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Entry 09/23/2009 09:42:28 PM – Mentat 532


     It’s Sunday of my weekend and I have positively no gumption for doing anything; least of all laundry and the routine chores that I do on this day.  In fact, while I had gotten up early enough to start my chores, here I am almost 2½ hours later still completely slacking.  Yeah, yeah I know.  I need to get my butt in gear and at least start a couple of them — but I’d rather listen to soundtracks (Like Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back which I’m listening to right now), and enjoy my iced coffee while there’s positively nothing going on, on dAmn.  Well, either or — I have plenty of time this evening to work on it, along with a few other chores that need to get done. 

     I finally sat down to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and I swear to god that watching it was disappointing.  The reason has to be with the fact that Marvel has continued to re-write their own history with each successive generation introduced to the story line.  I knew that Logan was older than Xavier — so that wasn’t too much of a surprise.  But it had been hinted that Logan (James Howlett) was Eurasian and not American which is why he had married Itsu something-or-another, which hadn’t remotely touched upon in the movie.  Then there’s the whole thing that Victor Creed/Sabretooth and he are brothers, which hadn’t remotely been talked about in the comic books (when I was reading them).  Needless to go on about it — history has been revised one more time.  *sighing*  I was also particularly disappointed with Taylor Kitsch’s role of Gambit.  At first he seemed to have given a go with something that sounded French/Creole (in a way that only Hollywood thinks of Creole), but then toward the end of the movie, he completely gave up the accent and sounded like his origin: English-Canadian.  Hell, you could almost hear him wanting to add the "eh?" from the end of the sentence whenever he did a line of dialog.  Overall though, it was clearly a testosterone injected film that had all the right elements that would keep a straight man entertained, while at the same time showing off Hugh Jackman in wife-beater or shirtless to keep the girlfriends secretly giggling and cooing. 

     I also got to sit down and watch Battle of the Warriors (Mo Gong), which is your typical Chinese action fair, short of the usual Wire-Fu that I normally watch in the dead of night.  Andy Lau definitely looks better with shorter hair and hair on his face than he did in House of Flying Daggers (Shi Mian Mai Fu).  Seems that the mustache and hair on his chin definitely softens the pointy chin and angular jaw line that he sports.  The story itself was amusing and frustrating in that typical "hate imperialism in China" sort of way where the emperor of Liang is conniving and deceitful way that ended with an epilog stating that he had been executed (more out of karmic reasons for being so despicable than for the fact that the Qins (and Qin Shi Huang) uniting the seven nation-states of China.  Of course, the most ironic part of this story has to be the underlying theme of "no good deed goes unpunished" by the way that Emperor Liang (played by Zhiwen Wang) first enlists the help of the Gi Le (Lau). Further while Gi Le’s  efforts are quite heroic, and even honorable — the look on his face as he’s face-to-face with the handiwork that he had wrought against the enemy forces, coupled with the despicable way Liang’s forces slaughter the enemy forces about ¾ of the way through clearly demonstrate that war is not to be glorified.  The bottom line is Battle of the Warriors was certainly more entertaining than X-Men Origins. 

     Oh, and I tried to sit and watch a couple of episodes of Dante’s Cove on Here!.  And by tried I mean, try to get through a complete episode without laughing hysterically at the over-the-top soap opera elements of this show.  It was like take Passions from years gone by, make Tracy Scoggins into the role of Juliet Mills but cattier and more seductive (instead of old witch grandmother), take out practically all the heterosexual elements, make everyone gay — except for Scoggins’ character which is like this unrequited love of a fag hag fawning over Ambrosius Vallin (who comes off more like a burned-out bar fag than someone from the 1800s).  The first one seems to be broken as it only gets to about 9 minutes in and then stops and says, "play again?"  The second, I could only get far enough into it where Scoggins was turned into a Stygian Witch in lace elbow-high gloves in a corset and chained up before I said, "enough is enough" and headed to bed.  God, it was horrible…  So horrible in fact, that if I do sit down and watch it again, I’ll probably get a bowl of popcorn popped and completely MiST (snark the show like they used to do on Mystery Science Theater 3000) the show from beginning to end just to be the effervescent and self-entertaining queer that I am. 

     Later on (after lunch), I think I’m going to go watch a couple of more movies over on Here! just to pass the time and fold my laundry when it’s done.  Not sure what I want to watch, but might just buck up and try to finish Tides of War (watched a little of it before Dante’s Cove). 


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     Alright, I was able to cut through the whole of the Dante’s Cove episode that I had started watching prior to this and god, what a torrid piece of trash that series is.  I don’t think I could sit there and watch the lot of the series given just how trashy and completely low-brow it is.  Seriously, it’s amazing that it’s made it to 12 episodes — even if those episodes are like movies.  Sat through Tides of War which had a more positive message even if it had tattooed all over it from beginning, through middle to end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy like a complete piece of propaganda.  Still though, it was nice that the Captain of the Sub was gay and saved the rest of the folk on the boat — including the ambitious twats that were out to get his career completely derailed.


     Laundry’s done and sitting in the basket, with me sitting here watching another random movie and working on this entry.  Heh, you can see just how much I want to get out of my seat and fold and hang my laundry.  It’s just been one of those sort of weekends where instead of wanting to be creative or being productive, all I’ve really wanted to do is get caught up in stories (mainly movies, and quite a bit of LGBT-related stories).  Mainly because I’m back to wanting to take a break from the writing and editing, and try to put together some other materials that I have floating about my head. I’ve been thinking of using my journal as a sort of launch pad for some of the shorter material that I’ve been thinking of.  A sort of series of short stories about the world around me vs. the world in my head.  It’ll certainly give some perspective about the lack of perspective I sometimes have going on in my head at any given time.  It’s just a thought — one I’ll mull over a bit more before I decide to enact. 

     That’s about it for the time being.  I loved this weekend, I had a great time being a couch potato through it all.  Or in my case — a desk zombie.  Off to work up my gumption to fold and hang my laundry.  Until the next time.

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