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Entry 12/12/2008 12:47:05 AM – Mentat 462

     Things are beginning their wind-down here at the Baldelli Homestead.  With the New Year only 18 days away, I’ve been considering going through the Resolutions that I want to tack on for next year, as well figure out a different method of journaling my activities as I think I’ve finally reached a cap on the amount of disc space that I use for a year.  Heh, and to think it only took me 4 years to get an idea on the quota and quotients.  Come to think of it, I’m also thinking of re-vamping my picture galleries on MSN and Multiply, if only to add to the explanations of the hows and the whats I did in order to produce the work that I produced (as I do over at DA where I only post the pictures I think have a chance of notice from my peers there).  Of course, the fun thing is that I still haven’t checked what little Resolutions I’ve completed from my list this year.  (Checking through it) Ha!  I only had 2 for this year, and one of them had been resolved if only because it’s not going to happen this year — meeting D.  And we know how that went, don’t we?
     I think for next year, I’m going to look into brushing up on my Japanese.  Sure. I won’t be using it all that much (and certainly not on the job, as there’s no call at the present time for me to being bilingual), but it’s definitely the thing that I want to do as I would like to understand just a teensy bit more than I do when sitting there watching various Japanese movies and Anime cartoons that I’ve collected over the year.  Especially given I’m such a puritan about foreign films and positively loathe watching one dubbed into English (unlike my family who prefers it that way).  I think for the first couple of months into the New Year, I’ll check out a couple of the podcasts available either through iTunes, or one of the Japanese Sites that I use for translation.  If that doesn’t work, then it’s to Rosetta Stone and perhaps seeing whether they offer conversational Japanese at one of the local colleges. 
     For next year, I’m also going to expand my journal to include dreams again.  Not surprising given the amount of dreams that I have (and how vivid they are).  Although I think that I’m only going to be keeping that journal public in only one place — Google’s Blogger site.  Besides, I don’t think anywhere else has the capacity to split the journals into multiple journals/blogs.  LJ needs to create a new account (of sorts), the rest are single blogs per account.  Hell, it’s easy enough here in OneNote – the programs like a loose-leaf binder just asking for a new section to be added. 
     Other than those that come readily to mind, I’m going to contemplate a couple of more before I put together the list. 

     Coming into work I find out that I received my yearly review.  Surprising given that I only started in June.  As usual I go in with the thought that things are going to reflect badly on me, only to find out how well they went.  Still though, there’s room for improvement which I plan on working on for next year.  Even earned myself a moderately good pay raise for the year based on performance, so I’m quite satisfied with myself.  Also got some of the praise that I routinely get because I try to take initiative on a situation given that night-shift routinely doesn’t have supervisors and management in place to assist during off-peak hours.  In fact, according to my manager, my name had been floated by the Department Manager in regards to one incident that occurred not too long ago.  I was rather surprised given that I felt that I didn’t do anything that wouldn’t have been required prior to calling the on-call manager at that point. 
     That certainly made my night just that much more enjoyable, believe me. 

     The dream that I had last night; or rather the one dream that I remembered last night, involved my planning a trip to some other part of the country for vacation.  Not sure where it was that I had settled upon, but it was significantly nicer weather-wise than here at the moment.  Was sunny and warm and I had gone out there to enjoy a couple of days away from the blustery New England weather we’ve been having up until last night (which got into the 50s).  On the way back from that trip, I remember being at a lay-over someplace else and finding out that I didn’t have a home to return to.  Further, while I was finding out that I had no place to live, I find out that my cat, who had stayed in a kennel in the vacation spot that I had visited had been lost in the transition and no one — not even the airline — knew where she was. 
     I woke up during that part of the dream and thought for a moment that my cat was gone, but after moving around a little, I realize my cat was still sleeping with me and that she had just re-adjusted the way that she was sleeping with me.  The growl from her being woken up from a sound sleep was enough for me to realize she was still there. 
     So thanks for the weather, my cat’s back to sleeping with me more, other than last night when she was needy as all get-out-of-town.  Hell, for the first three hours I had been up she had been crying for attention.  As usual, when she gets up on my lap in about three minutes there she’s completely tired of it, growls and hisses at me to get off. With three attempts after that, she finally worked it through her thick skull that perhaps what she wanted was to be just near enough to me to be happy to know that I’m there and caring for her.  So she ended up sleeping at my feet on the comforter I had thrown there because of the cold draft.  Complete pain in the butt that she was about it.  At least she was more sedate about it than my aunt’s cat whom I could hear working my aunt’s nerves by wanting to be in and our yesterday every other minute. 

     Had an interesting line float by in gay.com yesterday that had me thinking more than a little bit.  I got into Boston-1 last night and not five minutes after settling in to see what kind of drama and/or discussion was going to unfold, saw someone post during the quiet —

     With all these men in here, why is it that there’s not one for me?
     I had almost glibly fired off, "perhaps it’s because you’re standards for a man are much higher than they should be?"  But instead I had stayed silent to watch the reactions of the denizens there.  Two of them fired off something about him being a loon; which to me translated as this isn’t the first time he’s been in here saying the same thing…  He didn’t say anything more for the remainder of his stay — no doubt because of the reactions of a couple of the denizens — as well as the other raving nutcase that came in 10 minutes afterward attacking the "clique" of the channel (another story for another time)…  His whining however, got me thinking a little of my plight and my interests. 
     See, I have found someone interesting enough in gay.com that I would like to get to know more about.  This person and I routinely are friendly when we see each other in the channel, and I liked what he said on his profile however neither of us have initiated a private chat toward each other in the weeks that he and I have been chatting.  I admit that I’ve been rather lethargic about it — unsure whether such intentions would be positively received or not.  It’s not as though I’m actually in a rush to find out either, after all, he’s in the Metro-Boston area and me in Rhode Island makes it more than a little difficult to actually going out on a date, given that my days off are the days he works. 
     However, last night I had been half-paying attention to the channel at that point, having been busy with chatting with a friend about his recent plights involving his mother and his internet connection getting cut off, when I saw him make a comment that certainly gave me pause.  Seems that his next door neighbor (who he happens to think handsome) and he were talking about pot (marijuana) and his neighbor called it "gross".  When his neighbor said that he stated that his estimation of his neighbor had been deeply depreciated. 
     It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that this man actually approves of smoking pot, while it’s well known for years that not only am I allergic to it, I simply cannot and will not approve given what I know of the short-term and long-term effects of TCH in someone’s system (thanks to my time with Darin).  And so, upon learning this not only did my opinion in the man change, but also my intentions to wanting to chat with him other than casually (as I am right now).
     I thought about it later with the question. "is this personal taste, or are my standards for what I’m looking for in a man just too high for anyone to fill?" 

     I’m going to think about that for the next couple of days.  Anyway, that’s about it for the time being.  Caught up on some of my nonsense until the next entry.  Until the next time.
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