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Entry 07/01/2009 11:43:22 PM – Mentat 518


     So it took me about a week, but I was
finally able to get the desktop back up to running.  Frankly I have no idea what the hell
happened; came home from work one day last week (Friday morning I think was the
date), and when I logged into the desktop to check to see how
SETI/Einstein@Home was running I noticed that it had taken a longer than usual
time to complete the login process.  Shrugged
it off and saw that the thing was chugging along nicely, decided on rebooting
the desktop before uploading a couple of the Apophysis works that I had
produced the night before.  And that’s
when everything went wrong.

     The reboot would get through the BIOS
screen without a problem, and then when it got the F8 option between booting
into Windows normally or allowing me to boot into safe mode, it would just hang
there at the blinking cursor.  Wouldn’t
allow me to hit F8 to choose the Windows mode and wouldn’t continue into
Windows like it’s supposed to. It just hung there not doing a bloody
thing.  Loaded up the Windows CD and went
into the recovery console checking a couple of the settings there; BootCFG was
fine.  Didn’t change any of the setting
there.  Rebuilding the Master Boot Record
was all right as well.  Even checked to
see if I could create a boot option so that it would go to menu between Windows
Normal and Windows Safe, but all that ended up doing was returning to the
dreaded blinking cursor. 

     Thought that perhaps Windows had become
corrupted, so I booted up the Ubuntu Live CD to see if there was anything wrong
with the information on the hard drive. 
Turned out that I could read all the partitions and drives without so
much as an issue.  This left me wondering
if it was just something with the partition itself, so I tried to run the
partition check within Ubuntu, which it kicked back with flying colors.

     So back to the BIOS menu, I dropped down
to check the drives to see if there was a hard disc problem with the read
heads.  Both drives kicked back with no
problems and were running the way that they were supposed to.  Then I tried to rebuild Windows from scratch,
which went well, but ended up giving me the same blinking cursor when I was
through with it.  Tried to swap out to
Windows 7 RC 1 to see if that would fix the problem.  It didn’t, and in fact what I saw the thing
do was try to load up a different version onto the drive and in spite of the
fact that it was going to take over the system, left the prior system in place
"just in case". 

Just in case is the act and actions I remember all too well when one
used the "upgrade" CD from Windows 3.11 to 95 way back when in the
days.  I didn’t want any of that


     And so in a fit of annoyance, I decided to
blow away the partition and load it up from scratch.  Which seems to be working now without so much
of a problem.  Took me 3 partial and 2
full days to get everything back up to running the way that I want of which I’m
happy with the way things are back to normal again.  Of course, the fun that I had during this was
trying to determine the order I needed to load things in, given that some of
the programs that I have don’t tend to play nicely if loaded up out of order —
but this time though — I didn’t run into too many of the problems that I did
the last load up (particularly with Creative & Logitech’s drivers which
were a complete stubborn bitch because I loaded one set prior to the

     I decided on staying with Windows XP Pro
still as I was tempted to go with 7 RC1 with Ubuntu as a dual boot system, but
then realized that I was in no mood to go through all the break-fix that I had
to go through with Canonical’s product through the last two versions.  (Well that and I hate to say it, but I really
do like my Dolby Surround when listening to music, and I’ll be go to hell if I
was going to go through having to play with those controls all over again if
only to find out that parts of PulseAudio simply weren’t going to behave with
Rhythmbox and Anorak and cause me grief and a half trying to bypass Pulse to
ALSA or OSS.  Further, while I’m tempted
to take a go with 7 RC1, my issues with that is that there might be
possibilities of program incompatibilities cropping up with some of the older
games that I sometimes like playing when I’m completely frustrated and want a
break from the current games that I play. 
Heh, yes, I still play Dark Forces II:
Jedi Knight
and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter
if only because I don’t like the lot of simulators and first-person shooters
there are out there.  And then there’s my
truly favorite diversion — Final Fantasy VII
which with the patch that I found a couple of years back can play on Windows
XP.  Sure, it’s huge on the desktop, but
given that I like the fight system that it uses, it’s a great diversion from
the nonsense that I routinely put up with. 

     Ultimately this means that 7 RC 1 and
Ubuntu are going to be held off for a while longer still.  But not for long if this system decides to go
south again.  *crosses fingers* 


     With the system back up and running, and I
have various backups and contingencies in place, the next thing on my agenda is
to work on the mini-inspiration that I received thanks to the happy little
"cult" of fun-loving folk who apparently have quite a sense of humor
about the polls that I put up there. 
Doing a sort of Interview with the Voices in my Head.   I’m not entirely sure how I want to do that
— but I’m sure I’m going to try my hand out at Camp and Comedy in writing that
tidbit of work.  What I am sure is that
it might be somewhat entertaining. 

