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Entry 10/20/2008 11:10:08 PM – Mentat 444

     There are just some traits from people that just piss one the hell off right from the moment they open their mouths and start spouting words from it.  It could be the tone of their voice, the sneer that they demonstrate when they’re trying to be something more than they’re not, or quite simply the choice of words.  With me, it’s most assuredly the arrogance that’s used to cover their ignorance.  Take for example one of the calls that I took at the beginning of my "Friday" at work.  While I’m not much of an OS elitist, as I’ve always tried to be a proponent of all forms of operating systems, I do draw a line when it comes to what I call the zealots of any one operating system.  Speaking personally, the two worst types of Zealots that I deal with are the Mac-o-philes, and the sheep of Linux.  Last night, my night started with a Mac user. 
     First off, he was an acolyte…  Sometime with just enough experience to get through the most common operations, without understanding the intermediate stuff necessary for troubleshooting.  Next, he carried the arrogance that tried to convey that he was an expert with things, but really was just being plain ignorant.  Finally through the entire conversation he kept saying the word "Mac" like it was a salve for whatever problems he was experiencing and that the problem clearly had to be with the service that he was getting. 
     Boy did he set me off.  First, he starts off saying that he hosts his own site and his own e-mail, but three minutes into the call he admits that he has something like "28" different sites and that they’re with everyone else.  In fact, his e-mail’s also being hosted by at least two different sites.  His problem was that instead of calling his POP/e-mail providers and finding out what the problem is with sending mail with them, he wanted to use the SMTP services on the residential side of the accounts. 
     About fifteen minutes into the call, and him adamant that "…we’re blocking his e-mail ports…  that’s why he wasn’t able to send mail…"
     I was able to get one of the two e-mail provider addresses and not only successfully connected to the necessary port for that provider’s SMTP server, but so did he.  And unlike the Windows telnet prompt which just gives one a blinking cursor, in Mac it said quite clearly in the window "Successfully connected to…" 
     At that point, I told him that he needed to call that provider and have them check his settings, which he got annoyed with me and hung up. 
     It took me almost three hours to calm down from the anger I was feeling for this man’s arrogance and his complete ignorance that the problem is not really with the computer or the OS that he was using but the most important piece of equipment: the one that’s between the seat and the keyboard. 
     Subsequently, he called back and got one of the other technicians working last night, and basically got what he wanted.  Which only set me to smoldering all that much longer, considering the technician didn’t read the notes on the account or the previous ticket.  *sighs* 

     So here it’s my Saturday, and I’m completely slouching.  Got up late for me (9 PM) mainly because I had to stay up later into the afternoon to check on the status of my order (I’ll get to it in a minute).  Didn’t even make any coffee this morning because, frankly I’m not in the mood for any.  Eh, I’ll make some in the afternoon if only to enjoy the heat and the taste.  Right now though as it’s close to lunch, I don’t want to mess up the buzz of the taste of coffee with what I’ve decided on having for lunch — Chinese from the other day.  Didn’t get the chance to eat my dinner because by the time I had gotten up and gotten ready for work, it was delivered too late, and I didn’t have any plastic available to put it into.  So it was the mad dash to the bus stop and picking something meager up for lunch from Stop & Shop at the mall.
     My aunt, bless her heart, asks me tonight as I was waking up whether I’ll be doing laundry tomorrow, mainly because she has her own to do.  Smiling at her I tell her, "of course not.  And besides if I was, you’d be long since done with your own."  Heh, I usually do of my own well after 1 in the morning and finishing up well before she wakes up in the morning. 

     All right, I’ll come back to this in a couple.  I think I’m going to watch Thunderbird 6 and enjoy the peace and tranquility that comes from not having a caffeine high at the beginning of my day.  Be back shortly. 

