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Entry 06/14/2009 01:15:03 AM – Mentat 515


     You know, I was supposed to write the next
entry from my birthday yesterday, but admit that for the life of me, I couldn’t
properly keep my personal thoughts separated from my business thoughts.  I’m not sure whether it had to do with the
amount of coffee I had, or whether I was just not in the mood to
compartmentalize my thoughts in order to address personal thoughts while
sitting between calls yesterday. Needless to say though, here I am tonight —
better suited to doing so,  Well…  sort of anyway.  *grinning*


     One of the thoughts that I had while a tad
inebriated had to do with the sort of flashbacks I had while sitting in the
Dark Lady, and beginning to enjoy an ale that was infinitely better tasting
than the two Heinekens that I had at Energy — I thought that in the years that
it’s been since I’ve been out to the pubs, clubs and bars, that regardless of
the generation, the dance is still pretty much the same.  About the only thing that I found different
is that I’m 15 years older since the last time I had actually gone out to meet
and greet people.  I felt a lot older, a
little wiser, and a lot more cautious than I was the time I hit the bars after
Darin and I broke up. 

     At first I wasn’t sure what to make of it
— whether it had been a good sign or a bad sign in all the changes that I had
gone through since the last time I went out to a bar to drink.  Then as I was heading home, and after the BS
with the homeless people at the bus stop, I began mulling through it on and off
throughout the trip from Twin River Road and onto Route 7, realizing that I was
feeling pretty damn good…  The kind of
good that came to be about the time I had turned 25 and was finally at peace
with myself and my current situation (being between relationships and well on
my way to having my epiphany). 

     It was then that I realized that I didn’t
mind so much that I was alone, and once again felt truly, honestly comfortable
with myself.  Further, I had finally
reached the sort of peace that I had been trying to attain since I put together
the Letting Go piece that I posted in a couple of places (namely FaceBook and
Deviant Art).  It was about that point as
well that I had reached the point of being so completely soak & wet that
the inner child come out to play and the rest of the ride wasn’t quite as bad
as I thought it was going to be.

     Of course, not coincidentally I checked my
boots this morning as I was waking up and realized that they were still only
half dry. 


     Yesterday evening when I got home from
work,. My aunt had made a comment to me saying that I looked taller than I have
lately — and I told her it was because I felt pretty damned good, as things
haven’t been bothering me — not even the pre-teens at work. 

     She said to me that it wasn’t that, but
instead because I looked slimmer than I have through the winter.

     I thanked her; and simply told her that,
"yeah I feel lighter since I’ve been riding back and forth to work over
the last month and a half.  While I have
lost some weight because of it, and the ride from Providence wasn’t as
difficult as it had been I still don’t think it had to do with my diet and
exercise.  In fact, sitting here right
now, I still seriously believe that it has to do with my being at peace at the
moment. In fact, I still am feeling pretty much at peace at the moment, in
spite of some of the events that have been going on outside of work.  But I’ll try to get to that eventually in
this entry. 


Yes, in this moment of inner peace, tranquility, and being tired of the
non-stop bullshit that has been going on working with two adults that show as
much maturity as 7 year olds, and with the next upcoming holiday which I call
Emancipation Day — I finally feel that I have the right sort of objective
perspective on dealing with the problems that has been plaguing me and
nightshift for the last 6 or more months. 
And it’s truly time to put an end to the hooligans that these two
extremely immature adults do from the moment that all forms of leadership and
management have left for the evening until the end of the duty shift when the
night shift is clearing out for the morning.

     Let me put some light onto the situation
that had occurred that I had kept private because at the time I had been
seriously considering leaving this job because of it.  Seems that one of the "children"
decided on coming in after the team leads and management had been here to work
on a school assignment on the PC at his desk. 
While I didn’t have much problem with this in spite of the legal issues
involving intellectual property rights on business equipment, I did have a
problem with him, it became an issues because he had come in at about 1:00’ish
and didn’t leave until the end of the 3rd shift: 07:30 AM.  During that time he had his phone ringing
routinely because of pages, had it ring and talked louder than he routinely
does when he’s taking calls here while on-duty, and generally made the same
amount of noise he would on the two days he normally works, with his other
immature cohort talking non-stop crap whenever he had the chance. 

     The next day, I was incensed and talked
with the team leads on duty explaining the situation and how it had been
unacceptable.  Seems that another person
had brought this up to them as well, and that one of the two team leaders
wasn’t aware and was going to address it. 
It was addressed to them about it, which that evening, after the team
leaders left, the chief instigator of the three said loud enough;

he’s bitching for the sake of complaining, because he knows he can’t get

     As I had been on a call, and my hearing
had been completely wacked out for the last couple of weeks prior because of my
allergies and blood pressure didn’t hear the comment.  All I heard in fact was the loud laughing
which I could make out as a sort of mock. 

     Fortunately for me, someone else heard it,
of which it got reported.  Although when
I realized what the comments were, I had to fight the overwhelming urge to call
my boss, call out furious for the remainder of the night and let him deal with
the crap the following day. 

     The word for this is harassment — and the
tactic that had been used is more of the old bullshit I remember all too keenly
from my Junior and Senior high school days. 
I was given the leeway that if after the warnings these three
instigators had been given that I could easily call my boss, call out and he
would deal with it appropriately. 


     And while things have remained quiet for
the time being; without another issue of harassment occurring since — there
has been a near constant niggling going on… 
The kind of niggling issue that feels like a scratch that you just can’t
quite get to on your own.  And it’s
accumulating…  However; a majority of it
since hasn’t been quite aimed at me. 
It’s been aimed at other people as well. 

