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Entry 09/08/2009 08:45:16 AM – Mentat 528


     Heh, the second Tuesday of the month and
I’m sure that there’s going to be patches given that at least two sites that I
get e-letters from have been announcing some of them.  Of course, the fun part about it is the fact
that I can see the Windows update module kicking in now and again while I’m
trying to watch things on Hulu which is particularly annoying given that it’s
affecting live-action type shows.  I
think that after this episode I’m going to wander off and run it if only to
shut it down so that I can watch it for the remainder of my night.  And also stop it while I’m trying to play
games, watch Hulu and maybe a DVD or two along the way when I wake up
tomorrow.  Jeez, and to think that years
ago, this idea for an updater didn’t take quite so much resources, but sometime
when XP launched and sometime after SP1, they went all out to making the most
resource hogging piece of updating software that could possibly be made.  *sighs* 
Hopefully they’ll clean it up for the next version (which I’m thinking
of loading soon enough). 

     Oh, and it turns out — it was a nothing
update — yet another fix for Windows Advantage Certification.  But still caused it to run too much to go
pick it up.  Infuriating doesn’t even
begin to cover it. 


     So, quite a bit to write since the last
entry.  First, I’m glad that Labor Day
was completely dead.  It allowed me to
get caught up on all the messages and deviations over at DA, E-mails and notes
from friends and acquaintances and even work on a couple of fractals.  Unfortunately though because it was so dead
after finishing up with everything else, I had positively no gumption to work
on this entry or write any on Talos.  Then again not surprising, given that I’ve
got the character back into past and I’m sort of floundering through the things
that I should be working on; which is the re-establishment of memory as well as
mastery over some of the things that he’s learned from his time in the
school.  But then again, I don’t mind the
challenge really — seeing that my muse hasn’t quite decided on taking a
vacation just yet. 

     Of course on the flip side thanks to the
muse coming back to visit, my dreams are completely un-hinged and crazy as they
come.  Hell, even my naps seem to be
completely off the wall.  Seems that this
dream that I had during my nap was inspired by something out of an X-Files episode some years ago involving a
being/alien that changed genders whenever they had sex with someone and killing
that someone from some sort of hormonal overload.  However in this dream this gender changing
alien changed genders because of stress — namely work related stress.  The fun part of the dream was the fact that I
was onto this alien, being, whatever it was… 
I had use some sort of powder to stop the transformation. 

     Somewhere I was able to corner the being
as it had been transformed as a male, and using the powder, prevented it from
being able to change its shape (and even its look as it was doing at the time I
had caught it as it was beginning to transform again).  I then got some sort of psychologist or
doctor involved to talk with this alien or creature and try to figure out what
and why it was doing what it was doing. 
Of course, I woke up as I was handing over the alien to the doctor.

     And that’s just scratching the iceberg of
some of the dreams that I’ve been having for the last couple of weeks.  Post War Nuclear Holocausts, Magic and
Sorcery (I expected that one, given the story that I’ve been back to working on
in the last couple of weeks), and while there’s not many aliens invading earth
— there were a couple of dreams involving aliens walking among the homo

     I’ll say this much — at least it’s
entertaining — even if it’s annoying when I wake up in the "enough
already" sort of way. 


    There’s more to say…  Particularly on some of the things that I
still have in a couple of my inboxes… 
But I think I’m going to call it a night early.  I didn’t sleep well last night and coupled
with the erratic sleep patterns I pulled off yesterday, I think I’m going head
to bed early.  More to write when I wake


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     Well, it never rains when it pours.  First comes the annoyances with WGA/OGA
getting installed.  Turns out that WGA and OGA are back to being
annoying spyware.  Which I won’t
have.  Looks as though I did fix it given
that both Windows and Office are legitimate although the license for Office
being a Bulk account when I was working at Practice Works that I had purchased
is once again kicking back up "potentially not legit…"  Children please…  And in six months this would once again kick
back at me as being legitimate, but until then once again WGA/OGA has been
disabled again.  *sighs* 

     Then a couple of days ago, I had been
setting my status on Facebook, and in the upper right hand corner where the
folk at Facebook have been routinely suggesting various names from school,
mutual friends, clubs and what have you; and who’s name do you think popped up
first as I was typing in my status message? 
None other than Eric’s.  Yes…  That Eric… 
I’ve been sitting here the last day or so wondering whether or not I
should say something in a note…  Or
simply walking away and staying away. 
Seems that everything and anything that comes out of that time in my
life has been utterly disastrous and should stay where it was — in the
past.  *nods*  Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.  Stay away. 
For the sanity of it all. 

     A couple of days ago, I get a nibble at
one of the LGBT sites that I sometimes check from a man in the Providence
area.  Now the thing that’s got me
chewing more than a little bit as to what’s going on is his response:


I enjoyed your profile. It shows wit
and creativity. I am 47, handsome- so others tell me. I have a big chest,
strong arms, goatee and a shaved head. I can send pic if you send me your
e-mail address.


     Why it’s got me thinking on all this
is…  Why are gay men so concerned about
their looks being their one and only selling point?  And of course, what really makes me wonder is
— if he’s considered handsome by some — why no pictures on his profile?  Yeah, that’s right…  Not a one. 

     And then — where there’s one, there’s now
three more.  Yeah, four messages
total.  Two winks, and two
"hey" type messages.  Wink
number one said the magic words which will cause all sorts of snarkishness form
the likes of me:  "must be family
oriented".  Uh, thank you but
no.  Particularly given the holidays are
coming up and family get-togethers are fortunately not in my future as I work
nights now. 

     Wink number two…  *sighs* 
dick pick.  No face picture
anywhere in the profile.  So, like wink
number 1, he got the usual "thank you, but I’m not interested, good luck
in your search"  message. 

     The last? 
Seems nice..  Has potential..  And just over one of the minimum requirements
that I’ve put in place the last year: is older than the amount of years that
I’ve been out of the closet.  He’s 31
from what I can see, is up here from my hometown… 

     Chances are though; given the damage that
I deal with personally, and the damage I’ve seen queerfolk here in the
northeast boast in a simple conversation… 
any and all prospects will die rather quickly.  Mark my words. 


     Finally comes the cherry on the
sundae.  I was having a conversation with
a friend in e-mail about news that he had come across, and stepping away for a
couple of moments when I come back in my inbox, who do I see an e-mail
from?  Damion.  After almost 7 months of me getting in
contact with him, he gets in contact with me. 

Hey Damion, I’ll be writing you in a couple of days.  Still have a couple of things to do here
before then… 


     Well that’s about it for the time
being.  Until the next time.

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