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Entry 12/05/2008 04:32:37 AM – Mentat 460

     Heh, if this is supposed to be the slow down period after the holidays, I have to say I’m just not feeling nor seeing it.  First off, I saw something like 900 e-mail messages total in my inbox, with something in the vicinity of about 300 of them unsorted.  And unlike most other Thursdays since the fall where I’d have about 3/4 of them sorted through and prepped for reading (if they were changes to job aids, etc) by the time I get on the phones.  I actually didn’t get the chance to finish sorting through them ’til almost first break and the rest sometime well after first break for reading them.  Yeah, that meant that calls were coming in practically one after the other until after 11:30.  Had it not been for the fact that I got a ride into work, that I was wearing a coat, and drinking a hot coffee from the Dunk, for a moment I thought I was having a flashback to the summer when that sort of thing was considered "normal".  At least it’s calmed down after that and seems to be an almost "normal" night for the autumn. 
     Getting in, I also sat down with my boss about the accrued PTO that I have since I started here in July.  I decided to carry over 40 hours of that accrued time with the remainder as a payout.  Woo!  According to my boss, it’s just over 80 hours which I should be seeing as a routine check (without 401K withdrawals) in my mailbox sometime around the 15th of December (give or take given the time of year it is and what mail’s going to be like in the area).  Not sure what I want to do with that check, but given the time of year that it’s coming in, I might use some of it for Christmas Presents, and the rest toward a trip for the coming year.  According to my boss, he’s telling me that even with the forward of 40 hours, I’ll be looking at hitting my max hours sometime around March, so I should consider a trip around that time of year.  While I’m waiting to see what my aunt & uncle are going to be doing out that time of year, as my Aunt did mention to me that she wanted to make a return trip to Aruba sometime around the same time of year it might be a teensy bit difficult for me to plan a trip that time of year, given that we have to coordinate babysitting the cats while either of us are gone.  But it’s definitely something to consider. 
     Of course, travel in March to some of the places I’ve been thinking might be more than a little bit challenging, given that it’s early spring and if it isn’t significantly south of the Mason-Dixon line; I run the risk of dealing with a late snowfall.  San Fran is a good choice given that the min/max is 49/62 accordingly.  Although based on the information provided — it’s the end of the rainy season which might provide a bit of a challenge.  Not that that had stopped me when I was in Seattle in June last year.  March is a bit chillier that time of year, and with a bit more rain.  Naples or the Keys looks more promising at it’s 57/82 accordingly with less rain than San Fran. 
     Of course, my reaction was particularly interesting when I considered making the trip to Atlanta for the same time of year, if only to remind myself of the attitudes and the accents of the area.  It was almost like having an anxiety attack when considering the trip.  I mean, sure I miss places like Druid Hills, and perhaps L5P, but I feel that even if I were to make a trip there, I would be risking the dangers of running into Rick, or even Wayne if I headed up to Hellwoody (AKA Dunwoody); as that’s how my luck often runs.  So perhaps it would be best if I reconsidered making the trip in that direction. 
     *chuckling*  Of course Chi-town, Boston and New York City would definitely be out of the picture that time of year as both of them are still pretty cold, wet and most probably have piles of dirty snow all over the place.  Thanks, but I don’t need the New England reminder going to visit those places.  Maybe in June if I’m up for the thought.  Although for June, I’m probably more prone to wanting to go to the Cape instead.  Yeah, I think the Cape will win out instead, as I want sun, sand, ocean (which I haven’t made my way to one since coming home), and the illusion of community that I can sometimes get when I’m in P-Town. 

     Twenty days to the dreaded holiday.  Ugh and ick. 
     My aunt’s getting quite the kick out of my revulsion to all things Christmas.  We had made a quick run to Wally World, which ended up with a quick fly through at the Dollar Tree Store for wrapping and tissue paper for a present she’s putting together for her church, and when she dragged me down the Holiday Aisles.  I swear I wanted to have a skeevy convulsion while being dragged down those aisle.   Then, to add insult to injury, she asks me to go pick up a Christmas Card for the gift. 
     Uh, yeah.  "Who am I getting a card for?" 
     "A child who’s parents can’t afford to get their child a Christmas present," she says to me, no doubt trying to garner sympathy in some capacity or another.
     I ended up getting a really bland and generic card in spite of the first choice which was all my aunt (something really Holy and Christian-like), or my personal choice (a sympathy card for the death of parents.  What?  It’s not like they had Halloween Cards, *that* would’ve been a better choice).  I should’ve taken my choice instead, but I also wanted to get out and get home before I started turning into a pumpkin.  Not to mention at that point of the morning (my evening) I didn’t want to go through more disparaging looks from my aunt who thought my over-acting when I was completely surrounded by Christmas ornaments and decorations was Oscar-worthy (at least for a Drama Queen). 

     That’s about it for the time being.  I had a train of thoughts going, but can’t remember really what it was.  I might write again this week, but there’s a good chance that I won’t.  With the end of the year coming up, and the holidays even closer than I want them to be, I might just take a break from it all starting next week and make my way back between the two holidays to write up on my routine end-of-the-year entry.  Seems like a good idea at the moment. 

     Until the next time.
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