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Entry 01/23/2009 01:21:15 AM – Mentat 477

     So the first thing is that I finally got around to putting the power supply into the Frankenstein only to find out that it’s not the power supply, but instead would appear to be the motherboard.  Didn’t even power up this time at all.  *sighs*  So when I get home this morning from work, I’m going to have to call ASUS to work on getting the board shipped back and replaced.  I should’ve gone with a pre-built system and then modified it when I got the pre-built in; but no…  I wanted to build it from scratch.  Next time, I’m just going to get someone else to build it for me. 
     Still though, I’m glad it’s all within the 30 days of putting together the machine. 

     As a result I decided on working through a whole lot of frustration with it not powering up by working on Apo and trying out a little creativity in order to vent.  Didn’t do too badly, although I still have to check into some of the code changing; particularly with the way 2.08 3D doesn’t seem to like the coding for BD’s Scry-Julianscope script and it completely wiping out the code start,  *grinning*  I’m sure it’s something simple, but given everything else that’s been going on, I haven’t taken the time to look into it.    

     The weekend itself was pretty good, with the exclusion of the occasional want to completely throttling the life out of men in general.  As Rita Rudner once said, "it’s not as though they can live well on their own…  men live like bears with furniture…." which she then said, "…I don’t even want to describe what the bathroom looks like…  But I’ll try….  Let’s just say that if he hits something, then he’s happy…"  With this in mind, it’s just amazing what I’ve dealt with in chatting online. 
     The first couple are clearly spillovers from the last entry.  One of them asked me how my weekend was.  I had told him the first weekend that I work Thursday through Sunday, with Monday through Wednesday night off.  What did I get in my inbox Monday night.  "Hi hope you had a good weekend, did you do anything exciting?"  My response, "oh yes I did!  I did just what I did the last time you asked me; I worked through it."  *eye roll and shaking my head*  I know that sometimes my memory’s going (if mostly because of the hours that I keep), but at least have some memory as to who you’re talking to about something instead of engaging in chat that doesn’t seem to be relevant (or engaging) to the person that you’re talking with. 
     The other was the one that I had talked about sending the picture to my Tracy in Naples.  Holy mother…  Did she ever peg that one as slow.  Besides the egregious spelling errors in the one sentence message that he sent, the next two one-sentence responses, feeling quite cookie cutter sunk my interest in him pronto.  I thought that his nickname was a homage to Family Guy was in fact a homage to NASCAR.  Ugh…  NASCAR…  Christ like I didn’t get enough of that from the folk in the South, and a little of the spill over from Nick here in Rhode Island.    No thanks…  So I called her, left a voicemail on her mobile telling her she was right and snarked the rest of the call because of that. 
     The next one…  Let’s see…  The next one was from Malden that I had suspected originally that he had hit me up more out of desperation than anything else; but I wanted to confirm it given that I’m significantly older than he was (technically old enough to be his father).  Turns out that I was right, but the worst part of it was that he completely forgot doing it.  Definitely on the sad side, but I thought it would be interesting to talk with him a little bit given that he’s gone about the same amount of time celibate as I have.  He completely was stand-offish about it.  Thanks, but no thanks — not the kind of crap that I want to deal with, especially given that he seems to have more personalities than Cybil.  Also, like a couple of others that I mentioned in previous entries — seems to want to share the problems with everyone and the world as though telling the world makes one honest.  *sighs*  Brutally honest yes, but one shouldn’t take pride in one’s dysfunctions and instabilities; just the way of getting over them and healing. 
     The next one was actually a highlight as well as a crashing disappointment.  This is one of those kind of men I really, really wanted to talk to back when Damion and I went our separate ways but given the situation at the time, I found it particularly difficult to engage him.  Someone else had talked to him back in October about getting together with him, and he had blurted out that his lover had died and that on that Friday he had to go to his funeral.  I mean seriously, how can you engage someone in "hi, I’d like to know more about you, sorry about your boyfriend dying like that…"  So I chose the easy out and engaged him casually waiting to see whether he’d come out of his shell, or whether it would be an extended mourning periods.  Well, some months later after me trying to be friendly with him and feeling like a complete dork about it in the process he finally hit me up in private.  It went fairly well during the first portion of the private conversation half-life*, but toward the end, I think I could’ve talked to a telephone pole and gotten more response. 
     Ugh, completely disappointing.  I thought he would be engaging, able to chat online (as I heard in public that he’s a Nightbreed like myself who works in networking support (I think, but don’t quote me).  Uh, no.  Talking with him in private was like talking to the NASCAR fan on the left coast.  *frowning* Pity too…  The man I thought was personally hot, and quite tall to boot (6’5"). 

    And this is what truly slays me!  There was this pair of teenagers (adult, but still teenagers nonetheless) who came into the chat room that were infinitely more engaging and entertaining than most of the men that I had chatted with in gay.com at that time of night that I would remotely consider wanting to go out on a date. 
     What the hell is up with that?
     You come online at 2 in the morning, with little chance of finding yourself a trick as it’s too late for most evening folk and Nightbreed alike, and you show off typing skills of an introverted 9 year old (with as much grammar and spelling sense)?!  This isn’t going to win you points, and it most certainly won’t get you a date for your day off.  Why do people still think that others coming online for their amusement and benefit, and when it doesn’t work out that way, you remotely have the right to get annoyed or complain about being bored. 
     Feh!  If you’re wanting entertainment without having to engage the person on the other side, shut the damned computer off, and turn on the television. 
     Still though…  It positively boggles the mind that the one that’s old enough to be my grown son showed more personality, charm, and could engage in a coherent conversation that someone more my age. 

     About the only one that I actually enjoyed talking with wasn’t too bad.  He’s a bit older than me, but he did know how to engage in a coherent conversation that didn’t rely on dick size, fetishes, or what someone likes to do in bed.  There had been a horrible transgression that he had caused during one of the conversations that we had.  In that conversation he did something so horribly passive-aggressive that almost causes me to flee in terror.  Really — someone my age (and older) really should avoid anything remotely passive-aggressive.  Be direct and stay direct.  Four and a half years with Rick has taught me passive-aggressive is really a bad way to handle any situation, even in comedy.
     We’ll see how this one goes in the future…  Hopefully that won’t happen again…  It’s already scary enough that he boasts of enjoying "antiquing", I don’t want to deal with that, and passive-aggressive because in my head the natural progression from that is Barbie-doll collecting, and I don’t need a repeat with Rick anymore…  Ever…  *grinning* 
     Remind me some time in the future to explain my loathing of "antiquing".  It’s almost amusing. 

     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  Until the next time.

     *  All private conversations have a half-life of about 15 – 30 minutes between total strangers if you’re of average personality and extroversion.  The first 8 1/2 minutes cover the want to finding common ground if a profile isn’t filled out.  After that the conversation lessens until there’s absolutely nothing to talk about and at 15 minutes, it usually ends abruptly.

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