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     Heh, more than just shortly later.  I’ve watched Thunderbird 6 and for the life of me remember it being packaged as an episode during the 70s or early 80s when it returned for syndication, I played Final Fantasy VII up to the final disc, took a nap for about an hour and a half and having a dream that was like my family does Everybody Loves Raymond, and now I’ve got Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider, in the player while finishing up the rest of this entry…  Well before my cat really begins to annoy me for her morning meal anyway. 
     Oh and somewhere in the middle of it all, I was able to bounce over to Kubuntu and check to see whether there were any updates for the OS; although for the life of me, I don’t think it actually checks quite the same way as Ubuntu does.  Then again it might be possible that it’s not as unstable or in need of patching as Gnome/Ubuntu is.  I’m not entirely sure one way or another, given that when I run an update manually — the only thing that gets updated are the Medibuntu directories.  Eh, go figure.  Still been pondering whether I should attempt an upgrade to KDE 4.x, but still haven’t found any shining reviews of it other than from the usual zealots that I loathe dealing with at work.  I’ll think about it for another week or so… 

     So the news that I had hinted at, at the beginning of the entry has to do with a little investment that I had decided on spending on.  As I had said in the previous journal entry, I had been considering the purchase of a low to mid-end laptop for travel and what have you.  The MSI Wind.  Well, I decided on purchasing it, and with the mail-in rebate of $50, I’ve decided to take the plunge.  Of course, that didn’t go without a couple of obstacles.  First off, I find out what the daily limit was, and with the purchase and the year’s extended warranty, would you believe that I went over that daily limit by $5.00!
     That morning, I called the bank and inquired to see whether I could temporary increase the daily limit on the debit/credit card and they had permanently increased it instead.  Nice.  Had to wait until Monday to check in with New Egg (that’s who I’m going through to buy it) to check to see whether they would re-charge my card and ensure that it would go through and when I checked in with them, they said that it processed automatically and that it’s good to go.  So either by Friday or Monday I should have the new toy in my possession. 
     Consequently, checking out the front page of New Egg, I saw a handy-dandy 8.1 megapixel camera for less than $100 that might be a good upgrade for the one that I’m currently using — considering that the latch on the battery door has finally broken off and needs to be held in place with scotch tape when the batteries are in.  I might also have to look into a sub-router here; Wi-Fi or something along the lines, so that I can wander about the house with it instead of having to lock it into a wire to do everything I’m going to need to do. 
     I know…  I know…  I’ve been pretty adamant about putting any of my equipment on a Wi-Fi router, given that I’m going to have to look into WPA or something better protected than the two Wi-Fi routers that are with the neighbors here; but at the same time, given that the Notebook doesn’t come with a CD drive (it’s smaller and lighter than the usual laptop) I’m going to need something to transfer the necessary files to it. 
     Eh, and I just thought of it, I’m going to need to look into some sort of AV protection for it as well.  Looks as though I might have to buy another license from ESET for the laptop.  Considering that I’m not going to be using AVG on it, given the way that it’s deleted files from my system in the past.  Oh!  You know what, I might have an alternative…  Clam (which I have installed on the Linux/Unix side).  I’ll check it out when the notebook comes in. 

     With all this in mind, by the end of the year, I’m going to be looking at an extra week’s paycheck thanks largely to the PTO time that I’ve accrued since I started the job, and the odds for me to actually use it are next to nil this year.  Which means that I’m going to have enough money to consider making a trip someplace.  And I’m wondering where should I go for a few days holiday.  Seattle’s still on the table, in spite of the things going on with D. I mean I really liked doing the whole touristy thing when I was there back in May, however with a second trip, I should definitely consider a little less of the touristy and a little more of what the locals do to enjoy themselves.  Of course, the obstacle to this has to be the fact that I’m now fully night-breed so getting to day walker hours and back is going to definitely pose a problem. 
     The second and third choices are San Francisco and New York City — although I know for a fact that going to either of those places is definitely going to cost.  Chicago would be a nice trip, but definitely not the sort of thing that I would want to do for the winter.  Especially considering that Chicago most assuredly earned it’s nickname as the "Windy City" during the dead of winter. 
      I could also do the New England vacation thing and head south instead; like Orlando or Miami or someplace along that line, given that it’ll definitely be warm for the winter months (although most of the southerners there will think it pretty cold.  Heh!).   We’ll see…   More on that as I think about it. 

     That’s about it for the time being.  Off to change into comfy clothes and get ready for bed shortly.  Until the next time…

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