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Entry 08/27/2009 06:53:38 AM – Mentat 526


     *Taking a deep breath* 

     It’s the end of August and the stifling temperatures that Tropical Storm Bill had pushed ahead of it on its way North have finally abated.  While I didn’t mind so much sitting out there watching the stars move through the heavens, it was quite another thing trying to ride the four miles into work, and the remaining eight miles home.  Hell in either direction I found myself sweating like a pig because of it.  This weekend or next, we’ll be looking forward to the trade winds changing and having quite the drop to the 50s F (~10s C) for the weekend before the temperatures return and begin their slow drop to autumn weather. 

     Of course during the week I had a load of fun.  First day into work the axle on the rear wheel busted badly enough that it was completely unusable.  Couldn’t actually use it other than on the downward slope of the hills.  And even then — the wobble in the back tire was enough to give me pause to try the final hill near work (which has the same incline as the hill at CCRI’s Knight Campus on my way into work when I was working at Care New England).  Getting into work, I went pricing for rims to replace the busted one on the bike.  Turns out — it would cost me more to get the replacement shipped to me than to buy myself a new bike. 

     So, after work — there I went pricing out for a replacement — not too cheap, not too expensive.  Found one and bought it.  Knew that I had three more days ahead of me for work.  Didn’t think about taking my tool with me as I did a couple of years ago to perform the necessary tweaking because last time, the bike had been properly put together and properly aligned too and thought — there was a good chance that the new bike was done as well.  How wrong I was, which I learned rather quickly on the way to the bus stop and then again on the way down George Washington Highway.  When I got to the stop, first the brakes weren’t calibrated right, and the instant I hit the bump near to the stop, the seat that I had set got unset.  Much to the woe of my rump.  Then on George Washington, the next set of bumps near to Albion Way showed me that the handle bars weren’t tightened properly and down they went. 

     All the while I had a sneaking suspicion that there were other problems going on, and ended up finding out yesterday.  Turns out that the inner-tube on the front tire had been twisted when installed, and after 3 days of riding (and adjusting and re-adjusting brakes, seat, brake handles, handlebars); when I went out yesterday morning I found the front tire flat. 

     Annoyed was the least of my emotions.  Pissed off was more what I was feeling.  But at least the good news was that I was able cannibalize the tire off the other bike — particularly given that I liked the fact that it was an easy release tire unlike on the new bike which was a traditional bolt and ratchet job. 

     So now, this morning I think everything’s set.  The bike’s in working order (after finding all the other problems with it and the shakedown the last week).  I’m also practically caught up on Kyle XY, beginning my work through of the third season of Battlestar Galactica.  I was able to watch In the Name of the King which was interesting and at the same time god-awful.  Yeah.  It was hard getting through it for while Jason Statham put in his usual (and extremely typecast) performance — it was hard to see Burt Reynolds as the king, and *cringe* Ray Liotta as the villain.  It was overall, a really bad movie. 

     Be back shortly…  Time for me to fold my laundry. 


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     So taking an internal temperature of my feelings, I have to say that I feel fairly good at the moment.  I had an interesting chat with someone more than half my age younger last night that sort of reaffirmed a little bit of hope in the way things are with me.  Certainly was really nice to know that there are some out there that romance is quite alive and well, in spite of the way the world has turned and has become more than a little bit pragmatic and even parochial in its approach to establishing relationships.  It was also nice that he had been creative enough to share a little bit of himself in order to learn about me.  But like all things, it came quickly to and end, as his responsibilities drew him away, and mine…  Well…  mine are what they are. 

     In a way it sort of helps me in my continued writing of Talos which I’ve been working on through the week.  I admit that I still have a lot to work through on this…  The last 30 pages are simply the skeleton of what I need to do after a twenty or so more pages are written — to be filled in with the details of the world around the characters.  And so far; I do well with it…  Until the next strike of writer’s block that hits me.  Needless to say though, the story goes well, and I’m getting to the point where the story’s going to definitely be picking up.  And I’m actually looking forward to the pick-up. 


     Not too much else going on, other than it’s quiet, I’m happy, and I’ve enjoyed my off time the last couple of weeks.  Until the next time.

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