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Entry 01/11/2009 02:38:41 AM – Mentat 472


     The quiet Saturday Night/Sunday Morning…  This is usually where I get myself so torqued up on either sugar or caffeine (or both) until I can barely sit still long enough to want to write, or want to create fractals, or do much of anything other than wanting to count down the time to get home, get comfortable, get to bed, and count down again to TGIF which will be technically this evening when I get back into work.  It’s not as though I have much to do for the weekend — what with the computer built sans the Power Supply that seems to have been defective and shipped back to the Reseller (New Egg) for repair/replacement.  I won’t see that replacement/refurbish until the end of the month, given that it won’t be delivered to the RMA location until Thursday of this week. 

     I tried my hand at one Apo fractal last night, but after working on one, and seeing that the other was going to take more than three hours to make, I said ‘to hell with it’ and moved on to play UFO: Enemy Unknown for a bit before that bored me out of my mind.  I did end my day with working on my Flickr Pictures and getting them pinned on a map.  In fact, I go through something like 2/3rds of them before I was starting to get bleary-eyed and looking forward to getting home.  From what I can see, I think a majority of the pictures remaining were the pictures I took on my birthday (coming up on) three years ago, and the Boston trip from (just over) a year ago.  Everything else looks as though they’re good to go or near good to go to where I had taken those pictures from my trips around here and Seattle. Oh wait, I forgot…  I had a trip to Newport that also needs to be put together from the pictures uploaded to Flickr.  I’ll probably work on the rest of them during the weekend if I’m bored.  Right now though, I’m back to being sugar & caffeine hyped. *grinning*


     I’ve been pretty good about remembering my dreams the last couple of weeks, good enough to keep track of them on my Dream Journal blog since I had created it at the beginning of the year on Blogspot — but last night’s was one that’s been sitting there someplace in the back of my mind that I just cannot tap into no matter how hard I try.  I know it’s there, I know it was good — but there’s nothing that I can tap into consciously that will cause me to remember what the dream was about.  In fact, my trying to use the usual methods for recalling a memory (image and emotional association) only causes me to remember other dream fragments, or dreams that I’ve recalled from the past.  *sighs*  I bet this is going to be one of those dreams that I recall just as I’m beginning to fall asleep that causes me to have a dream of similar vein when I pass out.  I hate those because they’re complete tangents from the original. 


     So when I was out the other day (Friday Morning) dropping off the power supply at the UPS Store shipment back, I stopped over at Target next door to pick up a matching DVD rack for the one that I already had, and to check to see if there was anything worthwhile to pick up for movies as well as browse for a couple of things to spend the gift card I received for Christmas on.  Of course, I didn’t have the gift card on me which meant that it came out of my pocket anyway — but there were actually a couple of DVDs worth picking up.  The Lion in Winter was one of them that I practically squealed with glee, and the other was the entire series (13 episodes) of WB’s Birds of Prey from the early 00s. 

     I was able to work through the first four episodes this morning because I had nothing else better to do, and I didn’t want to play any of the games that I had installed and have been running since the re-installation.  I was fortunate in that in watching it, I didn’t find myself flashbacking through the misery that I was going through at the time with Rick when this series was first aired.  It was also pretty amusing to seeing Joe Flanigan (from Stargate: Atlantis) playing a villain in the episode ("Prey for the Hunter"); particularly given that while the characters played were completely different, his acting range really wasn’t all that diverse.  It’s too bad that the show had been cancelled because of ratings, as it had some interesting potential — particularly Harley Quinn (played by Mia Sara) who was a complete raving psychopath. 

     Also on the DVD was Gotham Girls which I thought really comical.  I was especially entertained (not to mention a little bit surprised) because the woman that originally voiced the character of Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series back in the early 90s had also done the voice for Harley Quinn in Gotham Girls (Arleen Sorkin). 

     "Boingy Boingy"…  (Go watch it online and see what I’m talking about)… 


     There’s not too much else at the moment.  Until the next time.

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