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Entry 9/13/2008 9:17:46 PM – Mentat 435

     There are a few things to write about in this entry… For starters, I received an 8.0 award for my MSN Live blog (http://mbaldelli.spaces.live.com) from Blogged (http://www.blogged.com/directory/personal-blogs). While this is the lowest score in the chain there, it actually puts me on the map! What makes it interesting is that the color scheme that is used in the thumbnail is the one that I had set a couple of months ago. Interesting that it took that long to review… I think that when I get the chance, I’ll put the rating up on the MSN Live Blog entry as it’s the one that earned it.

     Another thing that I would like to bring up is based on a response that I received regarding an entry a couple ago. I know I’ve got quite a few readers given the amount of hits that I get on my blogs, and most of them just idle viewers, and I would like to take the opportunity to remind readers both subscribed and idle that the primary reason why I have my blogs open for reading is because I invite people to read and/or respond to anything and everything that I write about. I invite responses and criticisms, but not flaming. Flaming will warrant my special attention… And by special attention I mean the attention I reserve cruising the Usenet with. And if anyone’s ever had question of that, feel free to point your browser of choice to: http://groups.google.com/groups?as_q=fuckwit&num=10&scoring=r&as_epq=&as_oq=&as_eq=&as_ugroup=&as_usubject=&as_uauthors=mbaldelli%40mindspring.com&lr=&as_drrb=q&as_qdr=&as_mind=1&as_minm=1&as_miny=1981&as_maxd=13&as_maxm=9&as_maxy=2008&safe=off
     As a side note, wow, it looks as though Google’s not completely editing out my more colorful postings like it seemed to have been doing some months ago.

     On the personal side, I received this unaccounted for invoice regarding my emergency room visit from the PA that had worked the ER that day that I didn’t get an EOB from my insurance provider. I admit that I had one outstanding doctor’s bill from my first EOB that I never received an invoice from. So, calling them, they tell me they had an EOB from my insurance provider and that the bill was legitimate. The customer support rep tells me that she’s unable to access my EOB and that she would escalate it to a supervisor. A couple of days later, I get a call from the supervisor at this location and that she would fax over the EOB for my perusal. Tried getting the fax manually, but it didn’t come through. Changed from hardware to software, and watched the caller ID information to ensure it was a fax. On the Caller ID field it showed Core Laboratories and Mystic Graphics.
     Sensing that there’s some sort of scam, I called this supervisor back more than a little heated and said that I would be investigating this with my insurance provider because of it.
     Calling my insurance provider and while they said that this was a legitimate bill as the representative I was talking to had access to the EOB, I was more than a little curious as to why I didn’t get it the electronic access to the EOB, considering that the representative told me that it had been processed back in July, and payment was mailed at the end of August. The representative said that she was going to mail it to me and when I got off the phone I considered paying it based on the receipt of the mailed EOB.
     But I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of days now, and doing a little research last night, I found that there is in fact a Mystic Graphics, Core Laboratories along with this Private Consultation Group at the same address, and while I might be lenient about the fact that this Physician’s Consultation and Laboratories are in the same location, I’m finding myself having whopping issues with the thought of a Web Designer sharing the same office as a physician’s group. Not to mention that the e-PHI forms that I filled out do not extend to this Physician’s Consultation group with Fax access from the same location as a non-doctor’s related company. Not to mention that based on my experience with e-PHI and HIPAA, I think that it’s in my vested interest to report this location given that this location has not provided the standard disclaimers and signature forms for access to this information. Particularly given that the bill I had received does in fact include the ICD-9 code for my ER visit.
     I’m also going to check with my insurance provider to see how they follow through on HIPAA violations and whether they investigate claims on locations that seems to have conflicts of interests and e-PHI.

