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Entry 07/14/2009 04:31:53 AM – Mentat 520


     I’m so glad that it’s the weekend; but
I’ll be damned if I don’t have quite a few things to do.  First, I have quite a few of the flames that
I had put to save because I didn’t have the time to render them while at work
— which I’ve got the laptop up and open and running through at least three of
the eight that I have saved over the last couple of months.  Then there’s the short-story that I’ve begun
working on that needs to be worked on. 
Yeah, I got the idea for the short story from the last poll that I did
at Deviant Art — which I’ve sort of found a muse for — even though it might
not be enough for me to jump back into writing Warlock
or Symbiosis or Talos. 

     Then there’s the thought that I need to
start planning for my next vacation, which was the inspiration for my next
poll.   Yeah, I didn’t think that I was
going to need a vacation again so soon, but between the crap that I routinely
deal with two out of the four days of my work week and the fact that the last
holiday I worked only eight out of the routine ten hours I really didn’t feel
quite as recharged like I normally do afterward, I think it’s time to make it
official and take a little more time off. 
Not sure where it is I’m going to go, but I think it might be New York
City (which currently has the lead). 

     Still have a couple of things to catch up
on watching…  Namely The Mist, the rest of Alias, the last two episodes of Battlestar
(I didn’t watch them, even though I know how Season 2.5 is
going to end).  Of course, there’s also
my access to Bleach on Hulu that I need
to get through…  Not too shabby when you
think about it — I’ve gotten through about sixty-five episodes in just under a
week.  Of course, Hulu only has up to
about the middle of Season Four and given that there’s about Seven seasons
worth of episodes, I’ve got a lead as to where to watch the rest.  Hopefully it’s something that I can get
caught up online, without having to go through torrents and downloading…  Although I might take the advantage and pick
up the DVDs as I think it’s worthwhile to get obtain… (Even if the episodes I’m
up to are incredibly annoying). 

     Of course the worst thing is that out of
this all, I feel like I’m in dreadful need to get caught up on my sleep.  Pretty damned apparent, given that I was
sitting here working on Fractal #2 (a rather colorful marble), and with 25
minutes left for it to get completed I decided on taking a quick power
nap.  Two and a half hours later, I wake
up with the cat sleeping next to me and most of me day through.  Not quite the 30 minute nap I was expecting
to take.  The best part was — given that
it was quite as long as it was — I didn’t have any dreams whatsoever.  Good thing too particularly given that some
of the dreams that I’ve been having lately have been bordering into the

     Odd thing that…  Given the amount of years that I’ve gotten
used to being able to control my dreams, and keeping my mind calm and orderly
— it seems strange that I’m beginning to have dreams that are remotely
nightmarish.  Or are becoming more
nightmarish.  I’m not entirely sure
what’s been changing — but I know that something has.  I can feel it…  Something has changed within me I can tell
that much.  It’s not a bad thing..  But it’s definitely not expected or entirely
known.  There are elements that make
sense of it — a dance I’m entirely too familiar with — but at the same time,
I’m not going to be dancing that dance. 
Perhaps it’s because of this choice that I am willingly taking that’s
causing my mind to be in the right sort of turmoil for the nightmares to


     That’s about it for the time being.  I’m off to see how the last of the fractals
I’m working on to finish. 

     Until the next time. 

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