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Entry 01/07/2009 05:32:13 AM – Mentat 470

     The following is a Public Service Announcement for DA folk that check out my artwork and use Apo 2.08 3D Hack. 

     It’s about Apophysis 2.08 3D Hack.  There seems to have been a change in the manner which the programmers for Apo got their 3D hack to work, in that the standard plug-ins directory works.  Seems that in order for the plug-ins to work, you need to change the name of the plug-ins directory from "plugins" to "Plugins3D".   As usual remove the quotation marks when creating the directory as well as ensuring that it’s Case Sensitive when creating and/or copying the DLL plug-ins into the directories. 

     So for those of you that do Apo work and wondered why Apo 3D was either loading up quicker than it should with all the plug-ins, or that the plug-ins aren’t showing, then that’s why. 
     This might also be the reason why my Apo 3D hack work that I’ve been doing in code and scripts haven’t been working the way that they should given that I relied on certain DLLs that weren’t being loaded to begin with. 

     Thank you for this public service announcement, now onto the rest…

     So as I said yesterday, I got all the parts together for the new computer that I decided on building for the new year, powered the thing up, and bang; it doesn’t come online.  In fact, I couldn’t get to the BIOS screen to verify information at all.  In fact, when I first powered it up, the unit seemed to fire up like it was supposed to, then the power supply blinks off for a full three seconds, and then re-started.  It did this two times and then on the third didn’t even power up at all. 
     I called support yesterday morning on it; which the technicians weren’t in, so I had them give me a call at 8 PM (5 PM Pacific) to walk through the testing of it.  It certainly failed the test, and now I have to ship it back to New Egg for a replacement.  Not sure how long this is going to take but I have to go to the UPS store today or tomorrow to get it shipped back with the RMA.  Don’t know how long it’s going to take to get a replacement, but I’m sure that it’ll be a week or two before I get the chance to try out the new power supply and see whether the box comes up or not.  *crossing fingers*  Here’s to a quick fix and not having to dig through the rest of the hardware to find out it’s something else that has been causing the problem and subsequently caused the power supply to short. 

     And because of this, I’ve had to push off upgrading Key Text (as it creates a hardware/software fingerprint upon installation) and Agent to 5.0 (out of convenience).  Although I decided to roll back from Pidgin 2.5.3 to 2.5.2 because of the problem with the program not closing when quitting/exiting.  I’m rather surprised that this hasn’t been addressed rather quickly, as this seems to be a simple enough issue to resolve based on the code that I saw floating around the bug-tracker reports. Guess the programmers/developers for Pidgin decided on taking the Winter Break and it won’t be fixed for another week or two. 

     Oh and my friend Tracy’s finally come out of the dark ages of post-computer destruction and not only got herself a brand-new laptop (Dell Inspiron from what she’s telling me), but also a Blackberry Storm.  Heh, gave me a call this evening on my way back to bed to tell me about it and the fact that I was part of the top 5 people she called with it.  *waves to Tracy*  We’ll see if we can’t get those 700 people standing behind you to actually help you set up your Blackberry to check your mail, given they weren’t around to help you with setting the date and time.   I won’t say anything about the manual that came with it, I rarely read those nowadays either.  *laughs*
     BTW — did I mention that I used to date a man that used to look like the actor (Paul Marcarelli)? Scary, huh?  Scarier too is that he used to be just as dorky.  At least he’s not like the freak of nature they used to have for Sprint (Brian Baker) who I had the opportunity to meet when I used to work at the Sprint PCS store in Sandy Springs (Atlanta).  Let’s just say I wouldn’t call him (Baker) an axe-murderer freaky, but certainly not the kind of man you’d want to introduce to the parents. 

     Not too much else at the moment.  Just wanted to drop a quick update and the PSA for those folk that didn’t know.  Until the next time.
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