     At work, it would appear that because of the way my hours worked, I didn’t get paid for Labor Day as part of the Labor Day Holiday. Eh, didn’t mind it too much although it was a moderate chunk out of my bi-weekly check. I checked with my manager, and he realized it after the fact because of the way my schedule works, and offered to either adjust the amount in this paycheck, or to leave the time in my bank so that at the end of the year I’d get a pay out. Considering that I’ve got almost 70 hours there at present (and will have more from October through December), I decided on keeping it in the bank. Then again, given the amount of money that I have and the fact that my 90 day probation ends on the 23rd of this month, I might use it for the trip that I’ve been considering the last couple of weeks.
     Things are quiet here the last couple of days. Adam had been out for two of the days that I usually work on bereavement leave, with him coming back to the office this evening. Right now while he’s getting into some of the same old jokes and repetitive comments that he makes, it’s pretty clear that his mood’s still pretty somber with an almost angry edge to it.
     I got comments in AIM from Joe (who’s at home), asking about his mood, which I explained to Joe that I was definitely concerned given the way that he reacts normally how it’s going to go down when an irate customer pisses him off.
     Joe feared for the keyboard, but as I said to Joe, I think the keyboard’s going to get off lightly compared to the customer or those around him.
We’ll see how all this goes.

     On the home front, I had another dream about D. In this one, I had a house, and at first I thought that it was here on the east coast, but when I woke up and remembered some of the roads and the scenery, I think that I was dreaming about the west coast instead. This house looked like one of those raised houses with a complete basement, but the basement couldn’t be seen from the front of the house.
     It was a long weekend, and he had shown up at the beginning of my weekend.
     The first couple days we had been extremely intimate and I remember the two of us spending time together in the bedroom when we had the chance. The third day, I had to step out for a while and explained to him that I would be back. Getting back to the house, I found him sleeping on the couch with a blanket covering him, which I pulled back the covers from his head and gave him a kiss on the side of his forehead. On the fourth day, I had to go to work.
     While I don’t remember work, or going to it, I remember coming back along the road that I wouldn’t normally travel, taking pictures of the picturesque view of the hills and the houses in the hills that could be seen along that road. Many of the houses in the hill while being as huge as mansions; some of them were restored and well preserved, some of them old or coming down through neglect.
Coming up to the driveway of the house, I saw a commercial fan parked in the driveway, and seeing the passenger in the car duck out of sight, I realized that it was D’s family coming to pick him up.
     I wasn’t particularly happy with the fact that the passenger had ducked out of sight, because in doing that I realized that they were picking him up against his wishes and mine.
     The last thing I remember from the dream before snapping myself out of sleep was that I had to steel myself to saying bye to him as it would be some time before I would get the chance to see him again.
     I woke myself out of the dream because I didn’t like the ending, and that I was hoping to wake up and put myself back to sleep in order to change the outcome of the dream. Unfortunately for me, it was 10 minutes until my alarm would normally go off, and seeing the time thought it a waste of time to try to fall back to sleep, leaving me in a distraught mood because of the ending of the dream.

     Because of my mood and this dream, I thought about it more than a little bit on the way into work (as I had time to think about it and mull it through) and decided to see if D was available to talk before I started my duty shift. Unfortunately he was out with his sister who was in town for the weekend, and went out with her for a little while. Ended up talking to him a little bit during supper about some of my concerns about the fact that since he’s gotten home from his aunt’s in Idaho; he’s been slowly sliding back to old habits involving his family and returning to a pattern of floundering that he’s been going through the last year.
     I suggested to him to think about it, and when we got more of a chance come my weekend, we can discuss it.
     I’ve also realized that with this dream, I have dreamed more about him (and us) than any living being. There’s only one person that I’ve dreamed of more — but as you might remember — he’s no longer part of the living. Kind of a strange feeling when I think about it… I never realized just how much of an impact a person can have on me; that it would actually affect the way that I dream about them.
     Of course, I brought it up to D, which surprised him quite a lot. During that part of the conversation, I also reinforced something that I thought about on my way into work about a conversation he and I had almost 10 months ago where I had said to him that it’s probable that there will be parts of the way we interact and are attracted to each other that might not ever be fully explained or understood. I also said to him that even with the snarking and the challenges the two of us do toward each other — that out of it, good can come out of it.
     Although deep down inside, I think it might be as simple as the right notes are struck between the two of us that makes the right kind of friction necessary for the two of us to keep us on our toes and keep us properly motivated.

     I’m going to think about this a little more and continue this in another entry. Right now though, I’ve got the challenge of trying to work with two systems at work that are offline/crippled and will need a quick refresher on using one of the old methods for finding out information. Until the next time.

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