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Entry 08/18/2009 06:50:52 AM – Mentat 525


     I’m glad that it’s the weekend finally, although it’s hard to break the habits of the time off sitting around in chat and watching the kids playing…  Slouching and doing pretty much nothing while sitting in there.  Or playing the hundred or so games that I have access to.  Or in this case, getting caught up on yet another series I’m rather thankful Hulu has from beginning to end…  Kyle XY.  I did try to catch it back in 2006 when I first saw it advertised on ABC Family, but at the time I had been working at Brooks/Eckerd and the one night that I had been working until 9 PM ended up being the night that it was moved to.  So, I completely forgot about it since.  Then of course, scouring through Hulu, I find out that they have the three seasons of it online.  So, here I am, 4 in the morning, sitting here watching the episodes and writing my weekly installment into my journal.  Still keeping up my weekend habits in spite of everything else going on. 

     To begin…  It would appear that I’ve got one of my muses back after a long hiatus.  Yeah, I’m back to writing.  Not quite with a vengeance, but at the same time not feeling as though I’m trying to force myself to sit there with a story open and trying to write.  Like I was trying to do with the short story that’s died at 75% completely — An Interview with the Voices in My Head.  Strange thing that…  At the very place where I found it the most difficult to sit there and write that short essay, is the very place that I’m picking up with Talos.  I feel almost as though I’m heading back to the very place that I’m most familiar and comfortable with.  Strange thing that…  I’m able to return to the element on relationships and partnering in the midst of drama and intrigue, and yet trying to work on the Romantic in Interview, I find myself sort of incapable of being introspective enough to delve into the very feelings I often seek to re-experience.  I’m not entirely sure whether this is a self-protective mechanism (which it entirely possible), or whether this is simply one of my quirks that I’ve had for so long that I don’t even think twice about and have had no want to changing (which is probable but less likely). 

     But anyway — as I’m here working on this entry — the wheels in my head are turning as to what I want to do next within the story…  Some of which I’m not sure I should follow through on if only because they seem to be a bit on the cliché side.  And I’m happy that at least this muse seems to be back and I have something else to do with my time other than whinge about the routine bullshit going on at work, and outside of work. 


     Work…  Well, work is work and I’m just simply biding m time ’til the end of the month when things are supposed to be going through changes.  I’m not at liberty to go through what changes I believe are coming up within the next couple of weeks, I can say that I’m actually looking forward to the change.  Hopefully, the nonsense that I’ve had to put up with for the last year might finally be coming to a close.  Finally… 


     I still have a vacation to plan.  And probably going to end up going to New York City as the choice.  Miami would be fun, but the problem is that I’d rather wait until Autumn or Winter for that sort of trip — when the weather is a bit cooler here in the North, it’ll be nice to do a Snowbird to the South for a week or so to enjoy a little warmth while folk in the north look forward to the frost and impending snows.  *grinning*


     Not too much else going on at the moment.  Off to watch a bit more and then maybe write.  Until the next time.

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