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Entry 09/22/2009 02:38:33 AM – Mentat 531


     Another work week done, and another weekend upon me.  Since coming back from Boston I’ve noticed that my sleep patterns are getting a bit wonky.  Then again, the weather’s definitely going through the routine death throes expected now that today is the first day of Autumn.  Heh, one morning it was warm enough to put my pair of shorts, the next morning it was cold enough that it was one step away from frost on the grass and windows..  The next day a little warmer than that, but not by much.  *sighs* At this rate it looks like it’s going to be a colder autumn than it was last year.  Pity too.  I wanted to at least ride into work ’til November.  Oh well — maybe another year.  Or moving to another place.  *grinning*

     Of course, because my sleep patterns are off kilter, my dreams are even more so.  Like last night’s dream that started out being something like being stranded on a different planet akin to Lost in Space.  I was some sort of programmer for the robot on this particular mission, and it wasn’t some sort of family expedition like the Robinsons.  Although I know there was a group there, I can’t at the moment remember who were the members of that group.  Then the dream took a nose dive from being okay sci-fi to completely magical and aliens invading earth where I had been some sort of mage or sorcerer or Technomage that was trying to save the last remnants of humanity from some sort of invasive alien virus that was wiping out the environment on the planet.  Because I had my coffee a bit later than usual, I can’t remember the details of my dreams for tonight, I do know that I had some luck in at least halting the destruction of the environment by taking control of the environment. 

     Heh, at least these are certainly more entertaining and less frustrating than some of the other sci-fi and fantasy dreams that I’ve been having in the last couple of weeks. I think it’s because at the moment I’m in editing mode for the story instead of writing.  I’m beginning to see a pattern here.  Writing involves going into my imagination and creating from nothing — so in doing so — I touch upon my world (and universe building skills).  When I’m editing, all I’m doing is smoothing out what was created and filling in lost pieces.  Bottom line means: creating = really crazy stuff comes up.  Editing = filling dreams with somewhat complete storylines. 

     Pity my first round of editing’s almost over, I like the comfort of some of the stories told during them.  At least until they turn 180 degrees and I end up dealing with the aliens invading the Earth.  That is one theme that I’m seriously tired of…  Twenty some-odd years of that reoccurring plot is more than enough.  I think I’m going to need to read/watch a lot more fantasy and a lot less Sci-Fi. 


     Good news is that I got the new hours that I’ll be starting in October.  Good news is that I’m still on third shift.  The only bad news — and it really isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be — I got the fourth choice for the third shift hours.  Eh, I completely expected it and like I said it’s really not bad news given that the hours that I have it’s still not overlapping the worst days of the week…  Hell, come to thing of it, only one of the four days that’s pretty bad is the day before my current schedule.  But the thing is that I’m changing my days off, and once again I’m back to having my three days off split.  They’re split more like my days at Bellsouth.net (2 days on, and another off a couple of days later), and not like Brooks/Eckerd which was every other day…  So for me, it’s just going to be a slight adjustment come the 17th of next month. 


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     I’m back after a longer than usual nap, and puttering around a bit more than I usually do after I wake up…  I have to say that I’ve stumbled across a rather fun set of videos that I’m cutting through.  The Donald Strachey Mysteries is what they’re called.  Chad Allen’s a private investigator with his partner and husband who’s a political activist played by Sebastian Spence (who I remember him from the Sci-Fi series called First Wave).  Sat through watching Third Man Out yesterday morning, then Shock to the System last night.  Right now I’m watching Ice Blues and then after that On the Other Hand, Death.  Although from what I’m researching a little on IMDB I’m seeing the last two out of order.  Eh, not that it matters, I don’t get the impression that this is a serial. 

     On the whole, they’re cute, have the right elements for post noire detective stories, and the LGBT elements can be more than a little stereotypical and a shade on the contrived. I definitely enjoyed the first one, the second dealt with gay reparative therapy which I found myself getting stressed out on like there was no tomorrow.  Still watching through the third right now, and can tell that I’m going to get stressed out because of the dramatic elements.  But isn’t that what makes a story good?  The right elements of drama that will assist the viewer suspend his disbelief and find himself entertained by the show? 

     The only other problem is that the viewer that I’m watching these on has a habit of completely cutting out at certain times of watching, to the point where I need to re-launch Firefox to continue watching them.  I’ve had to completely reset at least once per movie but at least during the reset I can easily get back to the place that it had died and continue watching the show.  Sort of like a commercial break that I don’t want. 


    Well that’s about it for the time being.  After Ice Blues I think I’ll watch a couple of the DVDs that I picked up during my last shopping expedition.  Have a couple of thoughts that I want to putter around with over the weekend.  Until then or the next time.

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