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Entry 12/08/2008 12:30:45 AM – Mentat 461

     Good lord, the kind of dreams that I’ve been having for the last two days….  While I can figure out what caused me to have those dreams, at the same time I would like to understand precisely what it takes for me to have the right frame of mind to be impressionable enough to cause me to have the dreams that I have.  For example — yesterday I was talking to my aunt about March and the possibility of taking time off at that point (as I had mentioned in my last journal entry).  While I found out my aunt and uncle are going back to Aruba at the end of March. I told her of the places I had considered going to for a couple of days.  That night, I had a dream about doing the tourist thing through a city like Boston, because I was meeting up with friends that I had met there.  The dream did take a sharp turn in that it went from spending time with friends to having the ability to fly, and to take these giant leaps from the ground.  What makes it even weirder is that while I was in the apartment of the friends (who had been a couple), I remember it was quite bright in the house because it was sunny outside.  The three of us were in the kitchen, and I was checking out the architecture of the apartment (they had asked me about it because neither of them had any experience with architecture as I did).  After I explained the approximate date of the building and the apartment, and we had some sort of group hug because they were thankful for the information; the apartment went from being quaint to being dilapidated and almost post-war nuclear holocaust.  I went outside and began jumping from street to window ledge to street and so on to get down the street…  I don’t remember why I was doing it, but I do remember at one point having a camera to take pictures of the area. 
     Then last night, as I got home and was getting comfortable, I remember thinking a little about the story that I’ve been working on, and the dream that I had involved me having some pretty incredible super powers and trying to fight crime and evil.  Definitely one of the fun dreams to have, even if there was a bit of stress with it at one point…  I had telekinesis, the ability to control the elements, and even had incredible strength and regenerative powers.  Of course, no dream of mine would be complete without aliens (from UFO no less) being part of the sub-plot someplace.  Heh!  So in this dream, I was in a bank or an office and was fighting something like five different villains; one with super strength and looked like a misshapen gorilla, another that looked like a shark and had strength and the power to regenerate.  Don’t remember the other three, but they all had super strength.  I remember that they had been wearing me down through strength because they all knew that I had a limit for exerting myself before my abilities would begin to wane.  Even though they did wear me down and I had to retreat, I still had regenerative abilities which they couldn’t destroy me or kill me in the process. 
     In the next part of the dream, I was with a team of some sort — either military (army/marines) or mercenaries…  I couldn’t be sure as they weren’t wearing BDUs.  I was clearly the strongest out of them and they had relied on me to stop the aliens from taking possession of both them and the civilians in the area.  I remember that a couple of this team had been possessed and I wasn’t able to save them.  I can’t remember the rest, other than being in a building with those remaining, and hoping that whatever was happening would stop long enough for me to take action… 

     I seem to recall some years ago (back when I was living on Rosalia Street in Grant Park, Atlanta), that I think there’s a time about 1 /2 – 2 hours prior to my going to sleep, where my mind becomes extremely impressionable, and that whatever I’m watching or doing or thinking at the time will influence the dreams that I’m having.  Which I think was why because I used to watch something Sci-Fi will invariably cause me to have my infamous aliens-invading-earth dreams.  I’ll have to go through my journals back then to see whether I can find it…  Quite the chore believe me, because my journals back then were handwritten and was quite flowery and difficult to read through.  Wish me luck with that. 

     Got to watch Wall-E this week.  Cute and amusing are the two words that come readily to mind with it.  Sure there were some really sickly-sweet moments — particularly toward the end — but I admit that I did enjoy watching it.  I liked the way that EVE was borderline anti-social during some of the scenes involving Wall-E and being in danger.  And the scene with the misfit robots out in the main traffic area was positively camp.  I also liked the two shorts that were included with the movie:  Presto and Burn-E.  Presto was hysterical with the rabbit and the attitude he threw because he didn’t get the carrot that he was trying for at the beginning.  Burn-E reminded me too much of a combination of Dilbert-isms and my experience with pointy-haired management. 
     I think for this weekend, I’ll slosh through Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian; after all I bought it, I might as well pass some time watching it in the dead of night when most Daywalkers are in bed, and the only thing on television is Infomercials and wall-to-wall advertisements. 

     Not too much else to write about at the moment.  I think I’m off to work on a few more Apophysis Fractals, Lunch, and of course a little more on the short story…  I think that I worked through some of the block that I had going…  Until the next time.
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