     Not surprisingly I also need to work on
the next poll…  Just not sure what I want
to do with that one.  *shrugging*  I’m sure I’ll come up with something.  Although given my rather negative attitude
toward recent news and events, there’s a good chance that it’ll have nothing to
do with Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahan or Billy Mays.  *eye roll* 
And yes, this is as close to them being mentioned in my entry given the
amount of media attention it’s been getting… 




     You know what, I changed my mind on not
making mention on at least one of them. 
Michael Jackson…  Everyone has
been making quite the fuss about him since his death last week and frankly, I
find myself at odds with this.  The media
seems to be going overboard about the "King of Pop" dying a tragic
death and everyone from here to Guam has been making all sorts of odes and
dedications to him.  But where was the
media the last decade with him looking like the complete freak of nature
through his obsession with surgical alterations?  Where were they when they were trying to get
him crucified for being an implied pedophile? 
Where was the media when he practically turned into a Howard Hughes
reclusive hiding out in his Neverland Mansion and coming out looking like —
yep, a complete freak with surgical gloves on his hands, a surgical mask on his
face, and being wheeled around as though he were an invalid in a wheelchair
with umbrella to protect him from the rays of the sun? 

     The media was pointing at him and mocking
him, and displaying him like he was Top Billing at the Circus Freak Show;
that’s where.  They were either making
him out to being a complete spectacle to be ridiculed at best and pitied at
worst and when there was no more news to be had from it, they ignored his
eccentricities and his bizarre habits, moving onto the next best piece of dirty
laundry.  Now that he’s dead, they’re
back to making it quite the spectacle. 
Cooing and Boo-hoo’ing that the "King of Pop" is dead and
mourning the loss with such a sense of shallow sincerity that a simple fingernail
scratch against it will prove it to being nothing more than the veneer. 

     Believe me when I say my vitriol is quite
high for this veneer of pomp and circumstance from the "fans".  Out of the woodwork they come, because the
media is being falsely sincere, boo-hoo’ing the loss because it seems to be the
proper thing to do.  Where were these
fans through the years of his regurgitation of albums and work?  Where were these fans when Jackson was being
made a spectacle by the news and media? 
I didn’t see quite the uproar of fans when the media was crucifying
Jackson for the allegations of being a pedophile.  In fact, I seem to recall quite the outbreak
of most fans turned ex-fans wanting him to spend his time in jail when he had
settled out of court some years back. 
Those that didn’t want him to burn for being the pedophile they thought
he had been, quite suddenly went quiet, remained quiet and moved on to new pop
stars and idols as the years passed and the media continued to ridicule

     Now that he’s died — like the media —
the fans that have been silent for years have come out of the woodwork exulting
the loss, and dedicating pieces of work the spectacle of "respecting the
dead".  *eye roll*


     My question that I have is — who the hell
do they think they’re fooling?  Anyone
with an attention span longer than a goldfish remembers too many of them were
there in line taking a swing at Michael Jackson the pedophile, or Michael
Jackson the freak; that this respect for the dead is as disgusting and as
nauseating as the hypocrisy that it was born from.  Save your energy and whatever shred of
dignity you had by simply shutting the hell up. 
This extolling the death of the "King of Pop" is just plain
disgusting in my opinion. 


     To answer the question that anyone might
be forming in some reader’s minds: was I ever a fan of Michael Jackson?  No. 
While I did like one album of his back in the 80s (Thriller was indeed the album), I truly wasn’t
ever a fan of the musician.  I admit that
I had originally bought the album because at the time, I was still very much a
part of the group-mentality and influenced by group thought-forms.  Any appreciation I had for his type of music
died at the end of the 80s when I found rave, and then later electronica/trance
and anything that I listen to that was pop from that period is just a quiet reminder
of the path that I had walked.  After
that, I simply watched the spectacle between his obsession with surgical
alteration and the media’s mockery of it with a sort of morbid fascination as
to how the media and fans crucify their idols and stars when they deviate from
what is considered normal.


     Well, that’s about it for the time
being.  I’m off to finish the system
clean up and perhaps play a game or two before I wander off to get ready for
sleep and for work.  Until the next time.

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