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Entry 10/11/2009 04:43:19 AM – Mentat 535


     You know it’s a sign when you get an e-mail from your boss urging you to take some time off before I lose the ability to accrue more time.    Yeah, that’s what I got in my inbox at work this morning when I came into work, as he’s on the other side of the country getting ready for the upcoming launch of another section of our department, and detailing to me that after auditing my vacation time for the department that I haven’t taken quite enough time off and strongly suggests that I take some time off in November/December before I max out my accrual time and will begin losing that time as it’ll have been capped off.  Yes, that’s right…  Other than the day off I took last month for my Coming Out Anniversary and then again back in March when I went to San Francisco for a holiday — I’ve been happily working through my work weeks and enjoying the time I get off during my three-day weekends.  While it’s possible that might be changing come next week when my schedule changes after a year to my three days off being split — at the moment though I’m in no rush to taking that time off being content with the money that I’ve been saving as well and enjoying my downtime when I’m at home. 

     Then again on the flip side, it’s rather hard to take vacation time as Nightbreed given that there are few cities in the United States (let alone the world for that matter) that can cater to someone that wakes up sometime shortly after the sun sets and goes to bed when the sun is well into the air the next day.  Sure there’s New York, and Boston that has its moments, but most other places…  Heh, the farther rural I go, the more likely that life will be rolling in their sidewalks like carpets until the next morning.  But then again I’ve talked about this before.  Maybe to keep my boss quiet, I’ll just do a couple of stay-cations and be done with it. 


     In other news I’ve been having a couple of discussions with folk over on Deviant Art that I’ve been contemplating the purchase of an e-reader.  At the moment I’ve been eyeing the one that Sony’s been pushing this year mainly because the Kindle, while having what it takes for these old eyes of mine — I’m not too comfortable with given the fiasco that Amazon committed earlier this year when they had mandatorily deleted George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm because the seller didn’t have the correct copyrights to sell them, of which Amazon deleted them off of all Kindles that had it…  And did so without proper notification to the buyers.  That and from what I’ve read of the reviews — those that had the first generation Kindle when the upgraded to the second generation could no longer access the collection they had stored on Amazon’s server because the second generation was not backward compatible.

     Further, I am a strong proponent that if any and all books that I purchase are mine — regardless of whether the distributor believes that the seller is legitimate or not — so any and all books that I bought I should have ready access to in my own home (or in this case my own computer) and shouldn’t be held on someone else’s servers unless I’m using their service as an off-site storage facility…  And so far I haven’t found the need for such an off-site storage facility, as things seem pretty okay the way that they currently are at the homestead.  The other thing that I find particularly appealing about the Sony E-Reader is the fact that it’s also compatible for reading PDF files, which I have the ability to produce because of my purchase of Adobe Acrobat from so long ago. 

     The only problem that I’m having is actually finding the want to pick up books and reading again.  As I mentioned to one friend — I currently have the book "The Way of Shadows" by Brent Weeks sitting on my bureau at home which I’m only 2/3 of the way though, which I had picked it up in August and have yet to finish it up.  It was interesting enough, but have to admit that I’m not sure whether I don’t have the want for it because either the book is entirely too predictable for the likes of me, or I simply don’t have it within me to want to read… 

     Then again as I was sitting here, a thought had occurred to me and I decided on going online to check a couple of books that I’ve been wanting to research/read further and find that they are available in CD-ROM/softcopy form.  So I might in fact look into it if I can get it converted to E-Book format. 


     On the flip side, I’ve been catching up on television hardcore once again.  Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, The New Captain Scarlet, Stargate: Universe (which is giving me quite a bit of ire for the first three episodes), Fringe (which I’ve been liking more and more, even if the writers got completely schizophrenic with the season two opener), even Sanctuary.  I’ve also been puttering through the various episodes of Stargate SG-1 that they have on Hulu (given that they have up to season 7 on there). 

     Heh Captain Scarlet and The New Captain Scarlet is certainly a fun romp between what I remember sitting there watching on television when I was three years old, and the new version is a CGI version that has some of the right elements but as usual something is lost in the generations.  Then again, I think it’s perhaps when we were growing up in the 60s we were sort of taught to look up to adults and "when I grow up I want to be…"  and now in the 80s and 90s (and 00s) it’s, "stay a kid no matter what."  Still though — the story is silly, and over the top in places, but definitely inspiring in the patriotic sense. 

     Sanctuary  Well it’s continuing where it had left off in the previous season, and while I like what I’m seeing of the characters being back — there’s something not quite the same about it.  I think it’s because Nikola Tesla (Jonathon Young) is on it acting like a drunken Dr. Smith.  Still though, as I did get caught up with last season, I might get back into it. 

     Stargate Universe  *sighs* continue to suck the life out of the room whenever it’s on.  I tore hell out of the first two episodes (which turned it into a two-hour premiere) gave me positively nothing to like about any of the characters that were drawn together for the series.  Further, Robert Carlyle’s character is a slithering emo-like worm that I feel nothing more than loathing for given that he is neither a scientist in a true sense, let alone someone that shows a backbone (the slur, spineless pussy comes readily to mind whenever I see him on the screen).  The rest of the characters are either too young, don’t have enough screen presence or in some cases the characters seem to pander to crass stereotypes (like Eli’s character).  Frankly I think that I won’t have the patience to get through to episode 5 before I give up on it entirely (like I did with Stargate Atlantis).  Particularly given that it feels too rushed, with proof to this being that the producers and SyFryed already have 20 episodes in the can. 


     So it’s a quiet Sunday morning and only an hour ’til the end of my duty shift.  While I’m still feeling pretty good, I’m one again feeling the tinge of loneliness that comes and goes.  Right now it’s annoying enough that I don’t feel the want to work on writing, or even fractals (although I did complete one of the two in the saves that took more than a couple of hours to render.  The other’s going to have to wait for another day as it’s going to take 6 hours to render).  But at least it’s not eating at me as it was during the summer, which makes it only moderately intolerable. 

     Well that’s about it for the time being.  Off to finish the day and wander off home.  Until the next time.

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