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Entry 05/22/2009 01:32:43 AM – Mentat 510

     I had a great weekend last weekend, in spite of the fact that at the beginning of it, the weather decided on being a drama faerie and give temperatures close to freezing for the first morning, and just a little above that the second.  Ugh, not the sort of thing that I want to put up with at 4 in the morning when I’m sitting there either watching a movie, or chatting online in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  But hey at least it warmed up sufficiently by the time I was heading to bed, so I was able to re-open the windows and enjoy the breezes while sleeping.  Good thing too, given hat with the windows open, I tend to snore less than I do when they’re closed… 
     Had a couple of frustrating dreams through the weekend as well — but that’s probably because of the fact that the temperatures are getting significantly warmer and spring finally being in the air.  I’m still unsure why the elements of one dream decided on manifesting almost a full week later, but hey — this is my unconscious we’re talking about — and that does have a habit of working on its own schedule.  Still though — the element of lycanthrope was a bit over the top with it. 
     And while I didn’t do one of the chores that I was supposed to do this weekend, I did end up doing another of the chores that I had been pushing off because I didn’t really see it as an issue:  the soda fridge that I have in my office.  Silly thing had ice caked up in it around the freezer section (much like the old refrigerator that I used to have in my first apartment) that took almost 8 hours to completely defrost out.  I didn’t use the silly thing for ice, as it was only for soda, iced tea or if I decided on making some — iced coffee for my morning.  But I got around to doing it, and she’s happier for it. 

     Oh, and I actually got through watching the remainder of BSG’s Season 2.5 — although I admit that it was rather painful trying to watch through the episode "Black Market" given that I had attempted at least three times before and usually ending about the same time as Apollo had spent the night with the prostitute.  Then again, I was more in the mood for "Scar" which dealt more with the Cylon threat, instead of all the internal angst and soap-opera elements of the humans trying to survive against human nature.  Now, all I need to do is pick up season 3 next — once I can get through a couple of the other movies that I have in the queue waiting to be finished…  But then again, I’m not counting on getting Season 3 any time in the near future, given that I’m still pretty burned out from movies and series at the moment. 

     I’m even looking forward to the 4-day weekend I have coming up this Sunday (as it’s Memorial Day, and I don’t have to work this holiday).  I think for the first "unofficial" day of summer, as a celebration, I think I’m going to head to Providence for an iced coffee or something at Reflections Café, and perhaps stop by one of the bars downtown for a drink before heading home for the night.   Just something — anything — to enjoy the time out and see people being people, instead of my usual in seeing people as zombies in the morning when I’m heading home from work, and me praying that they don’t hit me while they’re on their cell phones making calls, or putting on makeup, or desperately trying to wake up on their way into work.  Although for me at 6 – 7 PM at night — I’ll be the zombie trying to wake up and look a little bit livelier than I usually do… 

     Heh, Patrick at work got me completely turned on to Ill Willed Press (http://www.illwillpress.com).  Ha ha…  In fact one of the spazzier cast of characters from the set of cartoons is a complete hoot and reminds me all too much of a couple of people that I used to deal with when I lived in Atlanta.  If anyone gets a chance to watch — by all means — just be warned in advance though…  Some of the material is definitely not suitable for viewing at work or with small children around..  Other than that — have at it. 

     Well that’s about it for the time being.  Off to enjoy the remainder of my lunch and then off to play Mad Scientist some more with the code and scripts that I’m still trying to figure out.  Until the next time.
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