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Entry 01/01/2009 11:48:27 PM – Mentat 468

     The New Year…  Living as part of the Nightbreed certainly has it’s benefits when it comes to running my year end clean-ups and archiving.  I was able to get it done by 1:30 in the morning, which was significantly faster than I would have done the last couple of years — usually I got it done within the first week if I was lucky.  This of course was easier given that my Monthly bank reconciliation comes in around the end of the month.  Further, I was able to put together and complete my Resolutions for this year as well.  Looks like I have 12 of them that I want to have a hand at.  Following is my list:

    1. Learn/Re-Learn Japanese
    2. Get Ghost loaded up on Desktop
    3. Look into a place near (or nearer) to the bus lines
    4. Upgrade Desktop
    5. Boyfriend!!!!  Dating!!!  Something along these lines!!!!
    6. Re-establish a network of friends in the New England area.
    7. Create a Dream Journal at Blogger.com
    8. Try to get more in depth with my journal for the 2009 year.
    9. Considering the size of the primary drive and whether I’m going to upgrade to a new PC, there’s really no need to do monthly archiving, but simply do it for the end of the year for 2009.
    10. Get into a better routine with passwords and security. 
    11. Finish Warlock
    12. Finish Symbiosis

     4’s on the way of being completed, as I ordered all the parts and they’re shipping out or have been shipped and ready for delivery.  I’ll take a picture of the completed system once I get all the parts put together.  7’s been completed and can be found here: http://mbaldelli-dreams.blogger.com.  9’s going to be interesting given that it’s a habit breaker for me.  And finally 2’s being held off until 4’s completed.  There’s no need to put it on the current desktop given that I’ll be cannibalizing the drives and using them for storage on the new desktop.  Sure, the new desktop’s SATA when it comes to drives, but the ASUS Motherboard that I purchased comes with an EIDE controller, which I’ll be able to slap the drives in there instead and use them for storage. 

     Seriously, I’m pretty psyched about building the new system.  While it’s not quite the top of the line machine, it is significantly higher end than the one that I currently have which will allow me to play some of the games that I’ve been eyeing at the various stores and online and give I a go.  Sins of a Galactic Empire, Call of Duty 4, and so on.  Not to mention I want to see whether what it’ll be able to handle when I’m bored during the weekend and wanting to try my hand out at Apophysis and 3D and see how long some of the fractals I create take to process.  I also want to see what the new Video Card is capable of handling, and maybe in the middle of next year, I’m going to look into adding another monitor to the setup — make it a dual monitor system. 
     Of course, I’m going to have to look into a better desk; as the current one can’t handle two 22" flat panels…  But it’s something to dream about. 

     So, after the semi-traditional New Year’s toast to myself, I sat down and watched a couple of movies because of how dead it was around the house and online…  Saw The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and Resident Evil: Degeneration.  Mummy was pretty predictable, and while there were moments when I was entertained, I found myself wondering whether Fraser was simply phoning-in some of his lines and acting.  Particularly during the parts where he was dealing with Evelyn (played by Maria Bello).  If this movie was supposed to be some sort of possible hand-off for Alex (played by Luke Ford) as the next generation O’Connell to fight Mummies, I’m not seeing it.  Ford lacks not only the appeal, but the experience.  Not to mention that while I was also entertained with Li and Yeoh playing against each other in this movie (surprisingly, they have only acted in the same movie 2 other times), both of them seemed more than a little stiff during the fighting sequences toward the end.  Interesting though that Li’s continues to balance his heroes roles with villains. 
     Resident Evil on the other hand, I found infinitely more entertaining.  While the CGI was by no means up to the same par as I remember from watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, I got the impression that the CGI animators are getting closer to understanding human movement than they have since CGI animation’s inception.  I found myself moderately enthralled with the characterization that was portrayed by Curtis (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) — particularly when he did his little testosterone-poisoned touchdown dance after going all Rambo on the zombies, and the time he kicked a zombie after it had been shot in the head, and almost took a bite out of him in the process. What had been further amusing is the fact that while the dialog wasn’t as cheesy as the first Resident Evil game (here, you take this because you are the master of locks), it carried the same inherent cheesiness I remember playing several of the Resident Evil games.  I mean really, who introduces themselves with their middle initial? (Leon S Kennedy). 
     About the only thing that I found detracting was the eyes for the main characters.  The CGI animators tries to make them more realistic by adding flecks of other colors into the iris.  The problem with it was unless you’re in a close-up, it made the eyes look mutant or inhuman instead of life-like. 
     The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor gets 3 stars (out of 5), with Resident Evil: Degeneration getting 4…  I would’ve rated it better because of the violence factor, but the problem was that I agree with a couple of reviewers that Degeneration was clearly a 90 minute teaser for the upcoming Resident Evil 5 game that’s supposed to be released this year. 

     Well, I’m off for the time being.  Work to do, fractals to create, and my personal favorite — play a game that I’ve been aching to play for some time.  Until the next time. 

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     I was getting ready to head out of work this morning, when I decided to putter a little time through my Daily Feeds.  Got to one of my personal favorites (Web Pages that Suck) and was going through the 2008 Best (Worst) of, when I came across this: http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com/worst-web-sites-of-2008.html

     Check out #4, Yvette’s.  Other Comment’s 1?  Yep, me!   I’ve been immortalized as part of the awards for 2008.  Hot.  🙂
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