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Entry 12/20/2008 12:48:06 AM – Mentat 466

     So my worst nightmare hit the Biggest Little, and I’m not in the least bit thrilled.  Sure, it was cloudy and overcast when I went to bed in the late morning, and when I woke up the area had a couple of inches of snow, only half-plowed in the streets.  *sigh* I did get to work with little trouble — less than I expected from my experiences of dealing with people in the South whenever snow and ice used to hit the Fulton/DeKalb area.  Good thing too, given that I didn’t want to be white-knuckling the oh-my-god-bar the entire 8 miles.  Damn too, I missed the in-aisle fighting at the local supermarket for milk and bread like they’ve done routinely since the Blizzard of ’78.  Not that I really had to go to the supermarket to begin with; as the house has been adequately stocked for the month. 
     My other problem is what I’m going to do when my duty shift ends.  According to what I had been told is that because of the problems with snow/inclement weather and travel for many of the employees here, the management usually puts them up at one of the local hotels to stay the night providing that they’re working the next day.  I got a call from one of the Day Supervisors the other day about being put up for Saturday as I would be working, which I think there had been some confusion about it given that she had also suggested that I get a room for Thursday night (the NOAA had put a storm watch into effect for the area, which kept being moved up during the morning).  I turned down the room for Thursday night as I didn’t need it for last night. 
     Tonight though is another story.  Weather’s pretty bad in this neck of the woods, and given that this is an area of some pretty steep hills, I think that it would be prudent to stay nearby instead of trying to trek my way back to the house.  Sure it’s only 8 miles — but why risk it when I can walk what .37 miles from here. 
     I forgot to ask my Team Lead about the arrangements as he had taken me by surprise when I came into the office because apparently during the Christmas Party held during the day I had won a 1 MB iPod Shuffle (yay me!  The man who rarely if ever wins anything, actually won something) and given the bizarre calls that we had been getting, it slipped my mind.  I checked through the e-mails and apparently there was nothing in that regarding reminders as to whether it was done or not. 
     *shrugging*  I’ll just stay at the place nearby as I can more than afford it.  I’ll give them a call at Lunch to make arrangements as it’ll simply be easier that way. 

     Heh, I also got in all my movies that I ordered at the beginning of the week.  Although I got the distinct impression because they didn’t ship at the same time that I’d be getting them in three separate shipments.  At least I’m going to have more than enough to watch this weekend…  Clone Wars (I’m prepared for this one), Back Soon, Steamboy and Death Trance from Japan, and a couple that I wanted to complete the various series that I have currently.  Of course, no shopping spree would be complete without me buying at least one movie that’s so horribly cheesy and so completely trite, that I’m going to watch it heckling the thing from start to finish: The Covenant. 
     So if you see me ripping into it in the next entry or two, you’ll know just how much I personally "enjoyed" it, and how it’s fate to being the next coffee mug coaster on my desk. 

     And in other news, I finally got around to finishing almost all the chores that I had set out for myself.  Took only a couple of days after the weekend to finish them.  Although I didn’t get around to figuring out whether I should write a personal in the local paper, or check out a dating site or two online, I did finally get my profiles updated so that they don’t quite sound like a status update of a failed relationship.  I’m sure that I could’ve done better; but it’s better than what was in place before. 
     I’m still torn between whether or not I should go the personals/match-site route…  While I’ve had moderately good experience when I did it back 20 years ago…  When I tried my hand at it when I was living in Atlanta; god what a disaster that was, ending up with either men that just wanted a trick (they completely ignored that I wanted something longer than a tryst), a man so far away that the only way I could see him is by bus or train, and ended up with that stalker/psycho Wayne. 
     God, I can’t imagine that it’s been almost 20 years since the time I had run the personal in the NewPaper here in Providence.  My how the years have passed and all the events since then. 
     Anyway, I think I’m going to mull it over until after the New Year, given that sometime yesterday I got a little brave and checked out the area on Match.com and ended up seeing many of the same men that I routinely see in gay.com cruising the Providence and Boston rooms.  Not quite the sort of thing that inspires confidence, as one of them I think hit me up on MySpace for coffee back in December toward the holidays; which I told him to write me come the New Year when he had the chance.  Oh, that’s not the reason why it’s "confidence inspiring", it has to do with the fact that I see him in one of the rooms routinely trying to find Mr. Right Now that happens to be "hung like a horse".  *sighs*  Please…  After dating several men that happen to be quite endowed, I get the impression that most of these men looking for an endowed man wouldn’t have a clue what to do with if such a man were to land on their lap.  *chuckling* Or they’d probably react wit the typical gay man’s reaction about "…no orifice on their body that could accommodate…" 
     There is irony to be had there, believe me. 

     Off to work on a couple of fractals for the day…  Until the next time. 

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     Oh, as a postscript I just have to say that the roads were clear enough to come home, and that’s just what I did.  Laters…

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