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Entry 03/17/2009 09:22:30 PM – Mentat 491

     T-plus 1 and counting on the vacation.
     T-minus 12 hours or so for the crazy I call TSA and airport security and boarding a plane for the left coast.

     All right, so I’m on vacation officially now as I’m sitting here with clothes washed and hung and folded, although I’ve yet to actually start packing my bags.  No real need to as I’m only going to vaguely need to pass an iron over some of it, not to mention that I’m only going for 5 days or so.  One of my friends doesn’t think that that’s long enough for a trip, but given that I tend to whirlwind through the tourist attractions, I think it more than enough time to get a sufficient taste of what I’m seeing and doing.  When I’m alone, I can catalog and gauge my reactions at the speed of my thoughts, without showing any of the world what I’m thinking or feeling…  Naturally faster. 
     Besides as I said, if I were actually traveling with someone else, I would most probably stay longer, if only because I tend to be a lot slower and more casual with company than I am when I’m alone.  Part of it has to do with the fact that I like seeing their reactions to things, as it my sharing my reactions to something.  Most of it has entirely to do with the company I’m with. 

     Another friend said to me wished me good voyage and to treat this trip as though I were a kid in a candy shop.  *smiling*  He also said something about treating this as an adventure.  He doesn’t quite understand my adventures are within my heart and mind and deal with the people that touch my life in ways that defy words.  When it comes to cities, landmarks, tourist attractions and history that has left its mark on the world…  I already know that I am merely a traveler through it.  I will have seen it, touched it, it has left a mark on me, and I will have been gone while it still stands there.  I might carry away from it pieces of history that I had learned, or a bauble that will remind me that I had been there, but it’s what I do with it when I share it with another human being means infinitely more to me than my personally been there to see it. 

     I admit that I’m feeling better about going on this trip now than I did at the end of the week last week.  I believe most of it has to do with the conversation I had this morning which sort of hashes for me a better understanding that I didn’t have before.  That and the fact that I didn’t realize that I had been going through a sort of pre-trip funk that sort of snuck up on me while I wasn’t looking.  Now that it’s only 12 hours away, I’m finding myself getting into the right frame of mind for a trip.  Good thing too because I didn’t want a repeat performance of the crap that I was feeling when I was getting ready for my trip to Seattle…  Right down to all the emotional baggage that I had going on because of Damion fleeing from the city to head his aunt’s a couple of hundred miles away. 

     I’m not going to say much in this entry, other than to say that after this, I’m off for the next 5. Should be back to normal (I hope) Monday night when I get home. Then it’s the chaos of post-trip uploading and so on.  E-mail to write as well…  So…  Until then…
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