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Entry 07/23/2009 12:43:46 AM – Mentat 521


     Where to begin….


     First off, I’d like to address those happy
Deviants of the cult of the Voices inside My
and their suggestion that I should throw a dart at a map of the
United States and see where I’ll be going for my next vacation.  I had done that twice in my life, and let me
tell you that’s not as festive or as impulsively fun as it might seem.  The first time I threw the dart was the mid
80s and I ended up going to Butte, Montana. 
Now, Butte might sound like an interesting place to go if you actually
understand when the various festivals are. 
However, there wasn’t Internet back then (unless you were working at a
college or university, or one of the big three that had Internet access), so I
didn’t get a chance to find out when that was. 
Ended up going during the most boring part of the spring and summer when
nothing was going on, and I stood out in ways that fail description.  Then to add insult to injury, Butte has a
population about the size of my hometown, and even rolled up their sidewalks
about the same time my hometown does: 
7:30 PM.  This was 4 days of the
most boring trip I had ever done in my life.

     The second time I had thrown the dart was
late 80s and a couple of years before I had met Darin (and some time after I
had dated John).  Ended up hitting
someplace in the Atlantic and near to the Jersey Shore.  As there wasn’t any cruises off the coast of
Jersey, I decided that the nearest land mass was the Jersey Shore and ended up
going there for 3 days.  Thought it was
going to be a fun trip, give that the Jersey Shores are quite the tourist
attraction…  Ended up going to the beach
that day and coming face to face with medical waste washing up on the
shore.  Yes…   I had gone to Jersey during "Syringe
Tide" back in 1987 and people left the beaches faster than the scene in Jaws when the kid gets eaten by the Great
White.  (Although not quite as

     While I had a moderately fun time, I
didn’t get the chance to go to the beach half as much as I wanted to that


     Needless to say, I don’t think I want to
risk the dart method, and instead will probably stick to one of the runners up
instead.  Though I do want to thank y’all
for voting and having such a fun time proving to me that the cult of the Voices inside My Head is still quite alive
since the time that I started including it in the polls.  *grinning*



     Once again, I’ve gotten back into watching
movies, if only because of the recent rash of releases and movies that had
either been recommended to me, or that I’ve had on my list to see.  I finally was able to sit through the remake
of The Mist, after something like 6
times cutting it off and walking away. 
Don’t get me wrong, I really like the tension building that had gone on
in the film.  But when the tension was removed
and the horror was shown — I found the creatures to being so completely hokey
and so completely unrealistic, couldn’t for the life of me keep my disbelief
suspended.  First creature up was an
escapee from an HP Lovecraft novel. 
Something vaguely octopus except that it’s mouths were on the end of the
tentacles, and could rip/rend flesh like tissue paper.  Then there were the scorpion flies whose
stingers had some really deadly toxin. 
Then there was the four-winged cross between a dinosaur and a bird that
fed on them and any humans that stayed still long enough to look tasty.  Then the spiders in the pharmacy that laid
their eggs in people (which hatched in less than a day or two), that apparently
had two types of webbing:  one that was
tough as duct tape that could keep their prey stuck to walls, and another that
had some sort of acid that could burn anything. 

It was like watching a menagerie of alien bugs and creatures which all
have their respective place in the unconscious horrors in the back of our
brains, and then thrown into the same movie for an unbelievably outrageous
effect.  And to make matters worse, it
was pretty apparent that these alien creatures came in from some other
dimension because of a government experiment at the Arrowhead Facility near to
the town, as none of these creatures remotely looked like anything that had
been produced on this planet, ever. 
While it was a good idea back in 1980 (when the original short story was
written) that government conspiracies were still entertaining in the minds of
readers (and viewers); by the time 2007 rolled around, government conspiracies
were so played out by X-Files that
perhaps it would’ve been best to wait a decade or two to re-introduce that

     The ending?  I liked… 
Completely fatalistic and depressing. 
I was angry and sad as I should have been given what happened.  You don’t get too many of those sort of
endings from Hollywood anymore. 


     Next up on the viewing chopping block is Boondock Saints which had been suggested to me
by someone in the DAmn chat forums. While more entertaining than say The Mist, I had a couple of issues with the
film that had caused me to lose my ability to suspend disbelief while watching
it.  The first had to do with the way
that the McManus Brothers (played by Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus)
were fluent in more than a few languages and the instant that they had picked
up firearms were completely proficient in them. 
While I can understand the irony that’s set up toward the end of the
movie (Il Duce as played by Billy Connelly being their father), the fact that
they knew firearms and knew precisely where to go to pick up contraband weapons
gave me the feeling of a stereotype being played out that all Irishmen are
ex-IRA members.  The next was that one of
the McManus Brothers (I think it was Flanery’s character) first throws the
toilet that he’s holding 3 – 4 stories down to knock out one of the Russian
Mobsters beating on his brother, and then jumps down on the other and ends up
just being unconscious. 

     The next was Ron Jeremy as being part of
the Mafia.  That was a laugh in the
saddest sense of the word. 

     The final was watching Willem Dafoe’s
character flounce onto the scene and know precisely what was going on and
making the Boston Police Force that had been investigating each of the crime
scenes completely incompetent and bumbling. 
The first time I found it mildly amusing, but each successful time I
found it to be nothing more than a grudge against either police in general or
Boston Cops.  Either/or, it was a real
buzz kill. 

     Other than those issues and the fall guy
Italian Mobster, I found it to be entertaining. 
Certainly more entertaining than The


     Final one that I watched all the way
through was the Director’s Cut of The Watchmen.  While I didn’t actually read the comic (which
would’ve probably tainted my view on it), watching the movie all the way
through made me want to take a shower — that’s how morally dirty I felt by the
ending.  Between the dystopia of the
heroes being either completely raving nutters, sociopathic (particularly
Rorschach), naked and dangling (Dr. Manhattan, which in itself certainly a
pleasant surprise given that male genitalia usually ends up making the movie
NC-17 instead of R), or morally reprehensible characters that should never have
been heroes people should look up to (The Comedian, the original Silk Spectre
and even the megalomaniac of the film Ozymandias); this particular movie went
places The Dark Knight only scratched
the surface of.  I might just go through
and watch it again if only to see whether it’ll hold up that feeling of moral
dirtiness that I got the first time around, as well as see whether there’s
signs and portents through the movie that make it clear all the way to the

     And out of the three that I’ve seen
yesterday, I’d definitely recommend it for others to view, if only to see their
reaction that superheroes might not be as blindingly good as Superman or Batman
used to be. 


     Still need to cut through I am Legend — I started watching it until it
got to the point where Neville (played by Will Smith) was caught in a snare and
recovered consciousness during the later part of sundown which meant there was
going to be a flight scene back to his house to escape the humans that had been
mutated into monsters.  I had enough
suspense by that point that I really didn’t want to have to go through it some

     Also have Equilibrium
and AvP: Requiem here as well on loan
from my uncle.  I’ve been wanting to
watch those two and had waited until he had opened them, but seeing they’ve
been sitting around 7 months and Uncle hasn’t been in much of a movie mood
since he’s got access to all the movie channels — I decided to borrow them for
a couple of days to watch.  Unlike him
which I had let him borrow a couple of my movies which had sat on top of the
television for 4 months and then put away with their movies for another 2
before I decided on collecting them before they thought they owned them.  Uh. No… 
They don’t, but thanks for playing. 


     I have more to write, but I think I’ve
written enough for the time being.  Until
the next time.

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