     Like people thinking that they should be
deemed special and not be plugged into their phones like the rest of those
around them the instant that the management has left for the day.

     Like making noise and jokes that customer
can hear on the telephone and think they’re not calling a serious, professional
call center.  And getting belligerent
with others when asked to knock it off because of the noise they had been

     Like talking constantly and incessantly
about this fighter or that on UFC…  Oh
we’re not talking 15 minutes of this sort of conversation, but instead an hour
or two of non-stop dribble.  (Personally
I find watching the one night for close to two hours positively fascinating and
can’t help but ask the question — for purportedly two men that say they’re
heterosexual — the manner which they were cooing and giggling like teenage
girls certainly made me question their sexuality.  But then again, I remember my classes on
psychology and also remembered that men don’t develop the right form of
community and often end up talking about sports and sports figures in order to
maintain a comfort level between other men). 

     Like one of the childish group bumping
themselves like another person used to do from Day Shift on the old phone
system — running to personal or project at any opportunity, regardless of
where that are in the queue, and better when we’re in the deep of night and get
an average of 1 call every 2½ – 3 hours. 
This one has caught me more than once as I was coming back from lunch
and suddenly find myself at the head of the queue when I thought I had a moment
or two to digest whatever I had for lunch that day…  And even once as I was getting ready for
break and ended up having to troubleshoot it in order to have to except a late

     And this is the things I often see/witness
while I’m here. 


     What I’ve heard about when I’m not here is
certainly as gruesome, if not more and shouldn’t be happening at all

     Like this little triumvirate of immature
children are now trying to recruit a new one, and like Manny who used to work
here, is needling at someone calling them "fatty" or "fat"
or something along the line. 

     Like the lead instigator tells another on
Night Shift that the reason he and I must be getting along is because we’re
"…sucking cock…"  or something
along that line. 

     Like one of them came in here drunk and
was causing trouble in a way that caused stress where there shouldn’t be —
although I need to get the dirt on that one more.

     Like horseplay to cause physical pain to
another employee. 

     I know… 
I know…  anything that I haven’t
seen personally should definitely be considered hearsay and should be taken
with a grain of salt.  And I do — but at
the same time the last one certainly raised more than an eyebrow (but all sorts
of warning flags) and I calmly realized that this has got to end, and end

     Because the last one is assault in it’s
purest sense.  And there are several
workplace laws in place that prevent precisely this from happening.  I’m going to urge who had told me this to
report it, and failing that I’m definitely going to research this with the
ethics department in order to put an end to these immature games. 

     It needs to end, and it needs to end
now.  Because I’ll be damned if I’m going
to go to my next Emancipation Day in 2010 with this sort of hooligans, and less
than mature attitudes to wreck my 45th year on this planet and approximately
just under a third of my waking week in what can easily be deemed a negative
work environment. 


     Finally comes the oddest piece of
"fun" and certainly an anti-climax to the majority of this journal
entry.  Seems that someone had hit me up
on one of the LGBTQQ forums that I’ve got a profile set up on.  It was a message put up me telling me that he
had been bored and that he wanted to see what the best to entertain him.

     Uh yeah, I thought as I read that message
at 5 in the morning…  I don’t entertain
the bored…  Because ‘anyone bored is
usually quite boring’ as the saying goes. 

     Instead I fired off a message to him
stating that I don’t entertain without dinner and flowers.

     He messaged back stating he’d offer to buy
me a Big Mac and a bouquet of daisies from some local place and asked what
would that get him. He then went off and called me odd..  Oh he also say something about if I thought
him ugly that I should just come out and say it. 

     My response was a chuckle and explained to
him that I frequently get hit up for casual sex, and wasn’t into something
casual but wanted something more meaningful and communicative.  I also told him that I didn’t look at his
pictures or his profile (which was a lie, because based on what I saw for
working it was apparent that he wanted casual sex and my responses we civil but
clearly had the idea on what he was aiming for. 
I didn’t find him repulsive based on the picture, but my opinion was
shaded by the way he was presenting himself). 
I further explained after looking at it again, that the letters LTR on
top of his wanting oral sex and being turned on by nipple play that LTR was
sort of bolt-on, like sex in the show Torchwood.

     His response?  Positively hysterical, of which I’ve been
chewing on since I read it before heading out to work.  Out from the man’s bag of tricks comes that
he’s a CMSW/MSW with some sort of tripe about being a specialist in psych
writing and comments on my apparently being lonely…  and that I am..  God what was that precisely…  Oh that I have no gay strategy (whatever that


     Well, really Mr. Oral-Sex-for-LTR (which
is what I called him in a status message on FB)!?!  I wonder what was bothering you more?  That I read your profile and didn’t like
it?  Or the fact that I turned you down
in a way that didn’t readily register? 
Or is it C) all of the above? 
Because to me, anyone that needs to pull credentials in order to read
someone certainly is a small-ego for a personality, not to mention issues that
certainly need to be examined by a professional.  Oh, that’s right!  He is a professional.  Makes me wonder who the professionals go to
see for professional problems? 

     Seriously doesn’t matter to me anymore —
this stunt certainly makes him repugnant in my book, regardless of his physical

     Either or, I’ll say this much — the
response I’m going to give him is certainly going to make it to my next journal


     Well, that’s about it for the time
being.  Until the next time.

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