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Entry 12/02/2008 09:40:16 PM – Mentat 459

     Definitely a strange dream last night.  Involving a visit with my brother (whom I haven’t talked with since our fight a couple of years ago) and being forced to be pleasant with (in spite of my inherent vitriol that I could feel in the dream as well), and another boyfriend dream that involves someone that has as much depth and as much personality as Keanu Reeves (AKA the Plank).  With my brother Jon, I found it particularly odd that the two of us were sitting on this long couch and we were talking about something, and I clearly remembered that he had turned 40 and had asked him about it and whether he noticed any of the changes that I felt when I turned 40 (which was practically nothing.  I felt more on my 18th birthday and then again on my 25th when I had my epiphany).  Jon didn’t respond to it, or if he did I wasn’t listening to him at all because I remembered that we had been estranged for a couple of years and woke myself up abruptly from that part of the dream by letting the Hellbeast back under the covers. 
     The second part of the dream involved being in a relationship with…  *gasps* someone that looked vaguely like Keanu Reeves.  I know that it was caused by my watching Arizona Sky and how the story had played out between the two characters — Jake and Kyle.  And I know the elements involving snow in the dream and being out there in the country someplace (not sure why I dreamed of the country, but I did), involved a couple of e-mails from friends asking about snow and the ever present Yankee mentality that snow just around the corner…  But Keanu Reeves…  *eye roll*  I can’t remotely stand the man’s acting.  As I’ve remotely described him in all his roles has been vapid, and a piece of wood could replace him and the story and character won’t change a stitch.  In real life, he is just as vapid and as burned out acting as he is in his characterization of Ted in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures.  Hell, 99x in Atlanta used to love playing his celebrity promo spot because he screwed up the name of the station 4 times in 20 seconds, and that was done at 3 in the afternoon and not the usual  7 – 9 AM EST (4 – 6 AM PST).  About the only thing worthwhile to mention about that dream was that I had him up on my shoulders (like I would a child) while I was talking to a friend outside by a fence between properties.  He didn’t seem to mind being up there, and was pretty quiet during most of that portion of the dream.  In fact, I don’t think I talked all that much with him from what little I remembered, other than convincing him to button up his pants as my friend was coming up the drive to the fence. 
     *sighs*  So those were my dreams…  Such as I remember what little of them that I do.

     Had an interesting movie night last night.  Sat there and cut through Arizona Sky, then Shinobi: Heart Under Blade, then Hellboy II & The Golden Army, then a couple of more episodes of UFO.  I can definitely see why people were disappointed with Hellboy II; visually speaking it was extravagant, from the Troll Market, to the Golden Army itself.  But the interaction between characters was certainly more vacuous the second time around…  It was almost as though the interactions were written by teenagers.  And personally I was disappointed with the portrayal of Elves within this story; they were almost demonic in stature and appearance.  Not quite the willowy, ethereal look that I typically experienced in fantasy stories.  Although I did like the way they died in this story — becoming a sort of stone statue that could easily be broken.  It’s also pretty clear that the same set designer for Pan’s Labyrinth had his hand in this movie.  The creatures were certainly out-of-this-world in the same way that they were in Pan’s.  Still though, I was sufficiently entertained by most of the elements to ignore the adolescent interchanges between the characters, and the entire premise of Johann Strauss to the story. 
     Shinobi: Heart Under Blade is a typical Japanese tragedy, that the people that reviewed it at Amazon and compared it as a ‘weak copy’ of Versus had positively no idea that they really shouldn’t be compared in the least.  I think what happened is that a couple of the reviewers in it saw that Tak Sakaguchi was in both movies and thought that because he was in both, that it was some sort of sequel.  What these reviewers often don’t realize is that while Japan has a population of just over 127 million; that there would be as many actors (successful and otherwise) as the US (over 305 million).  However, the various studios in Japan have a smaller number of actors than Hollywood which is why you’re more likely to see the same actors in various major and minor roles in movies…  Hell! Because Sakaguchi does have quite an extensive martial arts and choreography skills, he’s more likely to be used in action films than in classic romances (ones that don’t involve a lot of fighting in them)…   It’s a classic tragedy in which the children of two warring villages (the Iga and the Koga) fall in love in the middle of a power play of the Shogun who wants both villages destroyed because of the dark arts the two villages have mastered and that with his passing, no one will be able to control them as he had.  I rather liked it because of the way the interactions played out, although one of the Iga Shinobi had the sort of look (and insanity) all to reminiscent of Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.  Although his power of regeneration was pretty damned creepy (looked like he was filled with some sort of blood worms). 
     Arizona Sky was a quirky sort of love story involving two childhood friends that had grown apart because one had to move.  While it’s execution was awkward as hell, and the dialog choppy between the two, the spirit of the plot made sense and twinged a hell of a nostalgic response from me.  The music, naturally needed to be scrapped entirely as it had all the bullshit string plucks that I couldn’t stand of the porno-music for an R rated film – Brokeback Mountain.  And there were elements of the story that seemed to have been bolted on to change location.  It says that it’s happening in Arizona, but everything going on and much of the dialog is like it’s actually supposed to be happening in Oklahoma.  Although the movie does bring up some interesting questions… 
     Like why is it that there have been a slew of LGBT movies that have been thrown out in this century while trying to portray love between two men, often times completely avoid intimacy between two men.  Sure they kiss — but it’s like kissing a friend and not a long lost lover.  And in this movie (and in a couple of others that I’ve watched) when they’re lying there together that they’re just together in the scene because it’s required of them, but no proximity to say that they were in love.  I get the distinct impression it’s like "I’ll play gay, but don’t expect me to ACT gay" from many of the actors in these films.  Sad that it has to come to this once again in filmmaking — it’s the same crap I remember from actors back in the 80s.  Pity too, because I still have to play the substitution game with straight films still  (imagine it being two men, or two women instead of man and woman). 

     Tuesday night…  I’ve been properly caffeinated and am looking at quite a pile of clothes that needs to be done.  Went through my routines this morning, checking the various sites for mail, for spam and for good pieces of artwork and came across this one http://rearranging.deviantart.com/art/I-Stand-105274246 which gave me an interesting warm & fuzzy feeling.  It’s nice to see romance is still alive and well in this day and age, even if it’s a rare, fair feature in some.  Along with the right elements of pride and self-esteem.  And I admit, seeing that picture and the poem does in fact renew a little of the hope that I still keep deep in my heart. 

     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  I need to be off to do my laundry and get something to eat for supper.  Until the next time.

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