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Entry 04/15/2009 10:03:41 PM – Mentat 504

     Well, it’s definitely chore day at the homestead.  Still didn’t get around to working on the bike, but then again it’s usually too cold in the morning for me to get out on the porch and work on it, and by the time that I’m up and about in the evening, it’s too dark and…  yep, you guessed it…  Getting too cold to be out there in shorts and a t-shirt like I normally would be around the house.  God, this weather’s such a work.  I’m tired of winter already; and it only appears to be moderately warm enough in the afternoon when I’m passed out unconscious. 
     I just don’t get it either.  What is up with the unusual cold up here?  Usually by this time it’s definitely comfortable enough to be outside with maybe a pair of jeans and a long-sleeve; even by mid-morning.  But not this year.  Ugh!  As I’ve said, I’m seriously tired of this shit.  Really.  Over it.  Let’s move along now Mother Nature..  Before I decide on having a drama meltdown about it.  *smirks* 

     Got the last package in this afternoon and frankly I’m stymied.  For some bizarre and strange reason I can’t get my aunt’s computer to recognize the new drive in the external casing and have it assign a drive letter.  The USB hub is assuredly recognizing the drive and controls, but it simply isn’t assigning it a drive.  It even did the same thing with mine too…  I think I’m going to have to research this evening when I’m done with all the chores around here and see if anything can shed light on that.  It’s either that or I call over to the External Drive Housing and see if they can’t shed any light on it.  It’s either that, or I slap it into my computer here, format the thing, and then pull it out to drop into the external housing.  Simple enough solution sure, but quite the pain in the ass given I have other things I need to do. 
     Like get the Frankenstein here built.  Which is in the queue for this evening believe me. 

     *sighs*  Got the iPod playing at the moment because I’m running the backups that I was supposed to do to DVDs, and a song just came up that I have no idea where I got it.  Or hell, why I got it.  "Since You’ve Been Gone" by Theory of a Dead Man…  It’s got all the earmarks of something Damion would listen to…  Strange…  *checking the date on the file*…  August, 2008.  Yeah definitely about the time Damion and I were talking still.  Sometime after the trip as well, so this was one of those impulse sort of acquisitions wondering what he was listening to while we were chatting in Skype. 
     Ominous song…  Considering that this morning when I was waking up, I found myself hearing his voice in that state someplace between unconsciousness and consciousness.  But then again, I asked for it, given that I was talking with a friend about love and loss, and bore my heart out about the path that Damion and my relationship had taken…  It always seems to happen that way when I bring it all up for someone else to see. 
     Sure, I’m all right about it.  I was even truthful about the fact that more than a year and a half ago, I did tell Damion that I would follow whatever path our relationship would take and do so happily.  Right to the conclusion of our relationship.  Still though, it’s one of those hazards I occasionally have to go through whenever I go into parts of my heart that I have closed off in order to move on. 

     Not too much else at the moment…  Just going to go off and finish up on what I need to do.  Until the next time.
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