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Entry 02/13/2009 01:54:14 AM – Mentat 481

     Well, it was definitely a good weekend off.  I didn’t do all that much this weekend, other than socialize, watch a whole lot of movies and episodes to a television show that I always wanted to watch from beginning to end, and spend some time with the Hellbeast as she’s been acting like I’ve been totally neglecting her on my time off.  Of course she hasn’t — she gets fed, and gets plenty of lap-time when I’m sitting there — but unlike when I’m socializing or reading through a million different things, I tend to be more animate than she likes and she’s usually off my lap within 10 minutes.  While watching movies however, she gets to sit on my lap for half-hour before she gets tired of being there. 

     As I said in the last journal entry, I had done my routine ordering from Amazon for some of the movies that I had either missed or wanted to add to my collection.  Godzilla: Final War, Gone, But Not Forgotten, Spider-Man 3, Dead Space: Downfall, and sometime over the weekend I had been working, ordered Battlestar Galactica’s Mini-Series and Season One…  Although I didn’t know that Season One also included the Mini-Series; so I’ll probably be re-gifting the Mini-Series in spite of the outtakes that are included in on the Mini-Series Disc.  I also purchased Spider-Man but probably won’t be watching it, given that I’ve caught it more than enough times either on TNT or TBS (depending on what time I had turned the television on).
     Godzilla: Final War was certainly the most campy of all the Godzilla movies that I had seen in the 50 years that Godzilla’s been out.  Not to mention that it was a complete rip-off of The Matrix, Power Rangers, and even itself from the original involving Planet-X (I can’t remember the name of that particular Godzilla movie off the top of my head).  Hell, given the amount of plagiarism that I saw in this movie, I’m rather surprised that the Producers for the Matrix didn’t try dragging ToHo Studios to court for it’s ripping off of the original Matrix.  It was particularly amusing that Don Frye (of UFC fame) was in the movie.  Between the John Wayne-esque accent, to his being as wooden as a plank, and the fact that he couldn’t speak a stitch of Japanese (everyone else around him spoke it fluently), it was quite the sight to behold.  I didn’t know whether I wanted to laugh or groan whenever he spoke because he simply stuck out like a sore thumb among the Japanese actors flying about the screen on wires and choreographed fight scenes. 
     Gone, But Not Forgotten certainly had its moments for a love story — however given the timeframe of this movie — they really should have laid off the whole porn-like guitar instrumentals that were going on within it.  God, it was getting to the point someplace in the middle of the movie where I had been wishing I could find a way of completely cancelling out the instrumental background music all together!  At least by the time I was getting tired of it, they stopped using it, moving instead to a soundtrack that I could completely tune out.  I was intrigued by the elements involving the stress-related amnesia, as well as wanting to go into the psychological issues of falling in love with one’s savior — but unfortunately they sketched over both issues, along with forcing the climax when the main character and his life prior to him suffering from amnesia.  Because of this my opinion of the movie was significantly less than enjoyable.  Pity too about one of the lead actors — Aaron Orr.  Looks as though the Hollywood Fever that he had suffered fizzled out quickly.  I would’ve liked to have seen where his career went from this movie. 
     Spider-Man 3 had to be one of the most painful movies that I had watched out of the lot of them.  I finally cut through the movie — but the whole section on Venom and Peter Parker struggling through the whole good-boy/bad-boy thing going on with Venom was just over the top for me.  Stranger too given that I had no problem with dealing with the transformation of superheroes from squeaky-clean good to anti-hero, like they had done with Batman…  But with Peter Parker?  I just cringed when he had turned into some really tacky leisure suit Larry when he constantly wore the Venom costume.  I did finally cut through the movie — after about 8 tries and am glad to have gotten through it.  Also, I despised the way that they had retconned the entire scene with Uncle Ben being killed from the first Spider-Man movie.  God, they should’ve left well enough alone with that. 
     As an added bonus, instead of winding down for the night after agonizing through Spider-Man 3, I had made the decision that I would raid my aunt & uncle’s movies that had been sitting on the top of their television the last couple of months and watched Wanted.  That wasn’t too bad; although I could see how some people that had told me about the film could have problems with it’s ending.  For me, it had predictable elements with an ending that was quite tidy based on the plot set throughout the film.  Definitely could tell that it was a testosterone deprived nerd’s dreams of getting even with a pedantic and uneventful life. 
     Battlestar Galactica is of course Battlestar Galactica.  Didn’t realize just how many of the first season episodes I really didn’t get a chance to watch — especially surprising that it’s only half a season to boot.  I’ve still got a few more episodes to get through, but I think for this weekend, I’m going to order season 2.0 and 2.5 (odd that they still haven’t straightened that problem out and simply made it a complete season).  Quite the little rip off given that in order to have the complete season, it’ll cost you about $30 more than typical for a season.  But I’ll comp it out somehow for the next three seasons.
     I still have to cut through the entire anime for Dead Space: Downfall.  From about the first hour of my watching it (as I used it to offset the disgust/discomfort that I had been feeling while watching Spider-Man 3) it’s entertaining in that Japanese Anime horrific gore-fest sort of way.  Not quite as bad as some of the insanity that was in Urotsukidoji: The Legend of the Over-Fiend, but certainly qualifies on my top 10 list of movies that can fulfill anyone’s quote for horrific and gratuitous violence.  It’s also particularly entertaining listening to [Bruce] Boxleitner swearing like a trooper for his character.  Listening to him sounding off like that reminded me keenly of the way that he used to let loose whenever he screwed up his lines in the outtakes of Babylon 5.

     On the work front, I’ve survived another of the monthly One-on-One’s…  It seems that when I’m thinking I’ve been doing terrible with calls and call handling, I had in fact been doing quite the opposite for the month of January.  In fact, according to my manager and the information that’s provided in the Performance Review — I had come as close to 100% as possible.  Hopefully for the month of February I can keep my level of gloat to a minimum and continue to maintain that level of performance of the month of February.  Not sure whether this is going to happen or not, given that the pressures that I’ve been going through for the last couple of weeks (as described in previous journal entries), has been changed. 
     I’m not really at liberty to discuss those I’m afraid — at least not in a public format — other than from the fact that I believe that management has stepped in and performed an alternate method of handling the horseplay and adolescent behaviors previously mentioned.  Whether this works out for the best as always remains to be seen — but like the eternal albeit closeted optimist that I am, hopes that this change is for the best. 

     I still haven’t had all that much luck with re-finding a muse — but at least sitting here in the relative quiet this evening has certainly helped me remained more calm and focused between calls.  Maybe if this sort of thing continues, I’ll be able to read, write and create more. 

     Well that’s about it for the time being.  Until the next time.
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