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Entry 10/07/2008 04:19:13 AM – Mentat 439

     Where to begin… I decided on giving up on getting Gnome Ubuntu to behave on my computer. While there have been a number of positive things to say about it, the fact that the last kernel update to it made the thing act bizarre when it came to G-Streamer and Rhythmbox. According to what I had been seeing of it when I was sitting there at the desktop and listening to various MP3s within my library, it was pushing the load balance through the roof. Hell, I even tried to go back a step to fix it, but that didn’t work either. And as I’ve said a number of times in the various Ubuntu groups that I read and monitor — getting the necessary help in it is a chore and a waste of time. Not to mention that I had quite a bit of problem trying to keep the 5.1 sound system running properly between the desktop, Xine and G-Streamer, along with getting the o/s to recognize the shared for the sound card. So, once again I wiped out the partition and installed KDE 3.5.x/Kubuntu 4.01.
     Took a bit longer than the last time I tried it out, given that I remembered all too well the ongoing problem with Adept’s Add/Remove and how it would slow-down and lock up. While it looks pretty much like a Unix version of Windows XP, at least with it, I’m able to get it visually tweaked out in such a way that I appreciate; in spite of the fact that part of what I’ve been familiar with in Compiz are no longer available (desktop on a cube, etc.) Still having some problems with getting Amarok to recognize Dolby 5.1 but I think I’m on a better track than I was with Gnome — particularly given that PulseAudio doesn’t get loaded up in KDE as it does in Gnome — in my opinion one of the biggest drawbacks of the most recent Gnome Kernel.
     I also haven’t checked out whether the shared port issue has been resolved mainly because I installed Skype but really haven’t configured it with my account information. And the TV Card? I haven’t done anything with that yet. I’m wondering whether I want to take a spin with Myth TV or whether I should go with a simpler TV viewing program like the one that they offer in Gnome (can’t remember the name of it off the top of my head).
     I noticed that I’m still having problems with trying to get Amarok to work with Dolby 5.1 — although most of the time when I’m trouncing through Linux, it’s already well into the dead of night and I’m already on my headphones. The tests from the command prompt indicate that I’ve got no problems with it as the test directional sound plays on all the speakers that they’re supposed to. Still would be nice to have full Surround capability during my early mornings when I’m waking up and needing some nice relaxing trance and vocal trance to play when getting dressed *grins*
     I decided to stick with KDE 3.5.x instead of going up to 4.1.1 given the stories that I’ve been reading from various KDE fans. If the reviews improve over the next couple of versions of 4.x, I might just upgrade to it to see what the hubbub’s all about with it, but at the present time I’m satisfied with what I’ve got running.  Of course, by the time that I finished writing this journal entry, 4.1.2 had been released, so we’ll see whether they fixed any of the issues that people were experiencing with the previous…

     The weather here’s been cooling off as it should. Pity too, given that in Atlanta right now, the temperatures at night are currently upper 50s/lower 60s (~15 C) with the temperatures reaching up to the 80s (~26 C) in the afternoon. *envious* I’m lucky to be seeing the 60s here in Rhode Island at midday and at night; it’s getting too cold to ride the bike into work. The last couple of days I’ve been walking into work and while the walk isn’t as bad as I thought that it was going to be, I’m definitely struggling. I’m telling you, 12 weeks of biking in and out of work (to the tune of about 44 miles a week) is by no means as difficult as it’s been walking the 6 miles that I have to work so far. Yesterday I could barely get up from the desk that’s how sore my muscles were from the walk.
     *Shrugging* At least I’ve got the next three days off in order to recuperate from the 9 miles walking that I’ve done in order to prep for next week’s trek into work.

     On the work-front, I’ve been told that with it coming upon the Christmas Season, the calls will be lessening. Not too bad, given that last night Joe wasn’t able to make it into work because his car once it’s been started wouldn’t stop. He had told Ken that he’d be late, but as the night dragged on, it became less and less likely he was going to show up. *shrugging again* Didn’t mind it really, as the calls were relatively slow after my lunch and didn’t pick up any until the sun was beginning to rise. And even then it wasn’t as bad as I’ve seen it for a Monday morning, considering.
     The other two have been really well behaved (for the most part), so there’s little to hash out there. Good thing too, given that I’d hate to think I’d have been looking forward to more of the childish chaos I had written about in previous journal entries. *keeping fingers crossed* Hopefully this will last this way until at least the end of the year.

