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Entry 10/19/2009 10:41:52 PM – Mentat 537


     So as I’ve hinted in one place and talking in another, I broke down and purchased the eReader that I had been stalking for the last couple of weeks.  The Sony PRS 600 Black Edition.  Thought about getting the red one, but heh, why?  My laptop’s black, my desktop is black on black (with runner lights of all things), why break up the color scheme…?  And in the course of the first 24 hours that I had gotten it, I had downloaded abut 8 books (now up to about 93 books).  I wanted to kick off reading something from HP Lovecraft as my first book, but I was having problems trying to find a public domain .epub book from his collection.  I found one in HTML and another in text, but the thing was wieldy and cumbersome in the eReader and I didn’t like how it ran.  I was lucky yesterday in finding one that was actually broken down into .epub format story by story from FeedBooks (http://feedbooks.com/) that I was able to load up onto the eReader…  Anyway, it’s not the first book I read on it.  My first book (of all things) was The Time Machine by HG Wells.  Rather ironic given that I had wanted to read that in high school, but it wasn’t required reading in any of the English classes I had taken (Brave New World by Aldous Huxley was). 

     To tell you the truth, I’m impressed with it.  I can see where the reviewers were complaining about the glare on the thing — but it’s not as though I’m going to be reading it under direct sunlight.  I used to burn my eyes out with white/off-white pages in (traditional) books and used to like reading in the shade on a porch or under an umbrella — so it’s not as though I’m going to be putting myself in positions where the glare would be bad.  And while the default print’s just a teensy bit too small for my now getting old eyes, moving it up to medium is pretty easy and I breeze through the pages pretty quickly. 

     And the best part — I was able to finish a book, and off working on another.  So I guess it’s just the material of Brent Weeks’ book that I had problems cutting through, and not actually the lack of wont to reading.  Of course the fun part about it is the fact that reading books from the turn of the century is certainly a challenge, given that there are some words that have fallen out of use since then…  Or further in Wells’ case, he had picked up scientific words to show off of the time period that aren’t used in any circles other than the botanical nowadays. 

     Of course the side effect of reading is that once again my dreams have been particularly vivid and continuing sagas from dreams of the day before.  Had three yesterday which I ended up putting in my dream journal, and another today that was annoying enough to force me out of sleep at around 5 in the afternoon.  At least it wasn’t annoying enough to keep me up too long. 

     All in all, I’m happy with the purchase — considering I’m carrying over 90 books in a single place and don’t need to launch my laptop to read them. 


     As I was saying in various places — my hours have changed now that the merge has occurred.  Instead of the three days off in a row, it’s two off, two on, one off, two on again (the weekend).  They started with the kick over last weekend, and have to say — it’s pretty lame for Saturday night.  I get the feeling that I’m an over-glorified Level I technician trying to help people with laptop problems that they don’t have a clue working through on their own in the first place.  Still though, even those sort of calls are easier to handle than the routine, "I’ve got a slow connection, it’s all your fault" calls I get from some of the all-nighter markets.  We’ll see what it’s like for Tuesday and Wednesday when I wander into work on days that I’ve never worked before. 

     It’s also nice that I get out of work ½ hour earlier — although that’s because I’m also starting ½ hour early.  Who knows?  Maybe during the summer I’ll miss out on the chaotic nonsense with traffic on Route 7 and the mad dash of people heading into work like driving zombies to Fidelity (across from Bryant College).  Although I think I might be dealing more with the school crowds at North Smithfield Junior/Senior High given that they tend to start school early (like I used to when I was in high school so many years ago).  Then again, I’ll be heading away from there so it’s not like I’m going to have to worry about being a hood ornament on either the buses heading to and fro or the half-awake parental types dropping off their kids. 


     Well, it’s coming to that time of year again.  The year is winding down, and only three major holidays until the New Year.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas…  Normally around this time of year, I begin my wind down and contemplate whether this year I should take one of my occasional sabbatical from most things online.  And this time around, I’m definitely considering that this is going to be the year.  I’m finding myself too easily frustrated and borderline explosive by the same go around with many of the routine denizens in some rooms that I haunt.  I also find myself wanting to slap the ever living shit out of others that have been whinging about situations they should have gotten the fuck over already…  Years ago in one instance.

     And so tonight I’ve been sitting about watching the same old dance in the same old places and reinforcing my need for my usual sabbatical, if only to focus on some of the other issues that I’m going to be having this time of year…  The holiday stress and the loneliness that comes with it.  And this year, I’ll be go to hell if I’m going to allow that sort of thing get to me. 

     Oh don’t get me wrong — I’ll still be posting journal entries, fractals that I’ve rendered because I love playing in Apophysis while I’m in down time, and playing a couple of good online games — but don’t expect me to be haunting chat areas because the only thing that’s going to happen as the days wind down is me wanting to get into fights with incessant whiners about how sucktastic their lives have been and continue to be.  It’s a drain on the emotions that I’m going to be fighting on my own. 


     That’s about it for the time being.  Off to watch some BSG (I still have 2 DVDs to cut through) and maybe do a little light reading/writing and of course playing some hardcore games.  Until the next time.

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