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Entry 06/12/2009 05:56:31 AM – Mentat 514


     So now, I keep telling myself that I
should be feeling that I’m now officially middle-aged,
I don’t remotely feel it.  Especially
considering the events that lead me to where I am at the moment, enjoying some
iced water, chewing on some Gummi Bears and watching the first season of Alias which I had purchased while I was out
flouncing about downtown Providence.  I
had done in order:


  • I didn’t hide under the bed like I routinely
    do….  But then again I did turn 45
    at 7:34 AM and was up for another couple of hours after the initial
    realization hit.  Not that it really
    did, the older I’ve been getting, the longer that it’s been taking. 
  • I went to
    bed early so that I would have the energy, the will and the gumption to
    actually get out before the rain hit… 
    and it did hit, but I’m getting ahead of myself. 
  • I got up
    when the alarm went off, and had more than enough sleep to go through my
    routine and catch the bus at the usual time.
  • I had
    entirely too many people singing to me "Happy Birthday" that by
    the third time all I was saying was "shut up" and kept saying it until that noise stopped.  It didn’t… But that didn’t stop me from
    saying it anyway.
  • The third
    thing that I did was in fact my routine — iced coffee for the
    morning.  I ended up at the only
    Dunkin’ Donuts that was open in the area… 
    And that moment, I stopped running on autopilot…


     When consciousness hit me at the end of my
finishing my iced coffee, I realized what I was at Providence Place Mall and
trolling through the levels, not sure whether or not I wanted a new protective
sleeve for my iPod, a new iPod, or pick up a couple of DVDs along the way like
I had said when I left the house on my way to the bus stop.  Ended up completely avoiding the Mac Store,
given that it was entirely too crowded for my tastes even that close to closing

     So instead, I ended up back on the third
level where the Newbury Comics and ended up picking up Season 1 & 2 of Alias. 
Which I’m currently watching while putting together this entry. 


     As the Mall was closing, I headed over to
the one bar I clearly knew and remembered from the last time I had been in town
out of anger, heartbreak and spite: Club Energy.  And since the last time, things had certainly
changed.  They no longer served Bass or
Guinness and ended up having to put up with a Heineken; or rather two, given
that by the time I was ¾ of the way through the first one, as I was looking
outside I saw that it had begun raining.  

    IM’ing a friend at work that was more
familiar with the bar layout of downtown Providence, confirmed the location of
the Dark Lady.  And what an interesting
irony that was.  Heh, back in the 80s it
used to be called the Yukon Trading Company. 
Gone was the smell of the unwashed socks that used to permeate the
place.  Gone were the jockstraps that
used to hang from twine from the ceiling. 
Gone was the urinal trough in the bathroom and the positively no
privacy…  In it’s place was glitter and
disco lights, and a crushed glass/stone bar. 
And clean!  Lord, it was pretty
damned cleaned considering what I remember of the place when I used to live in
Providence off of Atwells Ave. 

     So as the time began ticking down as the
last bus would be making its way to Kennedy Plaza to take me home, I finished
my third beer (Bass, thankfully) at the Dark Lady, heading back to the Bus
Depot to wait the last 15 minutes prior to the bus getting there. 

     Unfortunately I wasn’t alone, and neither
was I alone for the bike rack either.  In
fact, there was one too many people for the rack which meant that there was
bound to be a fight.  And there was.  Seems that the third straggler that showed up
there got all belligerent about it, saying that he had to get back to
Woonsocket because he lived in a homeless shelter, and that he’d be locked out
of the night if he didn’t get back. 

     I naturally backed off…  And because I had one too many beers and
feeling positively no pain whatsoever. 
And when that happens, I have a habit of saying what I’m thinking
without thought of pissing people off or consequence.  So out of my mouth I said, "That’s all
right.  As I’m sure I’m older than you
and I do 50 miles a week, this should definitely be a piece of cake.  Take it, I’m gone." 

     And off I went, walking the streets that I
was familiar with heading toward 246 and ultimately heading home.  I got about to the point where the Art House
on the outside of the Financial District when I see the bus heading up Charles
Street in the same direction without one of the two bikes on the rack. 

I thought to myself, karma will certainly be paid for that little scene
this evening.  Mark my words. 

     So, I prepped for the long ride ahead of
me, planning on changing a couple of the directions along the way because of
the mistakes I had made the last time I took the route a couple of years ago
when I was working at Care New England. 
Worked out for the best, but by the time I had reached the corner of
Twin River Road and Route 7 I had been thoroughly soaked.  At that point I didn’t care really, as my
priority was finding a place off the side of the road to heed a call of

     And every time that I thought I had about
2 minutes that I thought that I had a couple of moments to actually heed that
call, ended up seeing cars coming from either direction. 

     Sighing, I thought to myself apparently
Lincoln/Smithfield was their "lucky" night as they were out on the
roads still when everyone else should be in bed sleeping because tomorrow’s
Friday and they still have to work. 

     But I eventually got lucky someplace near
the off-ramp from 295 on Route 7 I got lucky… 
And blissfully heeded the call. 

     Turns out that I wasn’t as lucky as I
thought and was dealing with a rather large spotlight on me and it was a
Smithfield Cop. 

     Asking for my identification, a rather
good looking Smithfield Cop working the night shift and maybe a decade younger
than me, he also asked me what I was doing. 

     Smiling I said, "it was either this
bush or my pants. And given I’m only moderately wet, I don’t need to be pissing
my pants." 

     As he was looking at my identification he
picked up his notebook, I realized that he was going to write up a ticket. 

     Oh great, I thought to myself.  Just my luck. 
First day at 45 I’m going to have to pay a fine for peeing in public.  And my mouth got the best of me.  Saying aloud, "oooh punishment. I can
see this going well. Me without a boyfriend 5 years, and having a cop fetish I
can see this will go well." 

     The cop handed back my ID, said, "as
you were." and drove off. 

     I chuckled realizing I must’ve hit a nerve
of some sort, and that this particular cop was MP at some point prior to taking
this job in the police force.  And off I
went without getting the ticket. 


     The rest of the near 21 miles of course
was the ride of my being completely soaking wet.  Because from about George Washington Hwy and
Route 7 had begun pouring rain.  Not that
I haven’t been caught in the rain…  It
was interesting at that point however. 
There comes a time someplace between being an adult and moderately wet
and realizing I was soaking wet that the kid inside kicked in and enjoyed being
soak and wet.  Like being caught out in
the rain for the first time and dancing under a drainpipe (like I did when I
was 7 and living on Wood Ave with the Cote and LeDuke kids from next

     Got home in record time.   
hours for a near 21 mile ride. 
Not too shabby for a man that’s now middle age. 


     Unfortunately though, my hearing is going
in and out because my sinuses randomly block and unblock.  And I’m running a low-grade temperature which
probably means that by the time I wake tonight, I’m going to be sick with some
sort of cold associated to shock. 
Grand.  And definitely
worthwhile…  Tomorrow, I think I’m going
to write about the things I saw and learned this day…  My 45th birthday.


     Until the next time. 

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