     I ordered three movies last week which I had been watching whenever I could when I got home from work: Coffee Date, Thunderbirds are Go!, and Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars. I also picked up Iron Man when I went to pick up a couple of necessities at Wally World. My aunt stopped in while watching Thunderbirds, which she commented immediately on the Super-Marionation. Not too surprising given that I used to watch the show religiously regardless of whether I was at home, or spending time with grandma & grandpa and her & uncle at the Lake in Bellingham.
     Iron Man on the other hand felt too much like it was setting itself up for a sequel. A good majority of the story seemed to be too quagmired in what drove Tony Stark to become Iron Man and less on the special effects of the suit. Not to mention the "fighting terrorists" overtone of this particularly movie positively choked of Hollywood’s attempts at involvement with Bush’s "War on Terror". *yawn* No thanks. Not to mention that S.H.I.E.L.D. reeked too much of the Department of Homeland Security more than anything. Not to mention that Clark Gregg playing a special agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. was just a bit too mousy for my liking. At least Hasselhoff didn’t stink up the set (or perform any of his usual scenery chewing) with his portrayal of Nick Fury.
     Still haven’t been able to sit down and watch Farscape… Given that I have other issues to deal with on the home-front, I think I’ll push that off ’til sometime tonight after everyone’s gone to bed and give Kaffeine a try through with it.
     Coffee Date on the other hand had some pleasant moments. While the comedy of it was amusing, on the whole I have to say that the reverse stereotyping that was going on with Todd (Jonathan Bray) was enough for me to say, "You know what? Enough all ready!" It’s amusing for the first twenty minutes on how everything is blown out of proportion because he tried to get even with his brother’s prank of setting him up on a man-for-man dating service, with people trying to convince him that when he’s ready to come out they’ll accept him. Of course, I raised an eyebrow more than once when near the end of the movie, once everything’s been ironed out for him; Todd’s choice in clothing is even more flamboyantly than Kelly’s (Wilson Cruz).

     After seeing Coffee Date, it had almost made me pine for going completely underground within the community. Particularly given that D’s attitudes and approaches are so "duck out of water" when it comes to manners and mannerisms within the [gay] community. Not to mention that since getting this job and going back to being a creature of the night, it’s almost impossible for me to mingle and socialize with other folk in the area. Those that I do occasionally chat with online either want to get into my pants, or simply aren’t interested in staying up all hours because I’m used to being up at night, and they’re used to passing out by 4 in the morning (latest).
     And I’m almost loathe to say it, but I miss the drama, the almost devil-may-care what anyone thinks about holding another man’s hand in public… the going out for coffee and "flaming it up" with friends… The very things that I had talked about last year in a journal entry about what I consider perfectly normal (drag queens, transvestites, sex and the blatantly frank discussions about sex with another man) that if any heterosexual were to hear those things, would turn white as a sheet from shock.

     I love D, don’t get me wrong. But yet at the same time, he’s got next to nil experience with the kinds of socializing that comes from being among queer-folk. Sure, there is some experience when he was with his last boyfriend, but it’s by no means the level of immersion that I had done when I was his age, or the years that followed. Not to mention there’s also the whole, "how far does D want to truly come out of the closet with another man" that’s also going to come into play. Heh, the way that he goes on about women (it’s almost misogynistic), you’d think that there’s an egg-timer going about him blasting the doors off his closet; and yet at the same time, anytime it’s talked about, I almost get the impression that he’s hiding at the back-end of it.
     I’d love to show him about to give him an idea on it, but at the same time, I know that ultimately it’s something that he’s going to have to learn for himself. Particularly given that my last attempt with Rick only made a bad situation worse. Yeah, there are stories to tell there, but at the moment I’m in no mood to cover them.

     There’s so much more that I need to write about — but for the moment I think I’m going to call it. I’ll try writing more about it either tomorrow night, or later tonight when I’m through playing "tweak through KDE" and watching the Farscape. Not to mention there are a couple of issues on trust that I would like to talk to D about before posting anything of the sort here.

     Until then.

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