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Entry 04/22/2009 08:07:21 AM – Mentat 506

     Another fine morning here in the Biggest Little.  Now it’s feeling more like a spring-like morning with the temperature at 52 F (~11 C), enough so that while it’s a bit on the chilly side, I’ve decided what the hell; it’s certainly warmer than what I’m currently feeling in the house; let’s get some fresher (albeit wetter) air through the house…  Even got the right amount of sunlight going on which doesn’t make me feel quite like I’m a mole-man hiding in a burrow someplace.  Good thing too, because I was seriously beginning to think that I was…  Who knows?  Maybe tonight instead of making my own coffee, I’ll get up relatively early (well early for me is 7’ish given that this is a weekend, I prefer sleeping in) and bike on over to Dunkin’ in Blackstone just to prove to myself how out of shape I am at the moment.  And yes, I know how out of shape I was.  I did a test run with my bike the other day when I changed out the breaks to Rhodes Ave and back, and I was wheezing and huffing like an old motor from less than ½ mile bike-ride uphill. 
     So last night, I found out one of the culprits to my lack of sleep…  *looking down at the Hellbeast with a leering sneer*  Yeah…  She’s one of them.  Seems that now that she’s gotten older, she doesn’t quite move quite as quickly to come to bed as she used to, which means that instead of 5, maybe 10 minutes to head to bed with me, she’s taking 30 – 45 which wakes me up the instant she hits the bed, and taps me on the head to get under the covers.  This is causing me to treat the sleep that I got by the time my head hit the pillow to her waking me, as a hyper-nap and causing me to stay awake for the next 4 hours.  Ugh… 
     A friend of mine suggesting locking her out of the bedroom, but the din that she’ll make for the abandonment issues, not to mention the clawing at the door and rugs would only wake me up to scold her for doing it would defeat the purpose, and most probably I’d end up being awake for the next 4 hours because of it.  So, I’ll just do what I used to do when I was a kitten…  Pick her sorry ass up and bring her to bed with me.  Either way, she’ll be happy for the free transportation as well as spending time with me getting comfortable before I try rolling onto her so she can growl at me like the cranky old woman that she is. 

