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Entry 01/05/2009 02:39:40 AM – Mentat 469

     Apparently when I said that I wanted to network more, I didn’t realize that I would be extending my networking to programming and bug-tracking.  *sighs*  It seems that there’s some sort of programming glitch with the newest version of Apophysis 3D (2.08 3D Hack) that prevents the program from recognizing the plug-ins directory that could be recognized in not only the previous versions, but the current 2D version as well.  However, in 2.08 3D, it’s simply blank…  No additional plug-ins to be chosen from.  Heh, and here I was wondering why I wasn’t having any lag-time from Apophysis when loading up the additional plug-ins.  Easy enough!  They weren’t loading up at all!  *eye roll*
     So, off I went to Source-Forge and reported the bug to the programmers. 
     Strange that with the program being out for almost two weeks now, no one’s realized that the plug-ins aren’t recognized.  Guess people are off enjoying the holiday and a little vacation time to have reported it. 

     So it’s my Friday and I’m really psyched as well as more than a little bit intimidated for this weekend.  Psyched because the last of the shipments for the Frankenstein Monster that I’m planning on putting together will be in during the afternoon when I’m unconscious with my face mashed into a pillow…  Intimidated for the same reason.  As I said in an earlier entry or someplace along the lines, while I’ve had some experience putting together PCs and Servers, it’s been some years since I’ve done that sort of thing for a home PC…  In fact, as I think I had said, the last time I had built a machine was back in the 90s they were still making Cyrix chips.  Heh, even went to check out the Wiki page on them; and they have a picture of the Cyrix chip that I used to have in that machine when I was living with Dan over on Greenwood Ave in Atlanta. 
     This of course is why I’m more than a little intimidated by it, because it’s been close to 12 years since I’ve put together my own machine from scratch, with the last three machines that I’ve owned having been put together by someone else…  So the best case scenario will be that I’ll have the new PC in place by Wednesday Night, and worst case…  Well, in worst case, chances are I’m going to be exchanging defective parts if they don’t work as expected after the build-up and installation.  But that’s going to take time, and that means that it might take a couple of weeks to get the new machine up and running to specs. 
     What I’ve bought (for those of you that are interested):

    · NZXT TEMPEST Mid Tower Computer Case
    · ABS Tagan BZ Series BZ800 Modular Power Supply
    · ASUS P5Q SE/R LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard
    · Intel Core 2 Duo 3.16GHz Processor
    · GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 Video Card
    · CORSAIR 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory
    · SAMSUNG 22X DVD Burner Black — 2 of them for burner to burner processing
    · Western Digital Caviar 500GB 5400 to 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive
    · Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3
     I’m particularly happy with the power supply as the thing is modular and I don’t have to have all that wiring going on within the case, even if the case has the ability of running the wiring well below the motherboard, and I was very surprised by the amount of fans the case had.  Strange thing about them calling it a "mid-tower" given that the size of it is more like a tower like I have from Dell at the present moment.  Especially given the case is capable of storing up to 8 drives in it internally (even if the board can only sort through up to 7- 5 SATA with 2 EIDE).  Not too shabby given that I did a little math one day and with a full 8 drives in the case at 500 GB each, I could get someplace in the vicinity of 4 Terabytes of storage space in a RAID if I were so inclined. 
      I joked about that with someone stating that, that’s 4 times more storage than what was necessary for the Clinton Administrations storage needs when he had left office.  Seriously though, I’m not seeing that much of a need yet, although I might consider it in the future if I’m so inclined. 

     So the holidays have come and gone, and what stress that I was going through during them has also passed.  To make matters better, I didn’t really have to help with the disassembling of the Christmas tree and holiday decorations around the household, for I slept through most of that over the weekend because I had to work.  Thank the maker for that because I didn’t want to lug them up into the attic and bang my head against either the rafters or the nails sticking into the roof from the shingles covering the roof.  Not to mention trying to traverse a set of stairs that simply aren’t easy to traverse because of their slope or how close the roof is to the top of the stairs. 

     Other than all that, it’s been relatively quiet.  Work’s still going through the holiday slow-down; which is a good thing given that people are still pretty much celebrating the holidays with friends and family and taking the end-of-the-year vacations because the kids are home, and home’s just home.  Had a random comment on guys4men which prompted me to have the snarkish remark for a status message on Facebook for a couple of days.  Other than that, there’s not much else to talk about at the moment.  Until the next time.

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