them into fighting. 
     I’ll deal with them in about a month or so when I’m done with the book.

     In the "stranger than reality" category; I got the movie Urbania  today, in spite of the fact that I was only billed for it yesterday.  Further, based on the postmark on the envelope it came in on, it was mailed about the same time that Amazon said that they mailed the third season for Babylon 5.  Now let’s see whether or not I get B5 late like I did the last time. 

     I also got my first performance review for the job that I’ve been doing here for the month of July.  Heh, funny thing that as it’s now September.  Which means that I’ll probably be getting mine for August sometime in the next week or so…  Hopefully.  If not, then it means I’ll be getting it for October at this rate.  With the exclusion of one requirement (of saying the customer’s name at least twice during the call) Everything else exceeds requirements.  Not too shabby for my first month on.  Heck, he said that my average call length and wrap times were well below the averages he’d seen for people that started their first month on phone support.  Heh, he was even impressed with my low hold times as well.  I told him that I don’t like putting people on hold (unless they’re completely misbehaved or impossible to deal with), and didn’t tell him that wrap times are basically a trick of third shift that I can take advantage of (low call volumes make it easy to go directly back to available, in spite of the fact that writing up the tickets and work orders hasn’t been completed at the end of the call). 
     I’m glad though, it means that I still haven’t lost my touch on the phones — even with almost 9 months out between jobs.  And it might mean that I might get the chance to schedule a little off-time for sometime after my 90 days to make a trip to Seattle once again.  *grinning impishly*  Not sure when I’m going to do that, but I would like to for November or so.  Definitely not December, given that it’s the Christmas rush, and I know all too well how crazy it can be traveling for the Holidays. 

     Weather here’s turned rather ugly since Labor Day.  Didn’t know that there was another tropical storm forming (Hanna) and that it’s heading for North Carolina and going to travel up the coast.  This means that all the "wonderful" heat and humidity that I’m used to from living in Atlanta is making its way north thanks to this storm forming.  Most New Englanders have been complaining about the "mugginess", but that’s only because they only get a couple of weeks of it during the summer.  Heh, to give you an idea, it was 77 (25 C) on the way into work tonight at (almost) 8 o’clock which is what I’d expect of Atlanta nights instead, particularly for this time of year.  Not sure how much longer this is going to last, but I’m hoping that it returns to the lower 60s (16 C) soon.  I would like to enjoy my rides into work, not feeling as though I’m sweating from the work-out. 
     Heh, and speaking of; I got on the scale again at the end of last week, and saw that I’ve lost another 5 pounds, bringing my total weight loss to over 35 pounds!  Woo-hoo.  Didn’t think I could lose quite that much weight in the time that I’ve been riding for the last two and a half months, but it feels great.  Well that and the pants that I bought a size larger are really loose now.  Heh. 

     During my days off, I bought Hitman on a whim.  Well, that and the fact that it was only $13.00 when I was at Wally World.  It wasn’t too bad, even though the gratuitous breast shots in the unrated version were over the top.  I’m not sure whether Billy Zane would’ve been a better choice, but given Zane’s slick attitude, I guess that Olyphant was a better choice.  Although like [Kate] Beckinsale in Underworld, there were times when Olyphant made faces that simply made the character difficult to believe was a trained assassin since childhood.  Were this looks as childlike as Beckinsale’s Selene?  No.  They simply made no sense to what the character was going through at the time.  I guess that they were attempting to convey human emotions in a confusing situation, but to me, it just seems like a waste of effort.  If he’s a made assassin, then when confronted with human feelings, he should simply refer back to training and/or brainwashing that made him an effective killer. 
     Still though, I found the movie entertaining and worth the 94 minutes I spent watching it.  Heh, unlike White Dragon which was too sickly sweet and teenage girl come kung-fu master for my taste. 

     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  Until the next time.
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