     God, and is my aunt ever stubborn.  And annoying…  (And a nightmare to anyone that works in IT).  As I think I mentioned some time in the recent past, she had to…  no wait…  I didn’t make that one public…  All right, quick recap.  My aunt had to get a new PC because her old one died.  Turned out that the drive was the thing that died, the computer was fine…  But she went out and bought herself a new PC because she was tired of the old thing and wanted to get a new one.  With Vista *cringe* Got the thing running when she was away in Aruba because I could work on it at 2 in the AM while they were away, and I was awake and feeling the need to work on it.
     What a pain that was.  Particularly getting an Anti-Virus Solution running on it…  But I got it up and running and it’s behaving on the network in spite of the fact that Vista seems more insistent about running the uPnP controls both on her part of the network as well as my own subnet.  Couldn’t recover anything on the old hard drive as it turned out because the partition is completely gone, and nothing in the world I’ve done has allowed me to recover it.  Further, I don’t think that the drive’s working properly as it’s grinding when I power the thing up, which means it’s more than just the MBR that’s gone on it. 
     So she had a backup…  A USB Thumb drive that I urged her to buy when her drive (or the fan, I couldn’t be sure where the sound was coming from) began to make the really high-pitched sound that comes from metal grinding against metal.  Told her to simply plug in the drive and follow the prompts on it to do back ups and restores.  Showed her several times how to do it, and then got her to do it a couple of times more with me watching her and ensuring she understood the prompts.
     The computer dies, and she loses track of the Thumb drive.  *sighs*  It wasn’t in any of the usual places she would’ve put it.  Told her that chances are, given the size, it’s probably thrown out with the other things given its size and its weight.  Confirmed that the cat didn’t get hold of it and use it as a cat toy as it wasn’t anywhere the cat would’ve picked it up and deposited it. 
     Turns out that in one of my Uncles DOS cleaning modes, it had ended up moving from the usual places to a cookie tin to the basement where he puts things he doesn’t know what to do with, but are apparently important enough to save themselves from the garbage. 
     I asked her whether she’s been doing the backups like she was supposed to. 
     She looked at me with the typically blank look my grandmother used to give me when I said something smashing smart and sarcastic all at the same time, and responded, "no, that’s what you’re here for." 
     Ever see the look Moe Howard makes in The Three Stooges when one of the other two say something that boggles the mind and the imagination?  That’s the look I’m making at this point.  Instead of channeling Moe Howard, I simply say matter-of-fact as I knew it had been some months since she’s done any backups whatsoever, "You won’t be able to recover the pictures you took while in Aruba the last two trips, and because you don’t have access to the money program that you had on the Compaq, you won’t be able to use the financial program, so that backup is pretty useless, not to mention old…"
     Secretly I was happy about that part, because the woman is a financial disaster.  Never in my life have I seen a combination of mathematical errors, come grazing and impulse shopping, come a serious need for better glasses ever strike a checkbook or checkbook managing software in my life.  But then she does have habits that she maintains that seriously worries me about her creating what I call the "Floating Balance Syndrome" which is the reason why her checkbook’s the mess that it is — especially when coupled with her with the egregious data entry errors she makes when putting the numbers into the checking program. 
     "Okay, whenever you get to it," she would say to me. 
     I told her I could do it now, but she’s like, "no not now, whenever…"
     This went on for four days, each time she’s like, "are you going to load it up?" Every time she’d ask when I’m waking up and trying to push myself through a routine.  When I gave her the look she’d like, "Okay, not now.  Whenever." 
     Make up my mind woman…  Really?  Now or not now?  I’m not a mind reader and haven’t professed to being one without being completely sardonic about it. 
     Each time I’d remind her, it doesn’t matter how fast I did it, all she’s getting are pictures which she never looks at, and various saved documents she hasn’t touched in months and years.  I’d reinforce, there’s no use about the accounting program files, she didn’t have the software and wouldn’t be able to read it. 
      So this morning I have the time as she’s pushing about it at the right time, even though I said I’d do it yesterday and it wasn’t a good day for her.
     I moved the pictures, the documents, the saves, but not the financial back up.  When she asked why, I’m like, "Did you not hear me the last 10 times I said this to you?  You don’t have the program so you’re not going to miraculously be able to read that file which is…"  looking at the modified date and heaving a great big old dramatic sigh, "…six months old anyway." 
     "Well why not?" 
     The look on my face was as usual priceless. Instead, I had to get loud about it, and say, "As I said the last 10 times which you weren’t listening to me, you can’t use that backup if you have no programs to run it on."
     "You don’t have to yell at me," she quipped back.
     "Apparently I do, if you didn’t think it important enough to remember it the last 10 times I told you." 
     In the end, I worked out a deal with her about the old program that I’m currently using being bequeathed to her (for free), while I get the newest version that seems to have hit the market in the last couple of months.  In spite of her getting all proud about it in the middle of me making the deal with her. 
     Which means that I have a few more headaches with this to run until things are relatively back to normal. 

     I also came across something rather interesting in my checking out some of the recent (last 20 second) deviations.  A profile/site on it called…  Deviant Art Secret (http://deviantartsecret.deviantart.com) which is a sort of DA version of a couple of sites where people submit their secrets anonymously to tell the world because they can’t hold their secrets in anymore.  While some of them have been amusing, and even outright comical, there had been a couple on there that certainly gave me pause enough to wonder whether I had any deep dark secrets that I had that I wouldn’t share with the world. 
     And you know, I do have at least one or two that I could share in that manner.  But you know what?  For me, I don’t get the satisfaction of sharing the secrets that I have with the world anonymously.  They are secrets not because of the damage they could do, but because of how precious they are to me.  When the time is right, or when the time is long since past that they are no longer a secret, I share them.  Until then — they are where they are because I need them to be there.  When they no longer need to be there, I talk about them.  With friends, or here… 

     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  Time to get into the pjs and get ready for bed. Until the next time.
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