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Entry 12/17/2008 02:39:38 AM – Mentat 464

     Well as it turns out, what I suspected was the problem with the DVD Encoder was in fact the problem.  When I loaded up the Photo Publisher for Spaces (Live or whatever it’s called nowadays), it loaded up and/or refreshed parts of the Direct 3D DLLS for DirectX which caused the encoder to get completely blown out.  So a simple uninstall/re-install was all that was necessary in order to fix the problems that I was having with DVDs playing within WiMP.  Now that that’s been squared away and fixed within 10 minutes of finding the CD where I had burned the DVD Encoder to, left me to work on some of the other chores that I had around the house.  Of which… Heh, is it any surprise that I still haven’t done my laundry?  Eh, it’s something that can wait until tomorrow. 
     Was sitting in one of the usual channels that I lurk and/or chat on and saw that they were getting snow up on the Metro-Boston area.  Checked outside my windows here, and I’m getting some of the same.  *sighs*  And here I was hoping that the snows here wouldn’t start falling until the beginning of the New Year.  And with my uncle and his knee being pretty whacked out, it looks like I’m going to be getting dressed around the butt-crack of dawn to shovel.  *coming back from checking outside* Then again, I might not be.  Seems that the warmer than usual weather that we had for the last couple of days (60s on Monday, 40s – 50s on Tuesday) has made the ground too warm for the snow to collect, and it’s been melting down pretty quickly. 
     "Good!" I say. I was in no mood to be out there at 6’ish shoveling that crap out.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll get my Christmas Wish (of sorts) from Mother nature and not have to shovel out ’til 2009. 

     I had another interesting dream last night, involving moving (again).  Seems that I was moving into an apartment not too far from this one, about a block to a block and a half up the street.  To make it even more fun, this was like a memory sort of dream with weird new stuff added to it, as I was moving into an apartment not entirely unlike the apartment that I had back when I was in Upper Ormewood Park on Greenwood Avenue.  To make the dream even more interesting was the fact that I was moving into this apartment with my ex-boyfriend Dan (whom I haven’t talk with in a number of years).  Now what makes this dream interesting with the new material is the fact that in my moving, I was concerned about the way my employee benefits were going to move with me, and how much they were going to cost because of the move.  I seemed more concerned about the account moving to the new location and returning here back to the way the account here used to be set up… 
     Then of course, there was the apartment layout, and who was going to have which parts of the apartment.  The front portion of the apartment, with bedroom and I think a stove which seemed to be part of an enclosed porch was where Dan was going to stay.  I was getting the kitchen area, the back bedroom (which was significantly larger than the front enclosed porch turned into a living area).  The main bedroom which I was taking also had a walk-in closet, as well as some furniture from the last renter that the owner said that I could have.  Namely, a table, end tables, and another futon. 
     I had some squabble with Dan as to what furniture in that room that he could have, but I settled it quickly with him letting him have the desk, chair and some of the clothes that could be found in the walk-in closet.  I kept the futon that had been left there on account that it would be used for guests staying there, as I was surely to have some guests in the time that I had moved there.  I remember as I was sorting out the room according to how I wanted it laid out, I was looking out the two windows that took up the opposite corner of the room (from the entrance to the bedroom and closet) and seeing that there was a moderately impressive back yard with grass and an old revolving clothes line set up out there. I remember that it was daylight, and that the windows were open and a breeze came into the house.
     The last thing that I remember was walking down the hallway in the kitchen that lead to the back door and the door to the owner’s apartment.  I had knocked on the door, and talked with her about the arrangements and what there was to do with the door between the apartments.
     She told me that the previous renter used to leave notes on the door as to what needed to be fixed within the apartment, and to leave the month’s rent money there as well.  She even showed me some of the notes that had been left by the previous renter as examples. 
     The funny thing was — one of the notes was of a paper Valentine’s Heart with the words "Fix me" on it. 

     I’ll say that this dream definitely is filled with all sorts of portents. I’m not sure whether some of the portents regarding the new apartment are because of moving, or simply a change in the way that I’ve been living the last three years.  And the "fix me" heart is clearly pointing to my fixing my own heart, that’s for certain. 

     *sighs* Yeah, it’s pretty apparent since D and I broke up in November that I’ve been in more than a sort of lull regarding picking myself and moving on from it.  Particularly given yesterday’s nonsense in my dreams.  This weekend, I was supposed to work on my profile information and look into either running personal like I did so many years ago or using some sort of dating/match service; but instead have been pretty doing my best to distract myself with the piddly and trivial projects and chores around the house and around the computer. 
     Should I be surprised by this?  No, not really.  It’s my typical modus operandi.  It’s just my way of getting myself properly torqued up until such time that I get sick of distracting myself with the smaller projects that I start paying attention to the issues at hand.  So, does anyone want to take bets when I’ll get sick of it?  I’m personally betting that it’ll be around February as I’m getting ready to think a bit about a holiday someplace else in the United States.  That’s usually how long it takes me lately.  Several months. 

     Until the next time.
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