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Entry 12/16/2008 07:00:00 AM – Mentat 463

     Heh, I’m not sure what I’m a bigger hazard with — my unconscious, or my computer. 
     For example, at the appropriate time; which is about an hour to and hour and a half before I was getting ready for bed, I was thinking that I was glad that I was out of work for the next three days, that I had a couple of chores that I needed to do with my computer (a couple of software load ups to make it easier for me to mirror my journal/blog and the pictures that I produce with Apophysis)…  That I had been feeling particularly lonely and thought a little bit about D and wanting to seek him out and have a discussion about this fear of his, because deep down inside my heart, I know it’s fear, and then had a second thought about it as it was a path of madness that could make me look like some sort of stalker if I press as hard as I’m well known for…  And that perhaps I could actually sit down and watch Dark Knight as I had queued it up for my aunt and uncle, as they had problems finding the closed captions for the movie which I showed how easy it was to find them. 
     Last night the dream I had involved work was donating/getting rid of several computers, which I had taken one to play with as a back-up server (of sorts) and that in bringing it home, I found myself dealing with a psychotic stalker that was both a serial killer and an arsonist.  In the dream I had stepped out to chat with friends and try to get an important part for the computer as I think it was missing a necessary piece of hardware to get it on the network.  While I was out, the ex or whatever man that was stalking me had obtained my cell phone number, several IM client logins, and wherever I went would send a message to me telling me how much he wanted me back. 
     At one point when I was deleting the messages, and a friend of mine was asking me all about it, I come to find out another friend of mine that this stalker that thought had a better chance of my dating him caught him, bound and gagged him, and set him on fire. 
     Fortunately my unconscious didn’t want to deal with murder or death because as it was feeling eerily like I was watching a television show (in the omniscient third person) it switched over to my apartment on the third floor of this rather old house where friends and family had gathered and was dealing with cleaning the place up.  It began pouring into the house, and because the roof was rather shoddy — when the rain was coming down in buckets — it was leaking into the house, which two of my family (aunt and mother I think) were telling me that I should speak to my landlord about getting the roof fixed. 
     The last part of the dream, as I recall was confronting my stalker, and pretty much telling him that he had no power in my life no matter how much he wanted to.  At that point the dream faded out and I woke up around 6 PM’ish.  I didn’t stay up that long, and fell asleep again for a couple of hours having a dream I can’t remember at the moment.

     I get up and go through my routines for my Saturday morning; which basically translates to me being completely lethargic and slack-ass until well after I’ve finished my 4-cup pot of coffee and even then it can take more than a little for me to get my brain and my butt into gear.  Eventually around midnight, I did and was able to load up a couple of the programs that I had been eyeing to try.  They went well, even if one doesn’t quite do what I want it to do.  Feeling only moderately accomplished and generally over watching the chat that I was in grind to a complete halt, I decided "what the hell, I might as well sit down and watch Dark Knight as it’s sitting in the watch queue and I was moderately entertained with the little of it I saw when I helped my aunt and uncle out with getting subtitles on their copy. 
     That’s when the "fun" began.  Seems that one of the two programs  that I had installed is in some way interfering with the DVD decoder pack that I had installed for WiMP causing the movie to completely stop.  At first I thought that the problem was with the DVD itself as it was happening in both DVD drives; but as it turns out when I loaded up Nero’s Show Time it didn’t skip.  Wondering about this I tried a couple of the other DVDs that I had watched in both drives, and noticed that the aspect ratios were completely off — even for the widescreen movies which loaded up like Pan & Scans. 
     I realized that it had to do with one of the DirectX components that I saw the Photo uploading program for Live/Spaces and think that that might be the culprit.  *sighs*  Which means that I might have to reinstall the DVD Decoder again to see if that will fix it.  Although I might not.  Nero’s while being annoying with the flash opening that takes entirely too long to actually open up actually has better quality screen resolutions for DVDs than the DVD decoder that I’ve been using the last couple of years. 
     *shaking head*  I should’ve left well enough alone, huh?  I’ll see if I can’t fix when I wake up tonight, maybe. 

     So, I saw Dark Knight and now can completely understand the misguided idolization of Joker from that movie throughout DA.  *sighs*  Waste of effort really.  Children thinking that they could or can actually embody chaos by taking on the persona/visage of what has always been considered one of the most psychotic villains within the Dark Knight Universe.  Please…  I think that it was covered infinitely better in Buffy: The Vampire Slayer with the Goth kids wanting to be Vampire by acting like them and not realizing that Vampires are soulless demons that kill, maim or inflict incredible amounts of pain simply on whim, and that humans are nothing more than cattle to them.  Simply being capricious is enough to inflict chaos on the world — one doesn’t need be enamored with a psychotic and a complete sociopath in the process. 
     Frankly, I found the movie an hour too long, as it was not only apparent that the film was pretty incomplete given Ledger’s untimely demise during production that key parts of the story had been sketched over and re-focused instead on Harvey Dent/Two-Faced.  I might like [Aaron] Eckhart’s performance, but it seems that production was entirely too dragged out because of the combination of factors.  And Eric Roberts *laughing*  god, there’s a man that gets around some of the cheesiest films possible.  Even with this movie feeling like quality — watching the cheese factor that Roberts brings to this makes me wonder, "uh, yeah…  Who did you get down on your knees for, for this role exactly?"  Mainly because…  Well…  it was just too unbelievable for me to see him as a mob crime-boss.  I see him doing cheesy roles like "the Master" in the American version of Doctor Who.  And some movies that simply shouldn’t remotely be mentioned.  But this one?  As Falcone’s replacement?  *laughing*  Uhh, no.  Not seeing it. 
     Sad too…  I was expecting better. 

     Well that’s about it for the time being.  Off to blow things out and blow things up, and hope that perhaps in my break-fix moments, that I can get this computer doing what I expect it to do once again.  And if not.  *grinning*  Change is good, no?

     Until the next time.
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