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Entry 02/07/2009 12:21:24 AM – Mentat 480

     I don’t know what bomb dropped on the world yesterday, but man was it ever busy.  For more than a few moments I thought that it was the summer that’s how busy it was at work.  Didn’t get a breather until some time late into the morning, and even then, I wasn’t much up to doing anything more other than playing Diablo II when I got home and eventually passing out.  Tonight?  Heh, tonight it’s feeling like the winter months again and getting able to think at the appropriate times.  Thank the maker too, I didn’t want to feel like I’ve hit the ground running tonight, for even though I got enough sleep, I don’t feel quite rested like I had the night before. 

     I ordered a couple of movies to watch for my weekend — Spiderman 3, Gone But Not Forgotten, Deadspace: Downfall (anime), and Godzilla: Final Wars.  Funny, I thought that I ordered one or two Kung-Fu movies, but I guess I held off at some point when I saw the price.  I might watch one when I get home, but that’s entirely up to whether I’m too bored to play games, or not in any mood to… 

     It’s been awfully quiet on the home-front.  Anyone that I had been talking about dealing with dating has disappeared — either because of the questions that I’ve asked or simply lack of interest in the fact of dealing with someone Nightbreed who’s schedule doesn’t remotely meet up with a "normal" Daywalker’s.  Eh, on the one side I think it’s a pity, on the other it’s just the routine chore for me.  Routine in the fact that while I’ve seen and chatted with people that I thought were attractive or could potentially be fun to be around, were either wound too tight, or a complete disappointment once I got to chatting with them for longer than 15 minutes.  Anyone else that doesn’t fit into either of those categories simply wandered the path they were meant to wander. 
     It’s nothing that I can truly complain about really.  One, I’m entirely too defensive, distant and aloof around most people my age, given that I don’t trust their intentions (worst case), or are simply trying to project that whole crap about being drama-free through the use of the word "laid back" or are entirely too attracted to kids half their age playing the role of chicken-hawk (at best).  It doesn’t help matters with it being winter ’round here, given that New Englanders aren’t much up for the whole going out on a Monday or Tuesday for a coffee when the sun’s gone down around 5’ish, and it’s colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra. 
     Maybe I’ll look more into it when Spring has sprung…  Until that time though,, I’ll simply stick to my routines, and hope that my other muse will come to visit… 

     Speaking of muses…  I’m really missing mine.  I’ve been wanting to get back into writing a story — be it one of the two that are currently in my queue, or simply something along the lines of fan fiction.  For the life of me though, I can’t seem to get the right frame of mine put together.  I’m not quite sire whether it’s an issue with me grounded sufficiently to tell a story, if it’s because of the winter blues/blahs, the fact I do everything in my power to get distracted with anything else to be entertained by (be it a game, movie, chatting online when I’m at home, or Usenet when I’m roaming), or simply the fact that I’m just the wrong kind of lonely to allow me to write a story.  Perhaps this trip might be what I need in order to shake loose some of the blues/blahs that I’ve got going on right now. 
     T-minus 39 days to that… 

     Well, this is going to be a short entry.  Until the next time.
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