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Entry 01/16/2009 02:01:44 AM – Mentat 474

     Looks like a typical night here in the Biggest Little.  I had a good time getting through watching the rest of Birds of Prey, although I couldn’t quite cut through the unaired pilot given that it was much like the original pilot but just a little bit more angry.  Funny thing is that I vaguely remember watching the end of the series, although for the life of me I couldn’t remember a couple of episodes in the middle of the 13 episode run.  I’m pretty sure that the reason why is because I didn’t have much interest in it, either that or just plain missed them because of activities and what not with the ex, (who was more of an avid fan of the series than I was at the time).  I do recall seeing the end episode of it given that Harley Quinn’s part in everything came to light for the mid-season cliffhanger.  Weird though that in the DVDs they didn’t include t.A.T.u’s song "All the Things She Said" like they did when it was first aired.  In fact, I just had to look it up to see that it was indeed included during the broadcast but not on the DVD.  Hell, it was because of it being played in the broadcast that I went out and picked it up years later. 
     Heh, and for a second, I thought I was having yet another senior moment. 

     I also picked up Babylon AD with Vin Diesel.  *groans*  That movie was quite the disappointment.  First off, it felt completely unfinished — as though there were parts completely missing.  Then the whole transformation from Mercenary to Father simply wasn’t believable.  And the whole part of the No-Lite (or was it No-Life) church seemed to be strapped on in order to given the villain a face to identify to,  Heck, I saw the unrated version which is supposed to have more in it, and it still feels as though there were elements completely missing.  It was good to see Lambert Wilson (Merovingian from Matrix) playing a good guy (of sorts), but like the No-Lites, simply seemed to have been strapped on without much worth given that he dies in the next set of scenes.  If anything, this movie felt as though it were all a strap-on for watching Diesel look like a brooding anti-hero and fight scenes with lots of guns and explosions.  Sad really, given that I was really wanting to warm up to the dystopic post-war apocalyptic backdrop this movie was supposed to be set in. 
     Oh well.  At least I’ve got another coffee coaster out of it. 

     I had an interesting chat with someone else in gay.com.  Like the one that I had spoken with and mentioned in the last couple of entries; he has his fair share of issues.  However, there was something by far more appealing and even easier to deal with when talking about these issues than the one that I had mentioned previously.  The previous one, which I’ll call S was harsh, bitterly cynical, and using his issues, his illnesses and his past as though it were a shield to batter people with.  This one, which I’ll call J while was glad about talking a little about them didn’t use it brutally to keep people at arm’s length.  In fact, I’d actually rather chat with J more than I would with S,
     I just find it interesting and fascinating though on a couple of sides.  On one side that the presentation of handling and sharing one’s issues can be infinitely easier to deal with the person.  That another New Englander feels the need to share their issues with complete strangers for reasons that simply feel more defensive than honest.  And that part of the reason why J feels easier to deal with than S has to do with the use of self-confidence in the mix.  With J it was more a lack of it — as though in his healing he wasn’t sure he had an accurate picture of himself.  With S it’s to the point where it feels more like arrogance than self-confidence. 
     I just find it so weird and fascinating all at the same time that I can react so positively toward one, and so put off by the other. 

     That’s about it for the time being.  I’m off to work on a couple of fractals, blow some aliens up and get through the rest of the night.  Until the next time.

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