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Entry 11/04/2008 06:59:11 AM – Mentat 450

     All right, so I began my night with my routine coffee, sitting and having something to eat for breakfast watched the men and the kids chatting in gay.com, then played a couple of games, did some of the routine monthly chores that I routinely do…  Then after getting completely bored with the chat and non-chat that was going on, I took a quick nap and got comfortable with the cat while I tried out the Wireless connection by setting up a connection to Digitally Imported (http://www.di.fm); which not only went fabulously, but didn’t once skip a beat or a note.  The cat of course loved it because I was able to stay comfortable for as long as she wanted and I got to hear fabulous music. 
     So after the nap, I decided "I would really love to sit down and watch a movie…  How about Get Real."  Pop the DVD in, and it starts to spin up and then…  Nothing. 
     "Dammit," I said and grabbed another DVD, one that I know should have worked.  In the Flesh was the next choice.
     Nothing on that one either.  Saw it try to read it and then nothing.  Windows Explorer couldn’t even identify the DVD label for it.
     Thinking the worst, I grabbed one more DVD; Trick which I know was working as I was playing it last week.  It spun up and got to the menu without a problem. 
     Tried Kill Zone.  That one worked.
     Even tried the Gamera movies.  They worked as well. 
     I jumped over to KDE and gave them a try.  Like Windows, it couldn’t read them, and like Windows it had no problems with Trick, Kill Zone and Gamera which loaded up to menu and were able to play. 
     Scratching my head, I got concerned that the drive was failing, so I tried out a couple of other DVDs and they ran without a problem.  Then I started googling the issue, and could only find information on the drives completely crapping out.  Not quite the problem, because so far I’ve only had sporadic problems with movies playing…  So far the only movies that it doesn’t seem to play are:

    ○ Regular Guys (Echte Kerle)
    ○ Broadway Damage
    ○ In the Flesh
    ○ Get Real
    ○ 9 Dead Gay Guys
     I’ve done some more spot checks with some of the other movies that I have here and they load up without issue.  Heck, right now I’ve got Eragon in the player right now and it’s playing without any issue whatsoever.  Annoying as it is, considering that I’ve read the book and the book explains things more than a little better than this Hollywood hack-job.
     While I was making dinner, I recalled that I was having problems with the floppy drive, and while few people those anymore nowadays, I have a feeling that the DVD issue might in fact be part of the same MBR issue that I’ve got going with it.  I think tonight when I have some free time, I’m going to take a look to see whether I can get that fixed.  Either that or I’ll queue it up in the list of to-dos I still have to do. 

     Pity too…  Because I wanted to see Get Real.  Well maybe when my aunt & uncle are away, I’ll plop up the DVDs and watch them at their place in order to make the place look lived in for a couple of days. 

     So it’s Election Day.  Yesterday when I was at work, I began a TGIF entry that ended up going entirely too much into politics, which I had avoided this election season, and routinely in my journals.  It’s not that I’m not civic-minded, I am.  I just don’t like the thought of proselytizing my own journal with the musings and dealings with democrat vs. republican or liberal vs. conservative. 
     And so because of that, I completely removed it from my drafts, and replaced it with this…  Nothing more than a paragraph and a footnote of the day, and perhaps that I’ve completely my civic duty through mail-in.  Heh, and that’s only because I’m still registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  

     In other news, I continue to mull over the thoughts that I had in the last journal entry, and continue to side with what I believe to be the best course of action through this issue with D and I.  That it’s best to pack my bags and move on.  I honestly don’t think it’s going to go any other way because if it did, I’d be sure to have heard from him by now in spite of the promises that he had made for contact next Wednesday.  Truth be told, I hold absolutely no hope for compromise or reconciliation.  I believe in the two weeks that he’s decided to recuperate is also a reprieve for him to brace for the decisions that I’ve put forth and he’s going to abide with because he understands no other way. 
     Truth be told, I don’t and can’t see anything truly awe-inspiring or heart-changing happening in the next week. 
     And with this I’ve been starting the preparations for moving on.  On the one side I am still hopeful that something will happen and that D might come around and realize that he’s throwing away a relationship based on pride.  On the other side, I think that like so many of us, has to learn the same lessons of mistakes and regret that we all do when dealing with one’s own issues and the heart of someone else.  But we all must learn, don’t we?  In spite of the fact that we as a whole routinely have to re-invent the wheel in order to do so. 

     There’s not too much else that I can say at the moment.  I still have 8 days before I hear from D again.  And I still have other things to think about when it comes to where I’m going to go from here.  And I’m off to enjoy a couple of movies before I pass out for the night.  Until the next time.

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