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Entry 09/02/2009 05:02:11 AM – Mentat 527


     September already…

     It’s hard for me to imagine that 2/3 of the year has come and gone.  Because of the children that I had put up with since December of last year, sometimes it felt like it’s been a decade.  Around my birthday it sort of felt as though it had flown.  On the whole though — it’s felt like it’s always felt — one day to the next to the next.; always with my thoughts, sometimes with my muses.  And then again, there’s all the bizarre and demented dreams that I’ve had through the year. 

     It’s also hard for me to imagine that in less than two weeks I’ll be celebrating my 30th anniversary of coming out of the closet.  I’ve been saying 30 years for the majority of the year I know…  But that’s only because 29 years even when I turned 29 more than 16 years ago, was an extremely uneventful year for me.  So I just blend in 29 with 30 like I did before.  Of course, I don’t think that I’m going to have the chance to take the day out, mainly because I need to ask for it at least two weeks in advance, and as of today I’m looking at about 11 days.  But I might give it a try anyway, if only to see whether or not I can take the time off for the day.  Not sure what I’m going to do for the day — probably do what I did for my birthday…  Heh, hopefully I won’t end up with some sort of misadventure like I did the last time. 


     Since the last time I sat down to write an entry my writing muse continues to visit.  Which is pretty good, given that a couple of times while I’ve been writing at the story, I’ve found myself struggling with a twist here or a turn there and that the muse that’s been visiting me is going to make its way away again.  Although I am having a problem with the story and whether I should continue a particular twist, or if I should plunge headlong into the middle of something that I’ve been hinting since the character came into the school.  We’ll see though as I’ve got to continue with some of the back story involving his coming to this world. 

     Heh, definitely lots of thoughts going on there…  Some of which has been manifesting in the dreams that I’ve been having.  Like last night’s dream involving my hometown being laid to waste and rebuilt into something almost futuristic.   Like parts of Park Avenue that were once residential were now some sort of carnival or business/commercial area like one huge mall come folly.  The fun part of that was waking up and watching my brain trying to remember how parts of Front Street through Transit Street end up on Park Avenue.  Funny how it’s been forever and a day since I had been up or down that road and yet my unconscious was trying to piece together that memory for some odd reason.  Well that and sections of Fairmount that I had been trouncing through in my dreams — which of course never look quite the same in one’s dream as they are in reality. 


     I noticed that I’ve still got more than a little of the cranky going on.  Part of it being that it’s been some time since I’ve taken a vacation, and knowing that I should now — haven’t really pressed myself into actually scheduling it…  Part of it being that I’m still suffering through the post-stress of dealing with two children for months at a time in an environment that I had wished I had more power to control.  Part of it has to do with I just haven’t truly met anyone or seen anyone in my wanderings that has sparked any form of infatuation.  Hell, to date there has been only one man in the last eight months that has sparked anything remotely resembling lust, however any sort of follow-through on that would be disastrous at best to disappointment at worst.  Better to leave that alone than to pursue it any place else other than a whimsical daydream or two. 

     Yeah — so the cranky a by-product of frustration — and I think I need to take care of my frustration somehow…  Now if only I could meet someone that I could take a fancy toward without having a dozen or so red flags raised, or warnings to the point of completely backing off being tripped. 


     Be back shortly.  Off to make a run to the market to pick a couple of things up. 


[Last Edited: 09/02/2009 07:55:14 AM]


     Well, whee!  Seems that I had an almost misadventure on the way (and back) from the market.  I got onto Providence Street, heading toward Stop & Shop and just as I was coming up on the little league baseball park at the corner of Eddie Dowling and Providence Street I grab down to my belt and realize that my cell phone wasn’t there.  Thinking twice about whether I should continue or not, I decided at last minute to press on, as it was early enough and most people out at 06:30 are usually heading to work and normally don’t have time to investigate something that looks like a small notebook.  But that didn’t mean that I wasn’t concerned that kids as they were heading to school and couldn’t have picked it up. 

     I picked up my things, did my deposit and headed back the way that I came looking carefully along the way to see where I had possibly dropped it.  Turns out that I had dropped it at the place I got off my bike on Mason Street, and there it was sitting there.  Untouched and unnoticed. 


     Not too much else going on and nothing much else to write about.  Off to watch a couple of more movies.  Until the next time.

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