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Entry 11/26/2008 08:33:30 AM – Mentat 457

     Man, sometimes it’s interesting to see how much the world has changed…  I’m sitting here watching a couple of the episodes from the show that originally aired for one season in the early 70s, and only remember them being shown in syndication way back when Channel 27 (when it was known as WSMW) and the amount of transmission noise couldn’t get a clear picture.  Anyway the changes…  For one, the show’s around 51 minutes long as opposed to being 40 or so minutes today.  Another is the fact that there were two more episodes for the season than they are now.  Oh my god, the social changes.  For one thing, the smoking.  People are smoking in offices, on airplanes, during base operations.  It was surreal seeing that going on and reminded me of the days during the mid 80s where is was still allowed but slowly making its way out of the office. 
     Then there’s technology in it.  While some of the technology never made it into mainstream — like the Moon base, or the moon shuttle that could be launched in midair — some of the other technology has.  Like the cordless phones, the mobile phones in cars…  Heh, the clamshell-door cars didn’t make it either.  Or the clothes (thank the maker).  Although you have to say, the purple hair and the aluminum foil outfits (including the foil miniskirts for the women on the moon base) were a hell of a hoot. Or one a little more ominous that has been sort of toned down since:  the heavy reliance on computers in order to determine stress and psychology of a person. 
     The paranoia going on in the show was something to behold.  I know I’ve played the game back when I had a Windows 3.1 system (X-Com: Alien Defense) was based on this series. Aliens from another world, coming to Earth to either experiment on humans and cattle — either through vivisection or to take vital organs for their own use.  Although in the game there was also mind control from the little grays…  But wow.  This show was clearly spawned out of the paranoia of the Cold War except pointed towards aliens and the stars. 
     All I can say is that it’s going to be interesting to sit here and watch through the entire season.  Yeah, it only lasted one.  And fortunately it has never been remade for as far as I can tell.  The world’s different, and the threats to mankind have changed in the subsequent years.  Pity too, I think this could actually work if done properly…  Well that and hopefully if it was done that Hollywood doesn’t go through its routine "wouldn’t it be cool if…"  which typically destroys shows. 

     So the system has been rebuilt and the new DVD drive put in (in place of the old CD-R drive that I’ve had since the system’s been first build).  Hell, the sound card’s working fine, the TV-Card sound is actually acceptable, the drives are acting and reacting as they should, and there’s absolutely no problem with the floppy drive (not that I use it much anymore) and even played with fire and loaded up the Zip Drive controllers, of which there was absolutely nothing wrong with it either.  I even had the chance of rebuilding the image in case I need to go through all this again and it looks pretty good to go.  Hopefully I won’t have to go through this again for some time.  Of course, it takes quite some time to get the timing on the mouse down right.  Usually it’s either way too fast, or way too slow during the first couple of weeks of my fiddling with it.  I should either have it back to where I want it, or got used to the new settings.  I’m just not entirely sure. 
     Didn’t load up a couple of things — mainly chat programs that I used to use when I was more prolific on Yahoo, and a couple that no longer work for gay.com since they changed the chat protocols for the system.  Probably not going to load them up for Yahoo — I’m no longer there anymore and from what little that I’ve seen of it prior to the removal of Linux from this system it’s just all the same.  The same game of backstabbing, petty people trying to create their own little clique that has as much cohesion as a snake pit and created by people that have as much integrity as a schizophrenic.  Sure, there are some notable exceptions, but the masses of them simply aren’t worth the headache or aggravation or going through the same dance that’s been going on there for the last 5 years. 
     Besides, like all things, perhaps it’s time to consider that this is as good a time as any to simply move on quietly.  Unlike the moving on that goes on, on Yahoo Chat that never happens and they come back under some new nick, new guise, new schizophrenic personality that they devise. 
     Of course on the flip side things have changed with version upgrades that I downloaded and replaced on the system.  BOINC for example has completely changed.  Seems that it’s loading up for all users based on the default settings.  It also seems to be launching as a service instead.  Also the work packets have since moved as well from the routine place in program filesBOINC to documents and settingsall usersapplication dataBOINC.  Needless to say that I had to put that all on hold because of the amount of work that I’ve done setting up BOINC Log and SETI@Home Mapview to track all the work that I’ve done.  I’m going to need to work out how to get it started and stopped based on when I’m home and when I’m at work — I’ll do that sometime tonight or tomorrow when I have the time.
     Then there’s the upgrade to Nero 9 which has been quite the travesty.  Took almost an hour to load up and that’s because I had shut down System Restore which I had heard that Nero makes a system restore point for each and everything that it had done.  Further I’m still trying to clean up the errors that it had created for AutoPlay Popup Menu.  Seems that it created about 12 additional options all with ERROR written in it.  Christ what a mess.  They work, but it’s ugly.  Got about half of it cleaned up though through the routine registry hacking wizardry I’m capable of doing. The rest of it’s going to be cosmetic — icons for the AutoPlay.
     The folk at Nero have yet to respond to anything that I’ve sent them, and from what I understand from the forums that I checked out, this seems to be Corel AG’s (Germany) mode of operation — much to the detriment of the customer base.  No response whatsoever.  Pity.  Next time, I might go with Roxio — in spite of the problems that I’ve had with them moving from one Service Pack to the next. 

     As for me…  I’m doing pretty well at the moment.  I’ve been working out the sequel to Companion.  Yeah, the sequel to it.  Hard to imagine that I had originally launched that short story almost 4 years ago, and having completed it and reiterated it for Fiction Press, I’m actually sitting back in front of the computer and working on a follow up to the story.  In a way, I have D to thank for the return of my muse.  While not being quite as tragic a muse as it was the first time I wrote the story, instead is one of determination and of hope.  We’ll see how long this is going to take.  Last time, it took me about a month to get almost 60 pages written.  Not sure how long this story will be, but hopefully but I’ll be able to get it done by the time it starts picking up at work again. 
     Well it’s time for me to get settled in for the night.  I’ll be back tonight after a night’s sleep to complete this entry.  Until then.

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     Gee.  I can tell I’m already going to have "…one of those mornings…"  First of all, I’m completely drag-assed for almost two hours, finally getting my butt into the shower to get cleaned up.  Then it takes me another hour before I make my coffee.  I can just tell this is going to be one of these kind of days where by 5 AM, I’m finally going to have enough energy to want to do something, and that something will probably end up with me winding down for the day.  *chuckles*  No winning for losing and all that. 
     At least the good thing is that I’m getting out of the family holidays again this year.  They’re sitting down for quarter to two, of which I told them all, that while this is all well and good, I rarely if ever make it past one in the afternoon.  Good thing too, as I didn’t want to be eating that close to my passing out, as it usually either gives me nightmares or a severe case of indigestion.  Neither of which I want to go through.  Particularly given the former I already had last night involving some flight to (of all places) Kansas City for a holiday and I couldn’t get on the flight because I was some sort of suspected terrorist.  And by terrorist, it was me being down to nothing more than a towel or a bed sheet for clothes.  Like I need a reminder of the naked for class dreams that I used to have routinely in high school. 
     Come to think of it, in the dream I was traveling with someone, but I don’t recognize where I’ve seen the man from.  Probably someone that I’ve seen in my wanderings shopping, bus or something.  Can’t be sure anymore…  My memory’s not what it used to be (although it’s still significantly sharper than I give it credit most of the time). 

     I thought that I would have something meaningful to say, but after the coffee’s kicked in, the only thing that’s actually on my mind is getting my clothes folded before it becomes completely wrinkled.  So I’m off to do that while I’ve still got my caffeine high going.  Until the next time maybe…

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