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Entry 11/29/2008 10:47:55 PM – Mentat 458

     Man, was I ever cranky yesterday.  First off, when I woke up my aunt was fawning all over me on what it was that I would be bringing to work for supper and whether I was going to want desert or not.  Not a wise thing to do before my morning shower and morning coffee.  If you think you’re taking your life into your own hands when dealing with me during my pre-caffeine haze, it’s doubly dangerous before my morning shower.  While I was pleasant about it for the most part, I kept pushing it off telling her, "I’ll think about it after I wake up".  I think I had to say it six times prior to my shower in order for her to get the hint.  Then after my shower and getting dressed, she continued to fawn over me about the issue, which at that point I snapped at her telling her not to worry about it, and that I’ve already made my decision and to lay off as she had already asked me six times too many.  Of course, she gets pissy in return, which simply causes me to shut down and keep to myself.
     And while I got my morning coffee and nursed it through my morning, I get a call from a customer on the west coast that hit all my buttons enough that I was sufficiently aggravated for several hours after the call.  God, and I thought that dealing with people in New England were tough.  This man didn’t listen to a word I was saying, and kept shifting the comments back to what was closed and what wasn’t, without once listening to anything that I had said regarding the issue.  By the time I got out of work, I didn’t want to do much of anything other than transfer the Apophysis, quickly check through my e-mail, upload my Usenet and go off to either watch television, or DVD, or play a game.  Which is what I did for the most part once I had done when I finished up on everything.
     Consequently, I had been able to produce quite a lot of Apophysis Fractals, given that after that call the only thing that I wanted to do is lay low, and only deal with calls when they came up.  Couple of them were even worthwhile to upload to DA to boot.  Now that I’m finally getting the hang of coding my own scripts since looking through the coding provided on the scripts that are publicly available on DA.  Heh, and here I thought I was only going to rely partially on algebra when I had graduated from high school (in spite of the fact that I was in the advance course in Calc and Physics in HS and College).  There’s some pretty interesting code strings in Apophysis Scriptwriting — much of it relying on an understanding of geometry that I always had problems with when I was in high school.  You can check out some of my work at DA if you’re accessing my blog from anywhere else by pointing your web browser of choice to http://mbaldelli.deviantart.com

     So, it’s Saturday night and looks like things are really beginning to slow down for the Christmas Holiday wind down.  I have a feeling it won’t be quite as quiet as it was as told to me by folk working here last year about this time, primarily because we’re in a recession and those smaller SOHO companies are going to be working more to recoup from the money they didn’t make throughout the year.  Still though it’s going to probably be just as quiet as it was when I used to work at Care New England, summer last year (with me getting calls someplace in the vicinity of 5 – 10 calls a night tops).  I’m definitely not going to mind…  Believe me. 

     As for me…  Had a couple of responses to my profile on Manhunt, although some of them have been someplace between disappointing and disparaging.  Jesus, this one that I had received at the beginning of the holiday was certainly a charmer.  Like so many men, didn’t read the profile and simply looked at the picture, and asked me what my height and weight was.  Said to him that it was a nice pickup line and wished him luck in looking for whatever it was that he was looking for.  His response?  Like a typical New Englander he responded with a completely asinine and childish response of "you must be a pig".  *sighs*  Right…  Get turned down, throw an insult to the person turning you down.  That’s going to bite in the karmic ass, believe me. 
     The other?  *shrugging*  I can just tell it’s not going to pan out in the least.  One, he really doesn’t have all that much filled out on his profile; which isn’t enough for me to start a conversation with.  The other…  While I can be considered "bearish", I never got into the sub-culture of it.  Not to mention that this one’s more into the blue-collar worker.  Given I’ve been a professional for more than 20 years; I definitely don’t think I qualify. Particularly given that I’m also a philosopher and a romantic. 
     Gay.com has definitely changed since their upgrade.  The Rhode Island group is decimated and desolate.  The three or four times that I’ve wandered into the place has been beyond dead.  Positively no conversation whatsoever going on.  In fact, the people that would contribute to any conversations whatsoever in the Rhode Island area, are now silent and lurkers in Boston.  Boston on the other hand has some interesting people worth chatting with.  Unfortunately, the distance is a bit much even for me (who didn’t have to travel 60+ miles from one side of the Metro-Atlanta area to the other.  Still though — at least the folk in Boston are more chatty than those in Providence which makes for at least a couple of hours while I’m waking up worthwhile to pass time with. 
     Which means come the beginning of the year I’m definitely going to have to investigate alternatives to meeting men than online and at a bar.  Joy, huh? 

     That’s about it for the time being.  Off to work a little bit more on the short story.  Until the next time.

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