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Entry 06/16/2009 10:23:35 PM – Mentat 516


     All right, all right…  Cranky morning…  Seems I got up at a reasonable time, get
through my morning ritual rather upbeat, decide what the hell, I don’t have
anything much to do for the morning, let’s pop in and chat online.  One of the new places I’ve been hanging (DA
Chat), one of the rooms I was in was it’s usual cavalcade of ins and outs, with
the chan-op speaking with one of the sys-ops about nothing in particularly but
to this ancient seemed to be trying to get a good dosage of ass-kissing in
before that Sys-op called it a night. 
Didn’t really want to pay too much attention to what was going on in
there, as I said besides those two speaking everybody else seemed to be going
in and out because either it wasn’t exciting enough, or they were clearly
having connections issues.

     Lord knows, I was…  The color script simply wasn’t loading up
like it was supposed to.  Not that I
minded, after all — I’m used to a time when chatting didn’t actually involve
colors and what not so it’s just business as usual for me. 


     So there’s this young girl that’s been
coming into one of the places that I haunt. 
A rather hyper girl who can’t be older than 15 (with the mentality of a
9 year old apparently given the two other casual and distantly friendly chats
I’ve had with her).  Was talking with her
because a couple of the other folk that were in there were quiet, and the
regulars that I  was hoping to chat with,
weren’t anywhere to be seen.

     A small-talk conversation starts involving
dreams, which she tells me she remembers all of hers since she was 2, and my
response was that I’ve stopped remembering them because there’s only just so
many government conspiracy/cover-up, alien invasions, demons vs. angels, god
and lucifer dreams I can take.  I said
that I’ve stopped trying to force myself to remember them since about 43…

     She says, "You’re old"

     I respond, "Ancient, actually.  Decrepit according to some.." 

     "Are you a sex offender?"

     The sound you hear now as I’m sitting here
writing this is my head banging the desk that this little bint had the stupid
audacity of asking that question… 
However, at the time what with me being decaffeinated, the hair on the
back of my neck stood up and my attitude went from momentary shock to bristling
in less than half a second which my response was the typical, "Excuse the
fuck me?" 

     I stewed on that for about 2 minutes
listening to her say something about meeting one in some other chat channel
there and feeding her silence, after that and then said I might be back later
on, maybe.




     Do these kids have any clue whatsoever to
common sense? 

     I mean first off, asking someone whether
they’re a sex offender is bound to get a lie — particularly in an online
setting.  And asking someone you barely
know in a public setting is bound to cause an adverse reaction from the
acquaintance for even insinuating they could possibly be one. 

     Anyone that’s going to be this socially
graceless, I won’t waste my time with anymore. 
I’m not a teacher, not to mention that I believe that such social faux
pas need to learn the hard way when the individual has sufficiently offended



     Which is just like the next piece…  One that I had talked about from my last
entry…  Yeah, the man that started
hitting on me, and when I turned him down because it appeared that he wanted
sex.  Following is the exact copy of his
last message and my final response to him prior to my kicking him to the ignore
bin that the service provides:


final response:


an MSW in Social Work
and a PhD in writing,
this is what i see in you and your message:

incredibly lonely gay man
who is lacking any sort of strategies
to use in a gay setting

play the "GEEK CArd"……







Dr. Oral-Sex-for-LTR, PhD CMSW


you ever so much for your professional consultation into my inner psyche.  I will most certainly take it under


I stop chuckling at the thought of a man that had pulled out credentials such
as you in a gay men’s chat area, has proven how much of a gentleman you are
because of being turned down by someone. 


sure that with professionals such as you out here helping us lonely gay men
with no…  how did you say it again…
oh yes, any sort of strategy in a gay setting must be a thankless and tireless
job.  Do keep up the good work. 


quite sure with such a sparkling personality and witty charm, that men are
standing in queue outside your door waiting for your selfless oratory and oral


up the fantastic work.






     A friend of mine from Usenet asked me
where do I meet these men, and my answer is — they just come out of the
woodwork.  They try to get into my pants
and when I turn them down, they get ugly about it in some way or another.  Like this one… 


     This morning though, I was thinking about
this thing about "…strategies to use in a gay setting…"  and I ask myself — he doesn’t actually mean,
sleeping with someone into a relationship, does he?  Christ, I’ve covered this one before.  That to me isn’t a relationship or a good way
of starting one…  Using a string of
one-nighters together until a relationship forms doesn’t work…  And those that think so, are deluding
themselves into a false sense of relationship building. 

     But then it brings up something else that
I’ve been thinking about.  What we gay
men thought worked to building relationships and going through 20 years of
serialized monogamy and how a lot of those relationships within the community
usually end quite horribly or badly, you’d think that by the time one has
reached 40 (and older) that one should be a little more cautious about sleeping
one’s way into a relationship. 
Particularly given the damage and baggage one has collected along the
way and how that manifests in the next relationship, regardless of how much
healing one has done since the last. 


     Ultimately though, while his little dig
into me has once again reinforced my perspective, at the same time it’s just
saddening that someone that is supposed to be a psych-professional needing to
throw barbs like this because of being rejected.  You’d think that they would have a better
understanding of situations than the common man, they would be more
civil….  Instead of being incredibly

     But as it’s been said and seen — those
that take up the profession are usually more screwed up than we
"normal" homo sapiens… 


     Well, I’m off for the time being.  Until the next time.

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