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Entry 06/24/2009 08:33:30 AM – Mentat 517


     A wonderfully quiet and relaxing weekend
so far here.  Still doesn’t quite feel
like the summer as I had hoped, at the same time I really don’t mind the
temperatures what I do mind is the rain. 
And boy have we had a lot of rain; to the point where it’s been feeling
more like I’m living in a rain forest instead of closer to the Arctic Circle
(as I tend to joke a lot about).  At
least it’s not like exactly a year ago, when I started my job and the weather
here had been so hot that New Englanders were just about melting on the
sidewalk because of it.  Heh, sure
they’re used to 90 degree weather but that usually hits this area in August and
not June, which is why they weren’t ready for it quite so soon.

     Of course, I hadn’t quite acclimated to
the temperatures up here, and still being used to the temperatures living in
Atlanta for more than a decade; 90 degrees (32 C) was just like any other day
for me — even if I was still sweating like a pig by the time I actually got
into work.  But then again when I started
this job a year ago, I was riding into work 4 miles in one direction and not
the leisurely walk that I used to in Atlanta from bus stop to bus stop and
arriving at whatever destination I was assigned to, or simply heading home
after a day’s worth of work. 

     Now though?  I know that I’ve acclimated.  When the temperatures hit the mid 70s as they
did one day within the last couple of weeks — I had seriously been hot and
cranky like it had hit the 90s (32 C). 
*sighs*  At least I won’t be like
the New Englanders that complain about the temperatures the instant it gets
above 80 F (~26 C). 


     And as of Monday, I’ve received all the
packages that I had been expecting for my birthday.  A Swiss Army Knife to replace the one that I
used to have years ago that I had lost. 
An Altitech² for everything and the kitchen sink: Altimeter and Compass,
but more importantly Barometer and Thermometer which is what I’m more
interested in using.  Of course, I use
the thermometer for the office, because apparently people at the office are
either entirely too cold (and rarely entirely too warm).  And the Barometer just to warn me of upcoming
weather changes. 

     About the only thing that doesn’t seem to
be working properly is the altimeter… Seems that the other day I was heading to
the mall [Lincoln Mall] and the thing was telling me I was over 900 feet above
sea level, which is pretty impossible given that the highest point in Rhode
Island is Jerimoth Hill at 824 feet and several miles away from where I
currently was.  But it’s easy enough to
recalibrate given that topographical map shows the layouts of the neighborhood
I live in and I was able to determine that the house is only 30 feet from sea

     Got my two pairs of new sneakers — a pair
of New Balance to replace the old pair that are beginning to unravel, and a
pair of Chuck’s that I haven’t had in a year and a day.  God, I forgot how low to the ground I feel
when I’m wearing them.  But they’re great
and the right kind of  comfy for wearing
about the house or for a quick run in and out. 

     Of course, I also got 6 pairs of low-cut
socks to make up for the 5 pairs that are beginning to fray.  To sum up all the purchases with the two
seasons of Alias (which I was able to
get through the first season), and I have to say that I did pretty damned well
for my official entry into middle age… 


     So yesterday was my year anniversary with
the company.  Tomorrow is my Emancipation
Day.  Today being sort of a reprieve.  Like the Purgatory between Heaven and
Hell.  Which one’s hell though remains to
be figured out.  For the last couple of
days, I’ve been trying to work out how to write this entry, and for the life of
me, I’ve been finding it particularly difficult.  Part of it has to do with the questions that
I’ve had, since the last entry.  Some of
it has to do with what I want to do for Emancipation Day.  Some of it is a mulling over of information
that I had written about in my journal back in the 90s, back before I was
transitioning it to the PC.  Maybe
tonight, after I get a good night’s sleep, I might give it a try.  Until then, I’m going to leave this entry


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     It’s the other end of my day and I have to
admit that I haven’t remotely put myself into the right meditational state that
I needed to be in.  It’s not surprising
considering the amount of blahs that I had as I was winding down at the end of
my day "yesterday".  If
anything I was enjoying my watching Alias
entirely too much given that a muse did come to visit to give me ideas for a
tangent to write from (e.g., Secret Agent Man sort of short story).  Of course, the funny thing is that while I’m
an avid Sci-Fi Fan, I don’t honestly don’t think that I could pull off
something quite so…  believable when it
comes to a secret agent story.  But hey,
as someone on DA had suggested — perhaps walking away from what I’m familiar
with might in fact be what the old muses need right about now. 

     But then again, at the moment this is just
a distraction on distraction.  *takes a
deep breath*


I think I know what I’m going to be letting go for Emancipation
Day.  What’s been stressing me out, and
is sort of along the theme as to why I have this holiday…  As well as getting it cut out.  There’s simply no need for the level of
childishness that I’ve been seeing both within the environment as well as from
myself.  Maybe that’s what else I’m going
to let go this year…  To stop allowing
the actions of others influence me into acting completely childish. 


     As for what I wanted to write about…  It might be a couple of days before I try to
write that element out.  I’m going to
have to revisit the old written-out journals to find the information that I’m
looking for on that.  It’s either that or
I’m going to have to rebuilt the thoughts up from scratch.  Which will be interesting given that most of
my thoughts on it feel like they’re been compressed and encrypted. 


     Well, this is going to be it for the time
being.  I’ve got what I want to let go
and do for Emancipation Day this year, and am pretty caught up for the time
being.  Until the next time.

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