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Entry 05/03/2009 04:30:40 AM – Mentat 507

     Well, this certainly has been one of the more difficult entries that I’ve attempted to write in a while.  Part of the reason has to do with the subject content that I wanted to cover within this entry…  Most of it has to do with the fact that I’ve had a ton of other issues going on in real time that has made it difficult for me to sit down and write on the subject that I wanted to talk about in this entry.  Heh, you’ve got to love how real time plays havoc on subjects that I want to ponder and cover in an entry.  In fact, given the situation that I’ve just recently gone through, I might divert from the subject that I wanted to write about and instead deal with the issues that seemed to want my complete and undivided attention in real time.
     But I’ll get to that in a moment or two.  Right now I’d like to cover some of the less pressing subjects. 

     So since the last time I had sat down and written an entry, I had gotten back to a sort of routine with my sleep…  Enough so that I could give up the prescriptions, medications and herbs.  Good thing too, given my inherent distrust and disgust with medications to help what the body should do naturally on its own.  Of course, added to the routines that I didn’t do previously is that now that the weather’s warmed up enough, I’ve had the opportunity to open up the windows and let some of the warmer air from outside into the house.  Not the least to mention fresh air as well.  So given that the weather’s warmed up enough; I’ve been able to hop on the bike for my routine exercise to and from work, bringing me quickly back to the routine 11 mile bike ride to and from work. 
     Likewise, the Hellbeast has been more than happy to returning to her sunbathing during the day when I’m unconscious with my face mashed into a pillow and drooling.  Which means she’s less likely to wake me up by tapping me on the head to try to get under the covers as she was during the winter.  In fact, because the weather had been unseasonably warm last week, at best she was sleeping at the foot of the bed when she was tired of sunbathing, and at worst, she was sleeping next to me on the other pillow. 
     The exercise as I’ve said didn’t go without incident — having been woken up the first day of my ride home by not one, but two charley-horses in both legs…  One of which had been so bad that I was limping on it for the better part of 5 days because of it.  Yeah, that was definitely fun the first couple of nights; as I looked like an old man trying to get across the kitchen without the use of a cane.  Heh, needless to say that by the time this work week began, the pain and the limp that I had going from last week had passed and I had to get myself ready for the probability of my going through it all over again…  Fortunately for me though, it didn’t happen and the last three days hasn’t been as bad as the first two days since I’ve been on the bike.
     In fact, as of yesterday it looks like I’m pretty much back to mostly normal about the bike — taking about an hour to get the last 8 miles from work to home…  Like I did last year when I had to put the bike up for the winter.  *dancing*  Not too bad really, as I thought the 5 months of sedentary life would’ve made it worse for me.  Consequently, I had changed my route a little bit this week, and instead of taking Route 5 (Branch Pike/Providence Pike) all the way to Greenville Road, I’ve instead taken a detour onto Grange Road…  This road is more rural than Route 5, and in the week that I’ve been taking it, I believe I’ve seen more pedestrians walking that road than cars.  Not too bad either as it’s a bit more of a hillier challenge than taking Route 5 all the way down to Greenville.  Now all I need to do is get the gear fixed for 7th and I’ll be all set…  Of course, having just checked out bicycletutor.com; I think that I might have found what the problem is and will try to get it fixed this weekend. 

     *shakes head*  I don’t think I’m going to write either at the moment…   First off, I’m not in the right mood to be self-inspective as I didn’t get much more than 3½ maybe 4 hours of sleep, and that usually makes me either too insipid or too maudlin when trying to write about issues of the heart…  And writing about recent events in this state I’ll come off a hell of a lot more childish than I want to.  So, for the present entry, I think I’m just going to end it short and say in passing — here to hoping the issues I just went through have been abated.. 
     Until the next time.
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