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Entry 07/30/2009 06:48:18 AM – Mentat 522

     Well, it’s definitely been an amusing weekend here in the Biggest Little.  For two days I had an LGBT mini film festival, was able to get caught up on many of the series that I had been watching the last couple of weeks (Bleach, Warehouse 13, and Fringe), one that I saw some years ago that was infinitely better than the HBO series (Queer as Folk (UK)), one that I definitely won’t be tuning in for the next season (Heroes).  And I’ve found all three seasons of a show that I used to watch when I was a kid (Lost in Space).  I got to see were Big Eden (which Pike Dexter reminded me too keenly of the way that Tommy could be sometimes), East Side Story (which was sweet but more than little bit hokey in some places), and Oh Happy Day (which was also good, but took a horrible turn to the worst toward the end of the film).  I tried to watch In the Blood, but 25 minutes into it, I felt as though my brains were being sucked through my ears and it was as stupid as they came so that got cut off quickly. 
     Bleach was good, but I don’t think I’m going to be picking it up again soon.  While I did like the Soul Society story and trying to save Rukia was good, the filler story with the Mod-Souls and then the Bount was too much for me.  I like vampire stories like any other, but the angst going on with them and the fact that they told too much side-story with each of them had been more than a little too much for me.  I think I’m going to take a break for a while to see whether I able to pick it up again. 
     Fringe was also a load of fun; but given my experience with anything that Abrams and Orci have touched (Alias and Lost), it’s only a matter of time before it starts jumping sharks like hurdles.  Pity too, given that the characters are appealing and the story itself while being more than a little bit off the deep end like some of X-Files mythology series, it does pass the time and its enough to keep me enthralled. 
     Warehouse 13…  It’s a time passer, but I don’t think it has much appeal.  If anything it reminds me too much of Friday the 13th: The Series.  I’m sure that it’ll do all right for the summer, as all the other networks are currently in reruns, but come the new season, I don’t think it’ll have too much of a following.  Particularly given that it’s too much of too many collector shows that had come and gone. 

     Of course, while I was thinking that because I had watched all this television (and movies) my IQ would be dropping the same way as it does watching the boob tube; my imagination has certainly been going through the roof.  The dreams that I’ve been having since watching all this television shows, movies and series has certainly fed my unconscious with plenty of dream material.  I’ve had dreams covering post war nuclear holocaust.  Sorcery and magic.  Playing army (and other military-type dreams).  Royalty and soap operas…  Hell, I even had one dream like in the Golden Compass where people were able to manifest avatar-like creatures to do their bidding and to fight for them.  Mine happened to have actually been a Shadow-Cat (a winged creature like a Leopard.  Highly intelligent, capable of speech, and transformation between human and feline forms). 
     I admit that I haven’t been writing about my dreams like I used to…  Maybe perhaps I should get back to writing about them given the material that I’ve had for them.  *grinning*

     Other than that…  There’s some things that I should be writing about, but at the present time I’m not really in any mood.  I need to fold my clothes and work on getting to bed for work.  I’ll try to write more tomorrow night when I plop into work, or I might hold off a bit and think more of this through before committing it to print.  Until then or the next time…

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