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Entry 09/13/2009 10:28:35 PM – Mentat 529


     Heh, I made it to Beantown — although I have to say that being away from the town for more than 20 years, I still feel like I have no orientation as to the layout.  Sure, I was here a couple of years ago and at that time I had come up here to meet someone (whom I will leave unmentioned, but will say that I was disappointed with his duplicity), but he was in Roxbury Corners and that’s just a little bit more south and west of where I am now.

     So I get off at Back Bay, and end up trying to use the GPS in my phone to get a bearing as to which what I needed to go.  I hadn’t exactly been optimistic about it working properly, given that out of the 4 times that I had used it, it had only worked once.  Didn’t work the first time…  Or the three other times that I had tried when I had chosen a direction to walk. 

     Heh!  Didn’t walk in the right direction as none of the roads that I was looking for from the map that I saw at the T-station weren’t anywhere along the route.  And to make it funnier, the path I had chosen I had ended up crossing over Newbury St!  Queen might not be a trailblazer, but can find the grand, gay shopping experience quite by instinct!  <chuckling> I ended up calling my friend Tracy Naples, because she’s got a better handle of MapQuest and giving directions than calling my Aunt (which I would be spending time trying to explain to her how to use the MapQuest interface).  Turned out — yep!  As I suspected, the direction that I had chosen was completely the wrong one.  So with a lot of reassurance, and a little proper orientation, I was able to end up at the Bed & Breakfast I have reservations at (Chandler Inn). 

     I tried to get some sleep, and ended up getting about 5½ hours sleep before dragging my ass out of bed, getting showered, and trying to re-orient myself without too much assistance from the Naples GPS.  Turned out that it took me a little, and a whole lot of map checking, but I was finally able to figure out there three coffee shops are (and at least one Dunkin’), restaurants…  Newbury Street (while I know where it was from the B&B, I didn’t know what the orientation was.  Now I do <dance>), and at least three lines (T-stations) from here.

     Funny thing is that I called Tracy after I had "breakfast" and she had asked me what kind of phone I had and whether I had GPS. 

     "Samsung Blackjack, and yes it has GPS," I replied finishing up my Coke. 

     "Then why aren’t I using it?"  She was laughing.  "Here you are giving me a call for directions with GPS and you’re calling me for directions." 

     I prefer a reassuring voice and to make comment on some of the things that I’m seeing.  Well that and the GPS wasn’t exactly working correctly.  Especially given that I need to comment about some of the men, boys and between that I had seen during the walk in the wrong direction and through the evening when I had been wandering around in the night to get a feel of the lay of the land.  And believe me — there had been some handsome men along the way as well.   

     Heh, I didn’t realize that I had been so borderline Luddite.  Well, I would have used my laptop instead as I know the layout of it more than my Smartphone, but I didn’t want to stop at some WiFi hotspot to load up the laptop in order to get an idea of the lay out of the land through satellite/hybrid at Google Earth or MapQuest.


     I think that tomorrow early I’m going to head out from here to Faneuil Hall and get something a bit more substantial to eat as well as check out some of the shopping there.  Heh, it’s been forever since I’ve been to the Marketplace there, as the last time I was up here a couple of years ago, I turned back from it given it was hot, summer, and my walking companion was exhausted from the 5 mile walk from Newbury St to the Marketplace.  I might even take the chance to stop by the Aquarium or Science Museum tomorrow, given it’s in the general area of the Marketplace to spend a little time down there…  Not sure though as that’s some hours away. 


     Oh and if anyone’s asking (themselves) — no I haven’t converted back to Day Walker.  Even for two days, I know that this will completely screw me up for the two days after that while I’m home and I don’t think I have it within me to have to pill myself to sleep for the next couple of weeks to reorient my sleep patterns.

     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  I think it’s time for me to screw up my guts and have a beer or two.  Until the next time. 

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